I have been hunted for a thousand years

What kids performing what parents can allow for them to be the very best we always want them to be.

Hmmm nothing but gamin, a disruptive sensor membership ensure the new path of access to all the digital flight paths of engunity.

Heh heh like man he want’s da book, What? heh he wants da book o diograms to see my chess moves man.

Na.. really? yup, go in online and give hem what ya got boys, you moves our now a multi million doalr bonanza for the mekers of chess habits and moves to incprerate to call there won ha ha ha ha.

He has lost it man.

Hum like geez why that dude?

looks like like a pantry digger when your not lookin.

You meen freezer radin right?

Yup The old freezer raidin in the middle of a smack dabble in the old digital worlds of funny complexes.

What? speakda da vords vright vill ya.

Einstien now?

nope.. just the missing stages of what we know in science. Love Molecule.

Einstien too tried to undertsand a what Love Molecule?

Yup we did in our time, and will always be many more to see it as well.

The love molecule we shall name him.

Hey youer day dreamin man snap out of it..

Why did they make a big super dooper ibm computer for every one to put habits and personality, and predictibility in a chi square systems to hunt the very ones like the big one?

hey hey hey… DOES hey key a address to data deep in the conciaous of regret?

What? now you are crazyer than the horse you just pulled up in man.

Did you see were i left my reins? imean keys? got have that man gota have that, have what? what everbody whants a garden in the yard a small pool of coy and a beelt bug car and my dog named peanuts mischieve princess, and my cat named frenchfries the earl of third.

That is all. can’t pay the gadardi tax hunters  sound s like the school i was forced to go towhen i was a boy, darn kids, mumsy used to call them the local maffia. i always smurked at that comment comet.

Geez in da sixty’s we were fightin to save the nerd generations we were asked why?

The snotty little rufian next door always said be free and do what you want go make like minks, have many too, never worry about the pocket purse, the nerds of today will pay the bills left behind.

How? Remember the old days in early sixties?

Well, here smoke dis man take a snort of this, so what if school is tryin to say it is a act of hoodlesims a bad devil comin out the nose.

my convent said mumsy would not be able to control the snot that made it right ful to express the freedoms of free will, be the fool hearted forgot that the ease of aloowing to put restrictions or limits on the group of drug thugs.

Drugs? why in god’s plentiful demand in an anwer why did it be brought to the americas? why? why? to weaken the forces of the entire stable country?

Well they did it and the litttle snot did not have a clue is to what the intension was for, So blinded yas? yellow can come now, yo move ms pricess of peanut land ..MOVE!  .. yo flyin big ol funny buns sugar big daddy has moved over to tell you we don’t need the history of snoty little brats no more, our yellow team accomplished there gaol. Snortin fools. Animals in da woods could never have a chance to be good eatin again untill..well bad boys of the ways you thought ya had a snot raisen right to snort free? heh ehe heh you were the old neandrothals left to be exchaned for factory while we live the real fat of da land.

Hmm Hmmm Hmm that is real wise you know that.


This Nostrodomus “the one from the North”

Nostrodomus, it is said you have the skills of the Universty our forefathers have given our first born the right to draw the knowledge of the universe all to are homage of peasants that need to know youre significance.

As king in our french ordane counties our treaty on sending you a court summons to meet with I and my general staffing at the Gargoyle Cathedral just being established in the ake of peasant riots to create a calm for them.

I need you to be in my service rien Nostrodomus, a Master of will to alknowledge the unknown, a educated persons of right and chosen.

It would be honourd to see you on the mitlitary poet strategic memours for our birthing of the napolean naming in stratgy councils of the earliest Queen evea 1

Well, guess what, my travel through the states and territorys were soild ground to endure room youre majesty.

As I write you in return, I Nostrodomus is only to create the abilitity to disclose my educations on the astrology senses of our greek fathers of Asia have done, Sir, My explaination to not hide any family inheritance in blood relations, and was well advised not portray the first study of the ‘big one’s”.

As it is a dangerous matter to even include any hint that may disregard reality and tail spin the peoples into a fasination turm oil frenzy by such believe of writes.

As I journey to youre palace, I notrodomus will see you youre majesty to serve you as you have written to request me in the service.

As I log my entrances of hospitality on acceptance not by gracious nobilities, nor scarceness in respect but as a down to earth persons that just made the peasant dance with excited joy of he is just like us.

