A~Z Short Events Galactic pronounced

One day there became a gtandfather who had wondered into these fields for  A non-magnese mineral depleting area. A quite and peace full filled search, all away to refuge from the chaos. This has been recorded to find search portals later as to science and early dictaion to pass on skill to read me and this Grandview of symbolic pre-hominid consultation funding.

The Aztech is @ four hundred human year calculated to see time as humans are used to.

Shall I tell you how to recall a ghost sir? Please tell me how does one see a ghost?

Alrms are activated sir, some of the cloned spieces want in. Well find out what they are capable of inside here and employ them to help me find out what our friend here knows about matter and our locked chambers.

Well that means moving to alpha b then jump to an end in Z does this not?

Yes,  go and get them any ways there knowledge will not have that genetic sequences to allow that far in neruo cyclonic Stem growth, they will have a culinary plummage, A heart failer and will sleep rather than grasing a repair cell that they will always miss.

Next week sir:


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