Christmax card from Alianesis De APlateu

DECEMBER 13 2009

RE: Alien Life:

It had been a warm summer in June or early July. The wheather activity had been abnormal with such severity of the storm and the static feilds of lighting so close to the earth.

I of course did not hesitate to continue to repair a small mptor that was out in the shed.

Warm rain trickled down my brow and it seemed so salt tasting, well it may have been the sweat due to the humidity that sticky seemed wet.

I heard of being late for things and early too, both measures of timing can have a two sided event.

My event was to be a benifit on a second or two late in proceeding to my fixing of a small engine in the shed were it has been stored for some time.

As I sais to about seconds to delay any event that may give the two sides of a story, I stopped to wipe warm rain off my head and brow.

No sooner than the delay two or three steps ahead right in front of my path to the shed, a metor just fell right before my feet, bounced and landed three inches or so in front of my foot. The right foot to be exact.

As I caught the moment to realize the sooner I was to proceed to fix this motor I would have been seriously injured by this falling rock.

It would have been one explaination from someone else to find and figure how my cranium had a top hole in it on that evening.

Well I kinda regret finding this rock too, but yet again why is it that we have to be in a place just open enough to discover such intriquety.

I picked the rock that nearly killed me, and surprised as it was it was still very warm and wet.

As I picked it up and safe enough too feel it’s tempretures were not a danger, It seemed to give me a shocking sensations, like static on a blanket.

This may seem to be a very strange to many as I explain this, though, I had this great desire to lock my nose on it.

My senses in scent needed to smell this rock, I did hesitate but the draw was to curious not to.

I did. I took a smell of this rock from space. I know jokes will fly with the garbage of toilets in space after a plane or something simular to give other alternatives to fit other reasons of safe understanding why this rock?

It had such a metal smell to it, and like lite burned matches too. Well two to three seconds after sniffing this rock, no sooner than my curious satisfied senses were to continue to procedd with my motor repair another rock zipped down , this time in the back of the shed, and one more after that.

Now my motor seemed to have to be put on hold, this rang a sense to seek the other two that just fell.

With no failer found exactly were they fell by locking my sight to see and capture the bounces were the predicted lands would be.

Sniffed these two other rocks as well. My story does not end there, I took very sick after, lost a tremendus weight, appitite, and physical attraction to hygene.

Sounds like pyscosis set in oh so simular in comparisons but not so I am quite well today, this event did take place in the summer of 2002.

Things as they went along with interests of life it’s self began.

I now can explain to about all the final 9 carbon elements that reletivity has been wanting to share with I.

A sensitivety to recognize the elements period. To safely foretell warning, and not get burned at the stake at one time in our time on this planet.

I can understand the lost math Albert Einstien has been plagued by after interupted work for other humanity sciences needed.

Reversed reletivity is a call I could now understand.

Why we share all our bi-polars and anti-polarities in fields we call mass. It has has never been so calulated to undertstand why the Devoted wife and strong Catholic back ground,  A science mathematician to a devoted biologist as a husband with a new born son grown up to follow his fathers footprints, But one purpose brings failer to this, This boy was lad attracted to the same sex.

In the early days of writing laws, biblecal ordanes and so on, the boy had answers to the plaging systems so freshly new but strong in numbers in faith goers.

The boy indeed fell to follow his fathers footprints. But never to allow his versions of sciences or doctrine in it’s changable practice.

Banned from being excepted in the sociaties that were about in the europeans ages of Country building days.

Issac Newton, and Leanardo Da Vinci has had simular events in explaining mild manners and wrongful intent on scientific explorations to sexual orientations of the sexes.

Well, the boy could not take being a black dog of the family or a mark for the churches that had condered the rights of mannerisms with all.

The boy had to repay the undefined penlty for this. He did what had been instructed, this by good will, and good will to all and many.

So as this boy grew old and grey he did accompany a wife to his work shop of his indebptness he had to repay for so long ago by laws of written manner.

He needed to give, every year he did just that.

Every year he had been asked to assist to assemble book keeping, stocks of gifts from many shops that were on the brink of not opening up to the public.

As he performed his duty with his wife at his side he had adopted orphaned children that had so many differant kinds of anatomty that would usally call cry to the hevans why.

These special chirldren were his helpers in the shops. they gathered, modified all assembled toys, gifts, and other items of shop retailers.

Well, as a price he and other boys and girls continued to full fill the written laws of mannerisms and not of scientific nataures, had all common ground to perform public duty behind the walls of comfort.

Being disfigured at birth was a wrong tale to tell many guests on the twenty five day of  December especialy if the tale why and how it became, like a curse or a blanket of dark presences that seemed so oppressing.

Well today we put a human rights museum and pay to get in and be reminded how to repay thought, benifit and manner to all.

Well the wife of the famous scientist and the boy whom his parents alknowleged the hard work he had done for so many years as a token of dedication to repay for a birth in concieved to only render his final element to give to all natural in it’s glorified beuaty, Love was what he named it.

The quest has been never eding to find this element, but sacrifices to two benifts to the stories and events could not recieve a name as Saint nick.

It was re-written once again to only the deep and known to do so.

So reember Saint nickolos when he does bring all the wishes be of, to have and recieve like any other, to make it happen thus he did, with all the help that man had provided to do so. With love merry christmax to all Lauren J.Hendry December 2009

For the rocks that fell, they too were magnetic there properties. I still want to call beyond the sprial gaxay but time is never soon to see.

It will bring it closer to all.

I hidden these rocks because they have such chemical commands I recognize in the senses of call.

Loke calling a tiny organism and teaching it to talk. These rocks do the same in why I see the universe have it’s shared expanding evolutions.

As us on earth we are in the same boat. Ask why diasours were so big in the beginning og the planet.