To me this is the moment I had been asked not to disclose any of the knowledge of inheritance by blood of the Old Asia Aztech.

So my songs were the same to expose the enemy of wit with sounds, it became apparent I intruded on an old art to know what capturing sound was actually for in the “BIG PLANET” My work has succeeded many before the majesty service Military planners of French desents. Our country in the making.

Then when I could not please some new soures of leaks to find sovern skill in the lights of the Country,My educations has now been ultimatly challanged

As I entre you re’ palace to bed down for the night after such long travels, I knew you were in need of somthing to remember the course of you’re forefathers have given you and the hierlooms to do so.

You indeed have heard the work of I you’re majesty, I shall tell you the very secrtes of the earth, moons and stars.

My wages are only to be in service for hire you’re Majesty, I will in all powers you did invest to many to seek my works, and thus you will recieve.

I as Nostrodomus in may of all practicle shared ablilities to knowledge a warrant to rightful claims it will be indeed to you as you’re servant in as a service Sire, I ask for long term bedding in my quarters, were i can adjust the strategic values of life on paper to the peasants who always seek comfort in a life of rule, a color of pleasures and a stream of warm starry nights that claim calm.

This my lordship was what you have requested for me to perform in this logged event before dispalying any works of test, this will I show you will indeed gather support that I as a Nostrodomus claim, can please you’re service in giving what the what I call people the Little One’s” People is what we all will be called one day Sir,

As CSS for short string quills you’re majesty my ink will flow today before I am at youre table.

When I sit down and feast for our noble aknoledges to have this rewards as feasts, I display the taught manners of University before thine eyes.

And here I am enjoying the fat of you’re lands i am too alive and satified i have the right by knowledge to enjoy this fat, and to be chosen You’re graciouness.

My work is right before you’re eye, a travel log a memoiur ahead of time before schedual sir already even before I have arrived sir, and as you read the moments of travel you to now understand the momentum of shared time for you to see.

And as I am feasting, while you read in company with I, does it make sense now to you sire?12:00 am hour glass time and a cloude to moon shaowed the swiss time merchant to be persuaded by my curiousty on How?

I was addressed never to say any thing in relations of blood line hereditary choices.

I need you to hush any part in tounge if I tell you, the land of earthly secrtes, will I be honered to tell you? or just forgotton the introduction to be acceppted by not having the pleasure even by expecting it so?

Good my FRIEND, I trust many, I trust you as merchant in clock and time making machine more than i trust employers of Country Kings.

Nostrodomus, can I ask why they stumbled on you’re name to be just as that?

It sounds so mistic, sir nostrodomus, why did they invite you to the gargyole Chapels?

Well Mr. Swiss time in Planets were just around the mountains, and I have unlocked the mystry to anwer in simplicities.

Some have seen your great works of art sir have i ever been not to yet, see any in such choice to be of honor sir, may I see more of some newly art you have done?

Yes you can earl Swiss yes you can.

This is a piese of that bright star that we all wondered about since the ealiest times.

What is it?

Mr. Earl Swiss you must never tell what i have here upon my art and facts with my writes to allow my presence be here,

Clear Mr. Swiss? Good Good,

Here take a look, Three rocks Mr. Swiss, Three rocks that fell from that burning star that now is gone.

How are so sure Nostrodomus that these are from a star? Out there yet.

I know, I studiedied the magnitions of this minieral.

Nostrodomus, do you know that this is why servants heads are publicly dispalyed to gather no contests?

Yes I am aware of this rule, that is why I asked not to mention these rocks I have. They are indeed from the Burning star once prized as a goddess of light as second sunlight of heaven.

Of coures Mr. Swiss this is why I cannot display the works, the real works of a mineral blood lines. Our vast crusts of rocks, mountains and many breathes we take to give new life again and again and again.

Geez Nostrodomus this is why they would have you hunted down as wicked old fool who went mad as i see to like you do sir nosrtrodmus. I shall not say anymore but support you in silent touges, but give the green light to color all our worlds with yes we know now.

Nostrodomus you are from the North, the one they spoken about many centuries before. “THE BIG ONE”

As I heard the same sir, we were never to introduce our selfs to theses big one’s it was a moral loss of great devine, a loss in the place in internal heavens.

