Boot camp the Provi style

Here in the Canadian out backs what would we expect to generate a picture perfect citizen?

The Canadian Associated Press has lots of journalists to answer the results to the decision out come of this bill.

When it is possible to move ahead with it at the house of commons.

When or how it will affect a persons whom have been in a level 1 to 100 in criminal activity and habitual status is not expected to reach this adult status.

What can a University offer to correct this inverted gene in the genome DNA ancestry of learnt mechanisms?

It has been formulated already for proof. Why is a learnt practice that contributes to survival in committing a criminal act?

Write to me,  Comment why this can be a concerning fix to the criminal minds of the generation x.

Winnipeg seems to be the hot spot for a want, a need, a greedy want and a greedy trend to need.

Quote this as personal to inspire a turn about to readers whom can initiate creative change for our troubled youth today.

The page you write upon and the back ground color should be pink, red and white. This will match my dots to create a better view what we can expect from all.

Thank you,

The Provi World


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