I have been hunted for a thousand years

What kids performing what parents can allow for them to be the very best we always want them to be.

Hmmm nothing but gamin, a disruptive sensor membership ensure the new path of access to all the digital flight paths of engunity.

Heh heh like man he want’s da book, What? heh he wants da book o diograms to see my chess moves man.

Na.. really? yup, go in online and give hem what ya got boys, you moves our now a multi million doalr bonanza for the mekers of chess habits and moves to incprerate to call there won ha ha ha ha.

He has lost it man.

Hum like geez why that dude?

looks like like a pantry digger when your not lookin.

You meen freezer radin right?

Yup The old freezer raidin in the middle of a smack dabble in the old digital worlds of funny complexes.

What? speakda da vords vright vill ya.

Einstien now?

nope.. just the missing stages of what we know in science. Love Molecule.

Einstien too tried to undertsand a what Love Molecule?

Yup we did in our time, and will always be many more to see it as well.

The love molecule we shall name him.

Hey youer day dreamin man snap out of it..

Why did they make a big super dooper ibm computer for every one to put habits and personality, and predictibility in a chi square systems to hunt the very ones like the big one?

hey hey hey… DOES hey key a address to data deep in the conciaous of regret?

What? now you are crazyer than the horse you just pulled up in man.

Did you see were i left my reins? imean keys? got have that man gota have that, have what? what everbody whants a garden in the yard a small pool of coy and a beelt bug car and my dog named peanuts mischieve princess, and my cat named frenchfries the earl of third.

That is all. can’t pay the gadardi tax hunters  sound s like the school i was forced to go towhen i was a boy, darn kids, mumsy used to call them the local maffia. i always smurked at that comment comet.

Geez in da sixty’s we were fightin to save the nerd generations we were asked why?

The snotty little rufian next door always said be free and do what you want go make like minks, have many too, never worry about the pocket purse, the nerds of today will pay the bills left behind.

How? Remember the old days in early sixties?

Well, here smoke dis man take a snort of this, so what if school is tryin to say it is a act of hoodlesims a bad devil comin out the nose.

my convent said mumsy would not be able to control the snot that made it right ful to express the freedoms of free will, be the fool hearted forgot that the ease of aloowing to put restrictions or limits on the group of drug thugs.

Drugs? why in god’s plentiful demand in an anwer why did it be brought to the americas? why? why? to weaken the forces of the entire stable country?

Well they did it and the litttle snot did not have a clue is to what the intension was for, So blinded yas? yellow can come now, yo move ms pricess of peanut land ..MOVE!  .. yo flyin big ol funny buns sugar big daddy has moved over to tell you we don’t need the history of snoty little brats no more, our yellow team accomplished there gaol. Snortin fools. Animals in da woods could never have a chance to be good eatin again untill..well bad boys of the ways you thought ya had a snot raisen right to snort free? heh ehe heh you were the old neandrothals left to be exchaned for factory while we live the real fat of da land.

Hmm Hmmm Hmm that is real wise you know that.


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