These were the ugly forest one’s, who made the metals known the Little one’s

known as the yellow one’s.

Our knowledge had been passed down by this over and over again. These BIG ONE’s were the work force captured in to monstrous work for the Little one’s

There pay was good fat a chance with rights to be with selected stocks of the Queen’s , and Princess in the temples of pointing up.

We had heard some one wanted to free the BIG ONE’s Years after the many temples were constructed, they say the mistake had been done by breeding the finest Braun wit and ruler of the forest BIG ONE’s, with the finest breed of wives  From Princess of the Little ones.

The word began to ring treason with the first born in the BIG oNEs off spring and The great Asian princesses of the Queens’, They hunted down the big ones the mothers the child stock once prized by the best now gone. never to to be ever seen or aknlowledged only in time.

Is this right? yes it s Mr. Swiss you are rigth on the ball with that one.

What about the special works you hold Nostrodomus? will they not hunt you down to hush rivals in ordane of placing chosen births as hiers who they think shall be ruler?

Yes it is Mr. Swiss. Over and over again it will be, I as my blood line is indeed not by right nor not by choice but rather a planned match to see existance of the BIG ONE is still in the trees of our Lands.

I know once I present my skills uncharted knowledge to the Ltiilte ones i too will be atthere habds of mercinary causes once again.

This I tell you that this will never cease on this planet, and if it does, we know freddoms of will to roam will end. Lauren

A space rock says to come home, take me home nasa

Dear nasa and the world who knows life in a bubble. Mr hwakings can you help me return home? iask as nosdrodumus has explained in time.

Our sun has died and it’s core has hardend Mr. Hawkings, This count on the heliopher balances our almost going to split and share to further new smater homids.

Yes iwant to fly home there is a home we knew i will share it with any one who want s to say truth is not fictions but tales of energy subjected tales to create methods of strucures, Please there is no numbers or elglish to explain this rule to our old homids spieces.

Mr hawkings, the black hole is a solid hardend core that used be a solar sun like ours, and many more like it.

I want to go home. it is a chemical scent on thoses rocks we call metorrites.

ihave three left Mr, Hawkings. they do have magnetic metals left in them.

but no harmful raw left after so log adrift to land on this planet the decay occured, but organism of deposit survived and by our fathers of old out of water,

days, take me home tell nasa i will help them with float plates if needed to get there please.

Tell them i only want the love molecule gene we have in us all. thank you

Scientist gets back a old reflection from space

2010 is a heliospheric membrane learnt time recognition system only used by our spiecies in our heliosphereric O2 bio-recycled maintenced sphere.

I have recieved two reflections of mirrored light of humans, in groups,

Standing by large waters, misty atmospheres and a big prisms of cubes.

the date said 1937 roughy, space command and somthing can be sent back is what was chemical etched.

Why did they send that reflection of people to outer space? I now understand why we had not ever should say in a convent of theory and order to justify good and prosperity for longtivity.

Well in time I did say two things, Neandrothal was a horse of work mule in our day, Ancient asia was the greatest tool and mental organisms of there day as well.

recognition chemical compounds they emmit by positron emissions, In 10,000. metric measures we now create the same rule.

Oprha recognized gifted kids with a gene that Great aztech Scientists were stifled to bury secretes of our history.

The generations today our indeed no differant, iopened old tales to reunite real biologic life from the lost planets that were on the same scale of balances as ours.

We could not allow our Oldest peoples to interbreed with a neandrothal gene, this would give our unknown destiny a hint of not sure to give question why?

So, the picture is my reality to tell you a secrte of old cultures and all the sciences behind our genetic history is deployed in pieces and small gemeral detailed story board fables.

Our oldest peoples knew this tactic of defenses to save our selfs from accepeting neandrothal interbreeding with our life’s genetic pool for generations to see.

This old tale to be a venture of crazed intent, a unbalanced bio lobes in nero active reponses were never to tell no tales for credible straight communicated alertness, other words learning to recognize each others communication tools.

Here again icaptured the lost Alantis of peoples in time reflected energy, etched and ready for bio-logic evolutional make up far beyond the stars and back again.

