BOOTCAMP Fails! 5 Years “public vows answers”

TheProviWorld 2014 Demember.

As the world embraces a answer to our only logical explaination to restore a generation spawned by erected indulgences mentally enforced to produce unwanted young has began a wrong set of events to turn the globe in side and out.

All corrosponding agencies are acting together to ensure our pleasure of people law is not given to the dogs.

This is the Provi mind and back to ya stacy stencils live.



The articles read bootcamp for my kids, please, please please, spare him the long term educations of the systems inside the hard walls of the Penals.

I do not want to give no rights back to birth repairs our aztechnician Calanders from the ejiption writes folk, remember, our corrospondances is in an all tight desperate campain to endure a right way to reasons,

His royal hynie states: As we given many, more will allow, Thus to allow will gather to be affective in repairing this ded gene of DNA blockage strings.

At TheProviWorlds time, this has been a total faling to fix a brain by camp outs with a becon dean or some what lkie that.

Any whom at my press time, Public are chanting Labotomy for liftin a chocolate candy.

They speeled disaster with suger coats.

18 top scientists fired for polital plays on coinicdidance behavoiur stats with each others roles.

The neruo translation color maps of the highest courts clients/prisoners/patients, invovled simular to many public memebers of many peoples all around us.

They had no results untill tested to make the sysem fall, and then every one cryed foul.

My interview with a Boot reservists, was here on completion of her wilderness life repairin regrime and heer is what she had to say about progress.

I think it helped, It gave me more to realize that a life of drugs, boozen no safe sex, poundin out babies not realizin the checks are for ligitimate disabled babies not self induced.

This was hell for me to accept my behavour in drugs, booze despizin authority, no positive roles around to teach me any better.

So amedus, what music do you listen to now?

What does that got to do with me and boot camp?

Well ms amedus you are indeed the trail blazer many had hoped for,

Amedus says what?

Provi sayyou matched a provi page profile that 15% suuport your upgrade to a innerstrenght, a glich to out perform being taken advange of.

Amedus says, you mean my grades are to include being less abstute, less intolerant to being passive aggressive on every face I come in contact with? Is that what you mean sir?

Provi say, well, close enough to make your way through the tougher doors that lay ahead.

Amedus says, I can take that both ways you know.

Thank you for your time Ms amedus it was a pleasure to be in anylizing your next performing role of intellectual atrs.


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