WANTED UN-solved Cases

My indearing old chap why have a nose like that? it brings unwanted displeasures that spell time to address disruption and interrupted moves to continue forward my boy of today.

Are you indebt my boy of today?

I am Sir, But no pity please, I am every thing fine as it should be.

I would never want to ask for what I can give to please for many who can be in need of the greatest gift to any.

My boy of today, why do you waste such propiership to all whom will eat all your sensable practice to there is a note never shared upon again. I ask of a proper reason why?

Is love the lonely tool behind a mask to avert a differant desire to achieve the very same in common allumnistrations of what our best in roles can be in common with each others place?

No sir, my bills will surly meet there fate once I achieve my goals.

My boy of today you have a damaged issue that many in todays time will never be at rest once the real projections to why such transactions to be given to clear your indebtness.

You know this my boy of today, You have given a rule that percedes our quest to address law and order and a mannerisms to create the futures of many whom can become better than what you have done, this means many qualify more than what you may ever can give to offer.

Why?  No no, no let me tell you sir you have not given me a certain course to abide by then sir,

But if I may so that as  me I can offer clause sub-ordane notes to address how my services in creating a common denominator that is so unclean, and so banned for me to give a better light for all.

Sir I have indeed displayed a distastful ghostly appearance to proclaim a connected call of charicter when needed, but if I may to show the world a differant tune to what we all have been waiting for, Please Sir if I can.

Well my boy of today, you did screw up once, in majors mind you, but that is the will to percent on survivals of the priveldged by decent of a Devine was it not my boy of today?

Sire I waste my time pleasing for addressing meaningless notes that create nonsense between each others views and directions to heed off to resolve.

I have been neglected early before privledge became nonsense Sire, My curage to prove has been a long journy only to be stifled of why i have been subject to courts of the rule and bestowed as such with out due process.

The percent my sire was as peasant unpleasant can be of sir, but as privledged as I had been nor could it be avoided that me a boy of today had common rights and common independances to avoid such clamidty through the course of your life span sire.

I did indeed screw up majorally but why was it not avoided sire sir, Every one knew the gift has been presented and then I could not address my fall fast enough for intraventions my lordships, I had been exploited to lead a peasants craft practices out of a smokers codle pipe with such affect sire, my bottle was always wine filled with over flows the avoidances were there to help me sire sir, my tears flow with hurt to ask my humble grace to be returned.

I have been through the peasants nest and did show my master pieces of great work to the masses.

And thus I became a token to create wealth for others was I not?

If my humbled grace is restored Sire, If it may again to see I me, and my glass over flowith with the wines, the pipes of wrong smoke to the chemicals that are so rampant inthe peasants lifestyes that creating this potion of DNA and neuro spheres balances to send a differant message that will one day destroy our common values to perform what you always wanted me sire to show the world, is not sire?

I am not lonley mylordship nor do I sit in a window or sill that portrays one’s self babling to themselfs, and then the worste of half are gained to let an uneducated populations to see theater and be of it to send a sound of there own sir.

This was indeed a wrong moment as that lady did so on that cloudy stormy day when zic and dark ash had aired all the living greenery and she was a bipolar by laws of nature sire, but the un educated again spelled her intension wrong with what they saw and in tune not heard both to understand that she did not practice a black occult sir, without my sound sir I could not answer to the world that she had only been talking to her self amist all our royal and relgional wars with each other sir, this is why the moment to see a differance is needed sire, I want my humbled grace back please I beg as peasnt whom had had a challaged gift to give to you sir my lordships.

Can I sing my tunes of delight? of shall my imprisonment to the ghosts of time be a sentance of punishment for being abducted by the peasants of habits and pipes bottles and craft of stupids.


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