A space rock says to come home, take me home nasa

Dear nasa and the world who knows life in a bubble. Mr hwakings can you help me return home? iask as nosdrodumus has explained in time.

Our sun has died and it’s core has hardend Mr. Hawkings, This count on the heliopher balances our almost going to split and share to further new smater homids.

Yes iwant to fly home there is a home we knew i will share it with any one who want s to say truth is not fictions but tales of energy subjected tales to create methods of strucures, Please there is no numbers or elglish to explain this rule to our old homids spieces.

Mr hawkings, the black hole is a solid hardend core that used be a solar sun like ours, and many more like it.

I want to go home. it is a chemical scent on thoses rocks we call metorrites.

ihave three left Mr, Hawkings. they do have magnetic metals left in them.

but no harmful raw left after so log adrift to land on this planet the decay occured, but organism of deposit survived and by our fathers of old out of water,

days, take me home tell nasa i will help them with float plates if needed to get there please.

Tell them i only want the love molecule gene we have in us all. thank you


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