the tender love & care of court roomsmovie apps and a fund that three strikes to behavirs is here

Canada is an open book to opportunity in the court rooms now, apps, camera sales, make up, and jucy tales and affirs in county lines that border the pyschological differances of three strikes, the fbi, the rcmp, and ottawa law making to ok tv to have business a boomin for changes, see we cry to see people on tv, weather its our young to be someone, or a court room filled with new satilight diect paid live ads on cases to award the three strikes curse to the unskilled, the disabled and maybe some people who just fit a look to rewrite the movie directors motion in court action packed event on lives by inlfuence. Oopps, do we want to see losers become worse by the chance they learned by harmful inscription to be left out by having or not having? or do just plainly not know any better?

Canadian laws, court rooms and the live feeds to see economics become part of a revenue tax earning tv shows for web ads, wow! does the universites in manitoba know the impact of this? its a bad omen you know, the king of england in the past of relevations to see how a bad omen became when thrones to be were at choice in line and the casket droped in a service a long time ago, this energy will be answered in three days to why this happens.

why? does profit showing crime events cases, and real winnipeg cases on a dedicated tv show, ooh, why? does this come with fries? and a dinner?



7.002 Billion people on the globe,and counting, the sick in gene pools, Japan’s nuclear reactors taking atom structures to atmospheric count to match a down size proposition to lifes matter and sustainability to the human entity.

Does your back yard politician hire a man with tunnel vision to guide the most important star gate guider in planet? or does he hire a more in house unchanged to global ethics of the renewing there own leicences to be legally voted as to there own leagues of the mass votes?

Professionalisms? were did it arise out the ashes to be perfection causing by complaining poperuatsies being preped to take the photos of a princess who was indeed making moves on the global chess board in monmument all on her own.

As a king of the poor, in conjunction to write early by shakespheres loney hearts on fire, i too written a class act to be a concern of knowing who we are as human beings must do.

I gave my heart freely, every visit had made me see more to what we knew to be a leading vote and popular promise to any who do believe in taking sides of what the meaning of controversay it may bring who did not.

As a princess I was, or a knight on a kings horse to call my own, in my calling, I weeped, to just as so plain, but to offer the needy just as I could have with what I have had, I lay just meters from were you now rest, I have watched matter flow, and ghoslty gases depart and return in many forms to say how are you in real time, only to be called again to other issies of peoples lost origns.

it is I, to lay and call from the dark, a world no one has ever dared to enter but I, it is me princess, to be again a call from the conduity of the past, electrons, protons, and nulcear plasma that is natural to our existance, as we leave life only to be known as matter in mind, I stayed to tell the world I too was not from here.

I do have no papers to truth gene pools as a king of the poor, yet not from here to be registered as a citizen by order. this is, as a special order from the cross, I came down to inform all once again, to the sick, to the lame and to the disadvantged.

Why did they want those pictures at high informed price? did they preset them knowing they would fetch muck more as the heart of the ocean diamond did, a claim to be in secrte as bigger than the hulk diamond its self.

Was my driver no doublty to have the same chance at life as sure thing to perfection and means other than freely constructing mistakes on unbiased observations of were he trained?

Tunnel visions was mistake to hire a man who drives in stimulators that score badly in real tunnels on redirected turns in secirty issues at a gala.

Say, I do mean somthing special to the world, and why is it that I have to be a ghost wanting to contact you?

Indeed i play, I am a real peace of matter that relates to energy of why unleft answers were given to me a work order by the most highest only my vine eyes have seen.

