Dan Brown’s book is good

Hello, and welcome to your flight instructor, will you need a freeze for embyro’s?

Ah just somthing to scratch about.

Welcome, it is a given year to foretell 2025 A.D.

Dan Brown’s book is really good, Though I have not had the opportunity to afford a luxery item.

My internet seems to pleasure my sensablilty to see most article that appease me.

Honestly I never read the book.

Heard about it on line 2009

What this article intrugies me most is when you already know that finding a mystery to unsovled cases as to war crimes one can anticpate a response to address the finacial starvations that finding a suspect that may have committed a crime back the early thirty years of war.

I cannot remember the name of the King and his mistress but from a glance into the past, a real kodak moment we shall say, time, space and quartz anolog footprints.

Any how this mistress had been a subject of a criminal act, in fact records say she had been poisoned. Mercury to be specific.

Why? who and how was the glorified phrase, if we know now how and why this mastery of plummage and carnage all in a chemical command to instruct to do so, why did not one find the responsible candidate for this crime?

Minerals, Sciences, And Catholic Ordaned reasones of safe funding for many to agree with as commerce wealth and trade may benifit to all.

Of course not just one party.

As a rule weponary and design, one could say when they did allow a service in ranks to sell arms to peasants we knew today it will give a trade, tourisms and clout were it may be needed.

Americas has the same rules of thumb if your math is indedd correct. Unsolved crimes invovling leaders in the 1500’s to early as the nineteenth century.

A global connection is more easly depicted on the boats of acheekyonesir, give more to the oliver truth about who can design a mining unit, a press operation and understand the clegy of writing when needed even it is not truth.

Sciences in metal dicoveries, Mercury, became study as workable way to find the old tale of footprints in the tower tales.

These foot print of time are a character a group whom fits a senireo of how to problem sovle with what they have.

Back then, People were a resouse as they also were a problem. The deeds of trechery seems to fit the era od hemlock days, the blinding rules, the order to keep trades inflow and the metals of many precious types to be of accessed to, and for many other reasons as well.

Gold has a fever in wanting, a chemical neuro-response to address a element that serves a purpose when it is needed.

Earth does this the same way as in people. We are indeed not to publish a science to the church am I right?

But yet again if we loose a powerful house to gain other methods of gaining trade channels, then we too will be in a peasant stand trying to sell our worthless ideas of making mercury dance with prosperity.

Publish this sir and gold in the wording of pay,  I say will answer your lost quest to solve an unsovled mistress and the publishing cartels of the France and Mining days will lead to the friends who know how to get, recieve answers and can create answers as well.

One lost in the chemical recognitions in organic compounds of our world to evolve.

We will allow this of course cause it had been unsolved and the organic speices a human had allowed to educated a vast new gloriuos method of chances, a DNA blend that had been forsaken by man writtn laws incorporated to Natures laws and by the cases build the boliva a maxamillian uncertainy in a two frontier seeking power moguals that seemed to please a native way over the blend of this course to see a powerful name in France as to carry it’s name in the sake of maintaing power in a country that is at war over seas now. At the easern floor sire. 1876 I think,


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