Marks, the money and names to older poetic politics practiced by names. This I do for all, even the bad, the good, and yes what we paint to see others or things as ugly.

I like all peoples, no matter what they have done, or have learned how to be done, they can change. Now is up to me to say how uniquie they are by there inscription to being raised paternally?

Nope, as the accountability stages past the fist gate and out through through the back, the song i admire was sung by a rock artists and a band who says so much to call reasons in what they meant by me intepreting the words they rang out, in through the out door, it meant so much for I, again I solve or try to any ways.

I certainly am not from here to call on peoples tragic events in the life they have chosen to be in and become part of, but again I do not see any reasons why I should pay to see any worded events knowing how awarness is forging the suspension of belief onto what we actually instruct our young to do at an age, today, we prepare them to face responsibility to courts and the outcomes of there actions at an age 7 from 12. Seems logical to matter sharing in the 7 billion people on global structure to make good out what we do to show how a huamn being should be by who we are and where we come from, its differant to function on one concept, you know this.

Now crime, I do not profit on any ones tragic, nor shall it be offered over and over again as a money press time awareness blog to mans infrastructers of an italian feta cheeze, portabela mushrooms, vines with big beuatiful grapes, and the wine, any ways we have the quite portrait of why life was started early before the spanish inquisition began a journey to the aztecs.

My presence to solve human loss is my department, the chain of the human ancestry is a blood gene just as yours, the whole popoulation of the globe.

Why is mine so differant? aggiglutinin to all the groups who learned from rising from disorders after so many born into a crowed world early enough to extend to why we our present today as the shape we our.

A story came to me as I sipped all my words to focus on operation of who tied the camp knots learned by instructors, hiding the fact of speculation contracts other than community construction sites like 1980’s? does this offer a real anwer to the ugly of the poor? who sleep in place known as the savoy, the old rail cars to be home to some of the hiding places to some disadvatiged humans of our city, again is it our forman to move logs over in time as play structures later on? rail cars and relations? city has learned to move about nasty sites that plaque the area of what we see as a eye sore, does the occurance of chance to math equate the answer of who had the time to construct moving logs to sites other than building projects and the new ground that closes deals to gain somthing for who, what importance to who or what it is a message from what organization we learn from?

Or is it a priest of fiction? Or a Demon of reality? Does this mean what we believe can be passed on to show others by example?

This is a very strong insight to our popularity issues that runn red lights and say how important we our and not get a ticket.

Does this coddling mean, i will tell my mother on you, and why detension was late, or was it late? the walk was a hop skip and a jump, hey back off buddy! its my story, I belive in closing a deal for the poor, your ticket and traveller has arrived remember? the question to see games of ceasor and lacross footzball was not a good area, remember?

I am your ghost to life, do what I do, and you shall prosper, allskip no sips to gain, now, listen carfully, I have come not from here, and I face all, to you, you may not reason who or were or even alknkonledge how insane one may be incoproporated to pass on the advertising to suggestion of supepended beliefe to belive, but you, explain the bench I must learn next, I must know every thing, to do this i have asked of you, I need to know the book of law, it will give me my results to pin point who, how and then why coddling was a cause to lead to see how trust can lead any one half way down a town side walk and be seen as public figure with out concern by both after the detension or a call that had “concern” other than ordinary walk home events. Why, would one phone? hands up a dress? and leading one home may ask for a trip other than a contract site the builders had with, who eles can take the hand and lead one in camp knots learned? or am i crazy and a puritan psycic working for the fbi? or am i in cognito? did i come from here? nope, my stories did but not I, you must believe me too.

Next gold and metric and imperial weights to take micro grams home each pound to ton of ore by machine to metric grams wanna see the math? or do you need to see old machinery to metric and imperilism? on paper? oops not from remember?

any ways i will be back on sabbath the day at austwich, my stories felt bad to why my brown eye can be changed to blue, and why my brown skin can be whiote as snow tommorow, hey its a thriller! a story line to science. love will set most free but many again? will, will only make more.


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