The phone rings, there is a breach, the imposters want to assinate the princess at a gala, and the the guy on tv just said thanks, like geeze, no privacy, any ways, I think it was shaw tv to see, any ways I have been informed as a wondering princess to be, unleashed to venture importance, I had been ushered to a car, why? Why I asked, the head man of canarymj12 says there is a security breach, and the imposters are posing as poperauties, photo takers, and they want to rid of me, so again I return by the highest, the price had been negoiated for some time as riducle became a money pit for the reluts on a chess board of political formation other than human life, me as as i was, can tell the motor cycles racing behind me, glancing at them with cameras only, they still have the pics, some were, where is to be a wonder why, any ways as I porttay my owned matter from the highest and not from here left alone to expalin pyscics and other revaltions of the past, I found the driver was informed of assins from africa? oops i had to tell them, they were pressured, but any ways, as my venture in racing limo, as securty precautions detours was in place, my driver knows tunnel vision in high speed chase by wanna be assasins with pentax 900 lens cameras was far from my mind of dnagers to know only few would not know to lift a finger by policy and political departments follow protocall with out predujuce to there employment.

So why detour to a tunnel? and with screaming racing motor bikes known as assins on the other end of town by head of the teams to ward them off in the first place?

As I seen my life go through why poor peoples go through when they reach there point in achieving the world and is then again stoped to gain it as well, but reasons to be stoped at all costs was not my intesion I asure most.

So my begining to the end, I said I would return I did, through the most unconventional ways that mystfy the mass public and many in sciences of the unknown, ghost was a favorate for me to learn how to contact the needed peoples to talk in the lords name as well as why contact was made, to tell you why.

My name is lauren and I do have a princess inside my heart, I dream of her loss as I lay meters away from were she rests, night after night the sorry cries to be listened and heard, the fear of eating anything, and a offer to be taken home by total stranger that resemble jack the ripper of the day, I heard you through the highest to ok contact though this medium and thus has commenced to be part of the new family, fear it is not, nor poor should we worry about, nor the sick, lame nor disadvantaged, the most to heal the unheard has been done by the one who lays meters away to hear the healing cries of the unleft matter to decided causes of fate, in which princess to be the importance as as share with the one who heard me and as strange as matter comes in starnge shapes and forms from the unknown, I will rest, as he takes new orbit to undertake a new home on mars as his was venus as said hidden from the masses of the humans who ever lived. there is more before matter on earth but the pictures of who he was will be heard in 99 years on a dominion conceses form. friend lauren   



Closing deals, the contribution to bargains, banking and long awaited transition to encountering propsperous ad adventures to make a earning revenue.

why would I post an old inscription to aging of a gene profile in a momnet of truth that meant monuments to reign? Do we scaffold our way to life as father of genetics in what we learn?

The stories unfold truth to cancer, nuerological infection to minerals and other encountering designs man can place in ones body to addrress quite us pharmacies issueed to close deals faster.

In my study, I will take agatha flooding the gates of pathways that shed a new light of making people believe who we say what they they, and yes with out them being there, now thats influence don;t you say?

I was asked to be the best, by change alone and with no choices but too, the tools to succeed were never to appropreaite to learn about how influences of who we accomidate our insights to change become part of the reality to conflicts from the past of the lost life styles, habits and rituals were in 1979 the global population was experinceing genetic changes with in gene pools.

Crime was a link to hush hush services, but again not much was explained why or yet over rated in the family night out at the all american dream awards.

now in Canada, the styles were differant in catching up on the trades, secrtes and the copy righted prosperous rights of industry down south, well we know influences to bargain a no communist trace of ethics could not be more suspensfull in a potatoe farm making fuel for there travels to mars and back, and a total block on tv wave signals depicting the success of others racing to be the best and poof, we get penmanships to departmenets dishing out so many stories about who screwed what backwards and how we comprimised to know compassion reliefe to human error of who was able to tell truth or consequences by either popularity, looks or demand to be differant in ranks all together.

Do I get paid for consulting the worlds demise of were people end up in a pickle other than there own creation to fiction making?

I gave my self to the world as once was written, and yes by a pen and ink, again we say to know hatred will end my controversay on crimes committed by the very hand of man him self.

We as a human have invented the means to squabble back and forth, only to persauy the on lookers as traders, on the fact of  treasons to why a silver back monkey had abused the rheases monkey.

