Closing deals, the contribution to bargains, banking and long awaited transition to encountering propsperous ad adventures to make a earning revenue.

why would I post an old inscription to aging of a gene profile in a momnet of truth that meant monuments to reign? Do we scaffold our way to life as father of genetics in what we learn?

The stories unfold truth to cancer, nuerological infection to minerals and other encountering designs man can place in ones body to addrress quite us pharmacies issueed to close deals faster.

In my study, I will take agatha flooding the gates of pathways that shed a new light of making people believe who we say what they they, and yes with out them being there, now thats influence don;t you say?

I was asked to be the best, by change alone and with no choices but too, the tools to succeed were never to appropreaite to learn about how influences of who we accomidate our insights to change become part of the reality to conflicts from the past of the lost life styles, habits and rituals were in 1979 the global population was experinceing genetic changes with in gene pools.

Crime was a link to hush hush services, but again not much was explained why or yet over rated in the family night out at the all american dream awards.

now in Canada, the styles were differant in catching up on the trades, secrtes and the copy righted prosperous rights of industry down south, well we know influences to bargain a no communist trace of ethics could not be more suspensfull in a potatoe farm making fuel for there travels to mars and back, and a total block on tv wave signals depicting the success of others racing to be the best and poof, we get penmanships to departmenets dishing out so many stories about who screwed what backwards and how we comprimised to know compassion reliefe to human error of who was able to tell truth or consequences by either popularity, looks or demand to be differant in ranks all together.

Do I get paid for consulting the worlds demise of were people end up in a pickle other than there own creation to fiction making?

I gave my self to the world as once was written, and yes by a pen and ink, again we say to know hatred will end my controversay on crimes committed by the very hand of man him self.

We as a human have invented the means to squabble back and forth, only to persauy the on lookers as traders, on the fact of  treasons to why a silver back monkey had abused the rheases monkey.

The size did matter in the way of knowing, so did the wake of the planets that take on moving huge iron amounts of core deposists, the next planet pull n push to help the worlds go round, well it will either bend to fold up a little to right and crash out of orbit and mars to ones safe house is gone too, oh well do the math.

any ways your department not mine, I am here to see the people become whole but indifferant to what they do over time by learning at differant expansion and growth rates.

The dead sea scrolls? what about them? you need cable and a internet to know this why? whats so inevitble of the dead sea scrolls?

Ok, ok get a ticket to the museium and learn just book a tour of how it was back then, you dont even have to move, in fact just a click away from dictionary operations called the bibles of how to apply social changes of this with in each visit, ya baby go on, try it, you may see the light to build a tax free community.

WHAT! ?  A tax free sociaty? how in the… can one do that? you know most can be put in n ails for the very same reason he was issed the death sentance back the called crucified, real man, real, any ways why was I rerturned to france with my mary magdilion and two chirldren?

Causes of keeping unruly class destinct peoples from over taking rome? or the empeor? yup now the truth is, why would my return bother any one?

yet alone why would any one want to profit from such a lost deed from council passing the death crucification of a old gene better to teach by my ways than expected with out death?

Do you really think I was a relic? genes do speak, but not in claim to bear who is more by the return to be spoken about my return, the man who writes about me, is he, I reward him for his lasting expression to impression devichi could not even sqaunder right with galliaios, and issac newtons most towered prizes of the days in ruler ship,, boy oh boy what a bargin to an exorcist, right wings or left?

Oh well the boy will right untill my departure once again, he will indeed tell truth over the writen accounts made by so many over the time, so be it if he reveals it to soon and is not prized by the address of why he said cherished events were to be a alice in core lands, the haldride collider? What about it?

anti matter you twit! and quite writing to your self, it stinks, the lessons of addressing of who you are is simple just meet the poor souls and finish what you came and poof make like the wind, begone, we’ll remeber you, you can count on that.

As the globe turned to a lock in magnetic pull and push, the writers who only knew how to read the rad counts, the hurt the hebrews had written were about there own suffering to unleash compansionate influences to infect the world with love, a planet is about to be abused and writing the huits of the others squabblings of who and what was psycholocial we carry on, get over it, we need you to move fourteen planets out side the black hole area, no more fighting of sticks and stones now, i need you to move these huge iron polarity belts now!

Hey you! yes you, with that pen, drop it now! what? listen i came back for you and you alone, this means what ever you are doing to make people belive otherwise stop!

Just because have been abused by somthing or some one in the past does not mean you can keep writing blame stories on others to cause who is allowed to be or or who is not, now get goin, you got fourteen planets to move in three days kiddo, if ya dont, the solar belt ends. Love ya, next week, the three day crisis to venus. lauren j. hendry


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  1. Oops, did I miss somthing? or someone?

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