Roger’s Water “help”

Dear sir, I have endured the strain of time, I stood on the very corners of every axis ingeologic metrics from the start of stem and cell to expansions of the finest neruo spheres of the human chains today sir.

You have written the master pieces we have come to recognize and yes over time it still captures the chemistry needed to achieve a vast field of strong athletic players that are common to commerce as we continue today.

The Ejyption Buildings were to symbolize power and great arcutecture. My meaning to ask for a song to be played sir is the currency one, money it is, it has the ring to many.

I cannot achieve any more than I can do here as I sit, and I write for listen laws to be followed, I too move from the living room to the kithcen, and back and forth like a yellow yo yo with out strings.

I surly cannot sustain the quaters I piece all endours to be about, but can cease the moment of what can be accomplished.

I have no dollars nor enough skill to address a helper hand to see what is on right to our past.

Sire sir, Mr. Waters I have only one request to achieve, I need help to see many, a loop back farther than madness in the gamma schools that can be course when it needed a start to be about with.

Every one shares to little of prenounced vocabulary and the need to such wordy causes in funds to find a dollar tag even at the cost of others brillant pieces sir, I am writing on an open page for some have meat hooks greedier than the one’s whom would sell grandma for .99 cents a white paper on how to sell gran under a buck. I am sorry to be so graphic on behavour chemistry sir but the drones of these kinds are here, they lurk and find ways to call there own and we starve while they get all the fat of the land sire:

I want to ask for help, can you see how I can give a white paper that has a phycological math blue print of the Aztech greatness and the achievements needed to reach it answers for a ninty nin cents in parts of course sir,

My white papers will lead the peasants to a short reading trail each having a truth a finding, and a sovling equations that is needed by so many.

I here the telephone ringing just one moment please…..

Ok i am back… there was a song that spelled wrong, but sold every thing to be right sir, you and your master pieces have helped me see in neruo expansions.

So, again I ask, Can you or an agent in publishing or some one that can help me finish my work for the ages of dawn to be spwned and coreccted sir?

I have the formulations to the greatest purposes on the planet, thus my work ceases I shall be forced to move eles were, and not have the librity to do so when needed. If i had a lear jet I would certainly save it for a day that it is needed. Your fan here in Canada MB Lauren J. Hendry


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