The size did matter in the way of knowing, so did the wake of the planets that take on moving huge iron amounts of core deposists, the next planet pull n push to help the worlds go round, well it will either bend to fold up a little to right and crash out of orbit and mars to ones safe house is gone too, oh well do the math.

any ways your department not mine, I am here to see the people become whole but indifferant to what they do over time by learning at differant expansion and growth rates.

The dead sea scrolls? what about them? you need cable and a internet to know this why? whats so inevitble of the dead sea scrolls?

Ok, ok get a ticket to the museium and learn just book a tour of how it was back then, you dont even have to move, in fact just a click away from dictionary operations called the bibles of how to apply social changes of this with in each visit, ya baby go on, try it, you may see the light to build a tax free community.

WHAT! ?  A tax free sociaty? how in the… can one do that? you know most can be put in n ails for the very same reason he was issed the death sentance back the called crucified, real man, real, any ways why was I rerturned to france with my mary magdilion and two chirldren?

Causes of keeping unruly class destinct peoples from over taking rome? or the empeor? yup now the truth is, why would my return bother any one?

yet alone why would any one want to profit from such a lost deed from council passing the death crucification of a old gene better to teach by my ways than expected with out death?

Do you really think I was a relic? genes do speak, but not in claim to bear who is more by the return to be spoken about my return, the man who writes about me, is he, I reward him for his lasting expression to impression devichi could not even sqaunder right with galliaios, and issac newtons most towered prizes of the days in ruler ship,, boy oh boy what a bargin to an exorcist, right wings or left?

Oh well the boy will right untill my departure once again, he will indeed tell truth over the writen accounts made by so many over the time, so be it if he reveals it to soon and is not prized by the address of why he said cherished events were to be a alice in core lands, the haldride collider? What about it?

anti matter you twit! and quite writing to your self, it stinks, the lessons of addressing of who you are is simple just meet the poor souls and finish what you came and poof make like the wind, begone, we’ll remeber you, you can count on that.

As the globe turned to a lock in magnetic pull and push, the writers who only knew how to read the rad counts, the hurt the hebrews had written were about there own suffering to unleash compansionate influences to infect the world with love, a planet is about to be abused and writing the huits of the others squabblings of who and what was psycholocial we carry on, get over it, we need you to move fourteen planets out side the black hole area, no more fighting of sticks and stones now, i need you to move these huge iron polarity belts now!

Hey you! yes you, with that pen, drop it now! what? listen i came back for you and you alone, this means what ever you are doing to make people belive otherwise stop!

Just because have been abused by somthing or some one in the past does not mean you can keep writing blame stories on others to cause who is allowed to be or or who is not, now get goin, you got fourteen planets to move in three days kiddo, if ya dont, the solar belt ends. Love ya, next week, the three day crisis to venus. lauren j. hendry


Marks, the money and names to older poetic politics practiced by names. This I do for all, even the bad, the good, and yes what we paint to see others or things as ugly.

I like all peoples, no matter what they have done, or have learned how to be done, they can change. Now is up to me to say how uniquie they are by there inscription to being raised paternally?

Nope, as the accountability stages past the fist gate and out through through the back, the song i admire was sung by a rock artists and a band who says so much to call reasons in what they meant by me intepreting the words they rang out, in through the out door, it meant so much for I, again I solve or try to any ways.

I certainly am not from here to call on peoples tragic events in the life they have chosen to be in and become part of, but again I do not see any reasons why I should pay to see any worded events knowing how awarness is forging the suspension of belief onto what we actually instruct our young to do at an age, today, we prepare them to face responsibility to courts and the outcomes of there actions at an age 7 from 12. Seems logical to matter sharing in the 7 billion people on global structure to make good out what we do to show how a huamn being should be by who we are and where we come from, its differant to function on one concept, you know this.

Now crime, I do not profit on any ones tragic, nor shall it be offered over and over again as a money press time awareness blog to mans infrastructers of an italian feta cheeze, portabela mushrooms, vines with big beuatiful grapes, and the wine, any ways we have the quite portrait of why life was started early before the spanish inquisition began a journey to the aztecs.