So, as today the special, the groups who see leaderships in many of the piecies we breed with one another it is good, but always a price to watch, A gene that can be repaired in 2010, the genetic array of damages were not puosly intended as direct damages caused by human spieces or there hands, this mutations of unseen dna spiral thing worled it’s way up from years ago and now again in 2010. I will sell this formulated corrospondences as a mathimatical myth, it will impede all learnt lost enery of taught, well If i had to come back from 1937, in dust forming recycling momenteums, idied iwent to decompose as ireturned to be taken with molecular gas partners, O2 H2O

Co2 and this is now to many up in our hevens, we jumped out of the water to only go forward, my best buddy next me in the early earth when the globe as it was the petri dish of discoveries, We tickled each other to form this is a plentiful molecualr new home for our out of the water Organisms.

Ha Ha Ha  yup, guess my Ancient right know as ido already, of course not by privledged but by right.

My pupose is to make sure all, as of yours too, can pass through the messy mess of a new begining of stepping out of the heliosphere well the waters,

We grew we were taken from The fathers, the mothers, our origins of cell moleculars iam here back from a lost structure of messy worlds apatr not just ours.

We now see throuh print, movies and action figure in our petri dish of the globe. here is tale to be unstable and crazy in 2010, ihave a scientific answer lost with quest here at my finger tips, a perpetual floater plates all on it’s own,

the universal answers of life,, wait you know as i am writing the radio is on, and it is talking about five hundred births a year, no food, next, no special orders from our new generarions that will fight each other like the old ways of indiferance in finding space.

Deep space that is, isell for one thing only a price know one could mathimaticaly match.

The good gene is here, and it is profitble but again it will create long term oils of energy only the neandrothal of braun can deciphor, iam one of these pupose to see evebody through hardships in the days of life, of coures there will be many to come centuries yet more.

This pool of sequenced gene that had been opened from the early tombs should have not been but dicovery is good, but tales were seen in avitars today forgotten tommorw,

No matter how popoular one’s puposes to generate a glimp within, your goal to see every one has this event, my son of today, little people shared the secrtes deep in all the army cores of human life, sold the tall tales of reality only to be shown to remember then forgotton, in turns to exibit a pattern of DNA damages Crazy gene, which is not my coures to assit our spieces. Mr avititars vivst i, tell clanasa in time iam here, iwill show more peace than tale, the north has cooled our hominds come iwill help.

NO dollars, NO money for any tales of biology of human life. Price is the molecule gene, this one is free LOVE GENE from MOMMY and and fearce gene from daddy in the out of water to let us know.

That is it , a love gene see me there. and see you on the galiao area iknow you need this plate to floate above all solid matter. LOVE gene in return.

BOOTCAMP Fails! 5 Years “public vows answers”

TheProviWorld 2014 Demember.

As the world embraces a answer to our only logical explaination to restore a generation spawned by erected indulgences mentally enforced to produce unwanted young has began a wrong set of events to turn the globe in side and out.

All corrosponding agencies are acting together to ensure our pleasure of people law is not given to the dogs.

This is the Provi mind and back to ya stacy stencils live.



The articles read bootcamp for my kids, please, please please, spare him the long term educations of the systems inside the hard walls of the Penals.

I do not want to give no rights back to birth repairs our aztechnician Calanders from the ejiption writes folk, remember, our corrospondances is in an all tight desperate campain to endure a right way to reasons,

His royal hynie states: As we given many, more will allow, Thus to allow will gather to be affective in repairing this ded gene of DNA blockage strings.

At TheProviWorlds time, this has been a total faling to fix a brain by camp outs with a becon dean or some what lkie that.

Any whom at my press time, Public are chanting Labotomy for liftin a chocolate candy.

They speeled disaster with suger coats.

18 top scientists fired for polital plays on coinicdidance behavoiur stats with each others roles.

The neruo translation color maps of the highest courts clients/prisoners/patients, invovled simular to many public memebers of many peoples all around us.

They had no results untill tested to make the sysem fall, and then every one cryed foul.

My interview with a Boot reservists, was here on completion of her wilderness life repairin regrime and heer is what she had to say about progress.

I think it helped, It gave me more to realize that a life of drugs, boozen no safe sex, poundin out babies not realizin the checks are for ligitimate disabled babies not self induced.

This was hell for me to accept my behavour in drugs, booze despizin authority, no positive roles around to teach me any better.

So amedus, what music do you listen to now?

What does that got to do with me and boot camp?

