Scientist gets back a old reflection from space

2010 is a heliospheric membrane learnt time recognition system only used by our spiecies in our heliosphereric O2 bio-recycled maintenced sphere.

I have recieved two reflections of mirrored light of humans, in groups,

Standing by large waters, misty atmospheres and a big prisms of cubes.

the date said 1937 roughy, space command and somthing can be sent back is what was chemical etched.

Why did they send that reflection of people to outer space? I now understand why we had not ever should say in a convent of theory and order to justify good and prosperity for longtivity.

Well in time I did say two things, Neandrothal was a horse of work mule in our day, Ancient asia was the greatest tool and mental organisms of there day as well.

recognition chemical compounds they emmit by positron emissions, In 10,000. metric measures we now create the same rule.

Oprha recognized gifted kids with a gene that Great aztech Scientists were stifled to bury secretes of our history.

The generations today our indeed no differant, iopened old tales to reunite real biologic life from the lost planets that were on the same scale of balances as ours.

We could not allow our Oldest peoples to interbreed with a neandrothal gene, this would give our unknown destiny a hint of not sure to give question why?

So, the picture is my reality to tell you a secrte of old cultures and all the sciences behind our genetic history is deployed in pieces and small gemeral detailed story board fables.

Our oldest peoples knew this tactic of defenses to save our selfs from accepeting neandrothal interbreeding with our life’s genetic pool for generations to see.

This old tale to be a venture of crazed intent, a unbalanced bio lobes in nero active reponses were never to tell no tales for credible straight communicated alertness, other words learning to recognize each others communication tools.

Here again icaptured the lost Alantis of peoples in time reflected energy, etched and ready for bio-logic evolutional make up far beyond the stars and back again.

So, as today the special, the groups who see leaderships in many of the piecies we breed with one another it is good, but always a price to watch, A gene that can be repaired in 2010, the genetic array of damages were not puosly intended as direct damages caused by human spieces or there hands, this mutations of unseen dna spiral thing worled it’s way up from years ago and now again in 2010. I will sell this formulated corrospondences as a mathimatical myth, it will impede all learnt lost enery of taught, well If i had to come back from 1937, in dust forming recycling momenteums, idied iwent to decompose as ireturned to be taken with molecular gas partners, O2 H2O

Co2 and this is now to many up in our hevens, we jumped out of the water to only go forward, my best buddy next me in the early earth when the globe as it was the petri dish of discoveries, We tickled each other to form this is a plentiful molecualr new home for our out of the water Organisms.

Ha Ha Ha  yup, guess my Ancient right know as ido already, of course not by privledged but by right.

My pupose is to make sure all, as of yours too, can pass through the messy mess of a new begining of stepping out of the heliosphere well the waters,

We grew we were taken from The fathers, the mothers, our origins of cell moleculars iam here back from a lost structure of messy worlds apatr not just ours.

We now see throuh print, movies and action figure in our petri dish of the globe. here is tale to be unstable and crazy in 2010, ihave a scientific answer lost with quest here at my finger tips, a perpetual floater plates all on it’s own,

the universal answers of life,, wait you know as i am writing the radio is on, and it is talking about five hundred births a year, no food, next, no special orders from our new generarions that will fight each other like the old ways of indiferance in finding space.

Deep space that is, isell for one thing only a price know one could mathimaticaly match.

The good gene is here, and it is profitble but again it will create long term oils of energy only the neandrothal of braun can deciphor, iam one of these pupose to see evebody through hardships in the days of life, of coures there will be many to come centuries yet more.

This pool of sequenced gene that had been opened from the early tombs should have not been but dicovery is good, but tales were seen in avitars today forgotten tommorw,

No matter how popoular one’s puposes to generate a glimp within, your goal to see every one has this event, my son of today, little people shared the secrtes deep in all the army cores of human life, sold the tall tales of reality only to be shown to remember then forgotton, in turns to exibit a pattern of DNA damages Crazy gene, which is not my coures to assit our spieces. Mr avititars vivst i, tell clanasa in time iam here, iwill show more peace than tale, the north has cooled our hominds come iwill help.

NO dollars, NO money for any tales of biology of human life. Price is the molecule gene, this one is free LOVE GENE from MOMMY and and fearce gene from daddy in the out of water to let us know.

That is it , a love gene see me there. and see you on the galiao area iknow you need this plate to floate above all solid matter. LOVE gene in return.


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