40 Trillion Humans on Earth

The secrete presentations of keeping a prosperous chain. 2025 not 2012

The real element reader is here. He is back with every intension to free the mental damages of organic mineral defacing in the stem cell to T-reorganized repair clauses.

But there is a price for this repair. A price to fix people? Who is this mad madman of the days? He says he is the reader of any thing, he can read our sophisticated digital technology?

Not a chance bring this blissful candidate to me and I will se my self if the marks of map and the match of animals to position the lands were the stars had a behavour match to this.

Go! see that he is alive and not a digital clone from 2012 too.

He makes what? no fishcol oils? where does he stay? we don’t know there is no room to address hide.

He of all spiecies should know this. How doe he pay for any of his company to accept his clonic genetic allowances?

We are just tracing records now, well? none existant sir, what this man has no idea were this digital master has come from? Or even if he is claiming to be one.

How how how! all Human genome maps of every tracble genetic recognotions in our system bypasses this one? never did I come accross a human to allow a mistake in com systems.

Did he be employed he?

He was, Bring his Co2 out take and count the time in atomic O2 to see what was shared in the first booting of our systems updates.

your right sir, Co2 out puts are in 500 ratios per 1/2 it’s life cycles. It’s O2 regenerating count in the chambers dictaces a mass to be in recoeded life cycle left are still in the chambers and records indicted it has a specific genetic mutated mineral sequence only we have sir. One of Us? No!

No no no no it is not possible by our law of written choices were never to emmit to chemical DNA interbreeding with genomes, how how how, this is were the fun begin sire.

The emplyed spec had indeed entered a locked chamber to find records of rebooting O2 matter on a geneisis plan of insurance? Nonsense he did enter illieaggly to this and will be put to other parts of gene sharing element to after life. Capeah? Now pick up his radio frequecy stem cell color on infared and bring him home.

Geez gomez of the Judas arts I am back to allow you to give your race of engineers to I.

Porpostorous. No.

Say what and whom paid you to dig deep into a locked chamber?

Come on you can tell me.

No. is what you said to me No is what I will repeat to you also. You like the after life do you? As a employee you will stay here in a luxurous quarters, fine grown organic properties with two fishcoils that have the early sequences untouched by us. Deal?

I’ll re-think and enjoy my mingling around the eastern floor boards to here to adjust to a mistress and serve me my favorite dishes far from the orients brought by your human clones of test line nanoincubates.

You do not trust us is that it?

That is my point your excellce, my stay will be breif, you will achieve peace, before there is an other catostophic conern you and the goons cannot manipulate and survive. Not this round anyway.

See you next week sir


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