This Nostrodomus “the one from the North”

Nostrodomus, it is said you have the skills of the Universty our forefathers have given our first born the right to draw the knowledge of the universe all to are homage of peasants that need to know youre significance.

As king in our french ordane counties our treaty on sending you a court summons to meet with I and my general staffing at the Gargoyle Cathedral just being established in the ake of peasant riots to create a calm for them.

I need you to be in my service rien Nostrodomus, a Master of will to alknowledge the unknown, a educated persons of right and chosen.

It would be honourd to see you on the mitlitary poet strategic memours for our birthing of the napolean naming in stratgy councils of the earliest Queen evea 1

Well, guess what, my travel through the states and territorys were soild ground to endure room youre majesty.

As I write you in return, I Nostrodomus is only to create the abilitity to disclose my educations on the astrology senses of our greek fathers of Asia have done, Sir, My explaination to not hide any family inheritance in blood relations, and was well advised not portray the first study of the ‘big one’s”.

As it is a dangerous matter to even include any hint that may disregard reality and tail spin the peoples into a fasination turm oil frenzy by such believe of writes.

As I journey to youre palace, I notrodomus will see you youre majesty to serve you as you have written to request me in the service.

As I log my entrances of hospitality on acceptance not by gracious nobilities, nor scarceness in respect but as a down to earth persons that just made the peasant dance with excited joy of he is just like us.

To me this is the moment I had been asked not to disclose any of the knowledge of inheritance by blood of the Old Asia Aztech.

So my songs were the same to expose the enemy of wit with sounds, it became apparent I intruded on an old art to know what capturing sound was actually for in the “BIG PLANET” My work has succeeded many before the majesty service Military planners of French desents. Our country in the making.

Then when I could not please some new soures of leaks to find sovern skill in the lights of the Country,My educations has now been ultimatly challanged

As I entre you re’ palace to bed down for the night after such long travels, I knew you were in need of somthing to remember the course of you’re forefathers have given you and the hierlooms to do so.

You indeed have heard the work of I you’re majesty, I shall tell you the very secrtes of the earth, moons and stars.

My wages are only to be in service for hire you’re Majesty, I will in all powers you did invest to many to seek my works, and thus you will recieve.

I as Nostrodomus in may of all practicle shared ablilities to knowledge a warrant to rightful claims it will be indeed to you as you’re servant in as a service Sire, I ask for long term bedding in my quarters, were i can adjust the strategic values of life on paper to the peasants who always seek comfort in a life of rule, a color of pleasures and a stream of warm starry nights that claim calm.

This my lordship was what you have requested for me to perform in this logged event before dispalying any works of test, this will I show you will indeed gather support that I as a Nostrodomus claim, can please you’re service in giving what the what I call people the Little One’s” People is what we all will be called one day Sir,

As CSS for short string quills you’re majesty my ink will flow today before I am at youre table.

When I sit down and feast for our noble aknoledges to have this rewards as feasts, I display the taught manners of University before thine eyes.

And here I am enjoying the fat of you’re lands i am too alive and satified i have the right by knowledge to enjoy this fat, and to be chosen You’re graciouness.

My work is right before you’re eye, a travel log a memoiur ahead of time before schedual sir already even before I have arrived sir, and as you read the moments of travel you to now understand the momentum of shared time for you to see.

And as I am feasting, while you read in company with I, does it make sense now to you sire?12:00 am hour glass time and a cloude to moon shaowed the swiss time merchant to be persuaded by my curiousty on How?

I was addressed never to say any thing in relations of blood line hereditary choices.

I need you to hush any part in tounge if I tell you, the land of earthly secrtes, will I be honered to tell you? or just forgotton the introduction to be acceppted by not having the pleasure even by expecting it so?

Good my FRIEND, I trust many, I trust you as merchant in clock and time making machine more than i trust employers of Country Kings.

Nostrodomus, can I ask why they stumbled on you’re name to be just as that?

It sounds so mistic, sir nostrodomus, why did they invite you to the gargyole Chapels?

Well Mr. Swiss time in Planets were just around the mountains, and I have unlocked the mystry to anwer in simplicities.

Some have seen your great works of art sir have i ever been not to yet, see any in such choice to be of honor sir, may I see more of some newly art you have done?

Yes you can earl Swiss yes you can.

This is a piese of that bright star that we all wondered about since the ealiest times.

What is it?

Mr. Earl Swiss you must never tell what i have here upon my art and facts with my writes to allow my presence be here,

Clear Mr. Swiss? Good Good,

Here take a look, Three rocks Mr. Swiss, Three rocks that fell from that burning star that now is gone.

How are so sure Nostrodomus that these are from a star? Out there yet.

I know, I studiedied the magnitions of this minieral.

Nostrodomus, do you know that this is why servants heads are publicly dispalyed to gather no contests?

Yes I am aware of this rule, that is why I asked not to mention these rocks I have. They are indeed from the Burning star once prized as a goddess of light as second sunlight of heaven.

Of coures Mr. Swiss this is why I cannot display the works, the real works of a mineral blood lines. Our vast crusts of rocks, mountains and many breathes we take to give new life again and again and again.

Geez Nostrodomus this is why they would have you hunted down as wicked old fool who went mad as i see to like you do sir nosrtrodmus. I shall not say anymore but support you in silent touges, but give the green light to color all our worlds with yes we know now.

Nostrodomus you are from the North, the one they spoken about many centuries before. “THE BIG ONE”

As I heard the same sir, we were never to introduce our selfs to theses big one’s it was a moral loss of great devine, a loss in the place in internal heavens.

These were the ugly forest one’s, who made the metals known the Little one’s

known as the yellow one’s.

Our knowledge had been passed down by this over and over again. These BIG ONE’s were the work force captured in to monstrous work for the Little one’s

There pay was good fat a chance with rights to be with selected stocks of the Queen’s , and Princess in the temples of pointing up.

We had heard some one wanted to free the BIG ONE’s Years after the many temples were constructed, they say the mistake had been done by breeding the finest Braun wit and ruler of the forest BIG ONE’s, with the finest breed of wives  From Princess of the Little ones.

The word began to ring treason with the first born in the BIG oNEs off spring and The great Asian princesses of the Queens’, They hunted down the big ones the mothers the child stock once prized by the best now gone. never to to be ever seen or aknlowledged only in time.

Is this right? yes it s Mr. Swiss you are rigth on the ball with that one.

What about the special works you hold Nostrodomus? will they not hunt you down to hush rivals in ordane of placing chosen births as hiers who they think shall be ruler?

Yes it is Mr. Swiss. Over and over again it will be, I as my blood line is indeed not by right nor not by choice but rather a planned match to see existance of the BIG ONE is still in the trees of our Lands.

I know once I present my skills uncharted knowledge to the Ltiilte ones i too will be atthere habds of mercinary causes once again.

This I tell you that this will never cease on this planet, and if it does, we know freddoms of will to roam will end. Lauren


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