Well ms amedus you are indeed the trail blazer many had hoped for,

Amedus says what?

Provi sayyou matched a provi page profile that 15% suuport your upgrade to a innerstrenght, a glich to out perform being taken advange of.

Amedus says, you mean my grades are to include being less abstute, less intolerant to being passive aggressive on every face I come in contact with? Is that what you mean sir?

Provi say, well, close enough to make your way through the tougher doors that lay ahead.

Amedus says, I can take that both ways you know.

Thank you for your time Ms amedus it was a pleasure to be in anylizing your next performing role of intellectual atrs.

TheProviWriter’s Color You’re World

I am a ventured transcriptionist that clean read my own underwriting.


it had started with news pertaining to people there actions to present there glacier effect on the graphing of missing knowledge from the events portrayed upon one another.

Short as breif, I can say I read more fiction upon people today with the transactions needed to just get them selfs by in day to day real life circumstances.

Boot Camp is a great skill to write in policies that make a immpression to be comfortable around once again.

Out in the wilderness is sending troubled minds to endure hardships of this because one of the comforts is creating independance is it not?

Our greatest challnge is here, our Country is based on the Common Wealth curtain.

This mind you is what giving our folk the due proccess of insisting we can make somthing out of our youth of today.

Angered as many are in the world of effected due to crimes, and the acts set upon many communities and cities.

The anger posted in news can indeed reflect the imoral needs to recognize both are to commonly attribute to resolve.

How can the the little darlings of ages wanting to become the geneiuses of tommorow?

It may be reasonble to say it may never be before one’s time to see a safe contour to return to a jungle that inspired clouds of dark rain, cold nights and a shiver to becon weakness as to explain, Sir I am Cold, could I keep warm ?

Or Can I too have another blanket sir to lesson my shiver to be productive?

Basicly our urban sociaty needs to be addressed to ensure unbalanced growth to crime ailments can be cured or as I say the mapping of the genetic color in the frontal lobes display orange.

We all are born with a orange, pink, blue, green, yellow, red spectrums. These colors only represent a amount of chemical in the neruohemipheres of the brain.

Some are more than others, some less, and yet some decay to be gone from reproducing it’s self all together again. Out grown it’s chemical recognitions command and response. Naturally life’s natural way.

Boot Camp will be in my writing so remember, Fictional as can be, or unrealistic as it can portray one’s pupose to fix an unwanted tired sociaty’s mishaps, that includes all, rejected, resented, the unplanned birth stories to accidents at raging stud house parties.

It begins. It begins to show how, a show intended for being the horsy talent one might use as glue for the factories, but let’s begin early to see what I can write why, How and whom can be. Follow me, write back on a colored back ground to set your mood write.

Even if you create fiction pulp stories for a living, times are now. Needed to address quik rightin skills,  No selection x to a gamin consoles, takin away only to endorse anger with in the walls of interupted mayhem.

8 hours on a console spells disaster for peoples. Digital baby sitters of the new 21st century have now dawned.

Remember, the spawn we created in hopes a cardinal one day our young may become? Or a scientist, a Dr. or now it will be a jail house co-ordinator, the facilitator to the house, hmmm no more use for courts or jailhouse lawyers.

Boot Camps, Sombody write a contest, see who can write the best project behind the real colors of our brains in Canada. Try it you will lik it.

“A Greener Choice” Is a Provi Green Light

The greener the practice the more to achieve the balance is it right?

Very much so I shall avoid conflict to address such goodness within a inspired boy of today to innovate for many whom will not make the course to share empoyable means to buy the services once tout as the best.

My boy of today, there is more than one can produce for all to share today, a promise to give again, a freedom to free the bonds of debt by legal obligated choices that seems to be one mechancis sided, which is corrupted.

So, when years pass us by we watch the world reach out and ask for dollars to buy food.

A green purpose to sustain a practice is by doing so, when we give seeds & agriculture tools, wood and forestry composit making tools to build housing, Agriculture farms to produce live stocks a sewing machine drop off to sw fabric we send to be rewooven and thus a sociaty has achieved green. a world now known as green.

Animals were once the tools to assit each others survivals in our days, it has to not fade again to begin were they were lost in the fast pace by our brethren to do better for each other.

Well we shall help the hands to create old practice and perfect it to be perfect greens.