My presence to solve human loss is my department, the chain of the human ancestry is a blood gene just as yours, the whole popoulation of the globe.

Why is mine so differant? aggiglutinin to all the groups who learned from rising from disorders after so many born into a crowed world early enough to extend to why we our present today as the shape we our.

A story came to me as I sipped all my words to focus on operation of who tied the camp knots learned by instructors, hiding the fact of speculation contracts other than community construction sites like 1980’s? does this offer a real anwer to the ugly of the poor? who sleep in place known as the savoy, the old rail cars to be home to some of the hiding places to some disadvatiged humans of our city, again is it our forman to move logs over in time as play structures later on? rail cars and relations? city has learned to move about nasty sites that plaque the area of what we see as a eye sore, does the occurance of chance to math equate the answer of who had the time to construct moving logs to sites other than building projects and the new ground that closes deals to gain somthing for who, what importance to who or what it is a message from what organization we learn from?

Or is it a priest of fiction? Or a Demon of reality? Does this mean what we believe can be passed on to show others by example?

This is a very strong insight to our popularity issues that runn red lights and say how important we our and not get a ticket.

Does this coddling mean, i will tell my mother on you, and why detension was late, or was it late? the walk was a hop skip and a jump, hey back off buddy! its my story, I belive in closing a deal for the poor, your ticket and traveller has arrived remember? the question to see games of ceasor and lacross footzball was not a good area, remember?

I am your ghost to life, do what I do, and you shall prosper, allskip no sips to gain, now, listen carfully, I have come not from here, and I face all, to you, you may not reason who or were or even alknkonledge how insane one may be incoproporated to pass on the advertising to suggestion of supepended beliefe to belive, but you, explain the bench I must learn next, I must know every thing, to do this i have asked of you, I need to know the book of law, it will give me my results to pin point who, how and then why coddling was a cause to lead to see how trust can lead any one half way down a town side walk and be seen as public figure with out concern by both after the detension or a call that had “concern” other than ordinary walk home events. Why, would one phone? hands up a dress? and leading one home may ask for a trip other than a contract site the builders had with, who eles can take the hand and lead one in camp knots learned? or am i crazy and a puritan psycic working for the fbi? or am i in cognito? did i come from here? nope, my stories did but not I, you must believe me too.

Next gold and metric and imperial weights to take micro grams home each pound to ton of ore by machine to metric grams wanna see the math? or do you need to see old machinery to metric and imperilism? on paper? oops not from remember?

any ways i will be back on sabbath the day at austwich, my stories felt bad to why my brown eye can be changed to blue, and why my brown skin can be whiote as snow tommorow, hey its a thriller! a story line to science. love will set most free but many again? will, will only make more.

Glass County (Saskatoon) Canada

 Dear QMI, I reserve my sensability to honour the less, the unskilled and the most underachieved which is read in common grounds the anoying and disturbed to public class.

 Again I must make it promise to make money for the purposes of using the laws of all the federal torts of laws which govern the amount of artistic beauty we image our selfs to be first in line to claim how important we our to each other, well in the modern times exchanges of articulate misfortunes of lives, well beings and the misfits of carrying justifed means of destinction causing representation of the face values of what influences can become by what we take in to know later on the liability of created meanings to picture the purposes is held accountble to why awareness to all in many formations of communicating of what it is that needs to be valued over the wants on a economic scale boils my penmanship at least the ones who brush the dollar to punitive arts and standards in word owner, a maker to what we imagine to express, and yet inform to begin a purchace of entertainment for hire.

do I suggest my skills as member of the independence of a older typing scholar other than king george in james town? or king james town?

My lock up in a tower was real enough to imagine time travel was not only achieved other than the atomic board of canada looking for the missing scientists at chalk river read in the news papers and what mineral he can identify for some scary reasons other than canadian values in world politics but ipads, ibooks, and the man who made harvard studies real, the man who made apple come alive, you know the lasers on mars were an atomic means as well, to run 4.5 billion half years in battery life, again I did the same in my time travel events.

Again is it possible for man to enter a track orbit of a magnetic field at three trillion guasses to become a travler had arrived? I am here you you know, giving the human population to read what we may become after or before, it is quite the degree to change the field work I under taken as member of the galactic space force, of course not from here, you as the moderator know this, in  fact my stories will cost the account to become a bulging mechanical banking profiteer like a psychologic angel from not here, of course knowing is not that bad at all, again my unrealistic goal to search for an angel in desquise, a soldier who heals with a smokong crayon instead of lead and carbonized glock 9’s.

who can claim such a thing? certainly I am crazy, not expected, but yup a quantum jump past time to the future, boy oh boy, now listen when I write, and read very carfully, it is amognst you, you alone will not see me enter or leave when I am needed, nor will you gain from what I travel with or how, how I arrived is not ones special department nor is it yours, so listen carfully on bending light to why I travell on your very own conduity of magnetic sound waves to another world not from here.


I am now part of your new family tree, believe me when a speak truth of what we all create to the supension of belife theame, like basic instinct, the moment of truth clarifies random suspense held for a purchase incorporating venture.

Is this a ticket to the poor? Or is it a poor man ticket to see the maker and creator of what we all had become from by what we do?

Are you sure you need to see this over the wants of the peoples who would alomost give there own kin up, or pawn there grand mother, just to make this one card, are you sure you want to go back into my time machine?

I am real you know, no joke, I do not carry a gene of an occyte from an anti body of the human past, not royal either only for the poor as I will again lead them to there use of every practicle way to know how to get along with they missed out on over the course of baby boomin business applied sciences.

a story came to my eye, I read, the results, the judge who did not give a man’s family the awards in benfits of loss earned by the contributions the man had kept up on as tax rate payer, a honest man to insurance premeiums to know he may need this one day, again my has seen this sorry course of knowing torts to ones inner circle a an archived beliefe in what i my self see as a suspension of beliefe.

what good is a payer to insure the road a car is on? yet again to any who walk under the tree in many who could have been there at the moments time of an act hailing down in the same claim other than a branch to issue what he had been protected to be done by a falling branch to blame simply department funds of both equal to why they carry both liable funds to each one who may reach a number of a accident like that by an act of god or an act of chance? neglect or time ordered scheduals? does the public transportion in which roads we walk on crumble and cave in and a man, child and a hier to a empire have been swept into a walk way and is no more to inherite the punitive insight of his son who was a rocket cone maker and a billion dollar scientists for the trimeraser disorder in the 2029 ad cure of classes? does this mean both the insurance carriers of the city, and the cars insurance carriers should be helping the trust of this mans purposes, his work travel on the road who is city owned as the tree too from what I gather, and the hail claims as acts of god do occur and damages to the result of a act of god such as hail do occur and being in the car is as promised as I said I would say,

on the road, in a insured car,premiums, city property, city road ways, tree scheduals and all the incoprparing to secure the loss of funds over human life is not what I call a even flow of suspension to belife for me, this is what is known as can people be replaced? or the funds? but as as read the next in tragic events to make money on some ones lifes issues, the meaning to address resolve for has not changed, nor shall it change, in the time since human beings began to stretch out there arms past there nose to taste expanding sensory gland dendrites on there tounges we indulge new senses to grow from, I too have the time to travel back, to day I was first to succeed over council and many romans that I was punished and morelly put on display for all to see, oh well, guess the king as I was, indeed I was poor, but no differant than you and I, I learned all the religions, all the politics and all the sciences to prove changes were needed to be differant again as it was in the past, as we read it has not changed in behavirs my lordship, in this twenty two thousand and twelve count, I am sure the needs of of why my return was to be no differant as any others coming to achieve good for all and not just one or the other, but all. Read carfully, I realy am who I am, a king, a ordinary person beliving I am such an important role to me. really eh? lauren j. hendry venus then earth.