7.002 Billion people on the globe,and counting, the sick in gene pools, Japan’s nuclear reactors taking atom structures to atmospheric count to match a down size proposition to lifes matter and sustainability to the human entity.

Does your back yard politician hire a man with tunnel vision to guide the most important star gate guider in planet? or does he hire a more in house unchanged to global ethics of the renewing there own leicences to be legally voted as to there own leagues of the mass votes?

Professionalisms? were did it arise out the ashes to be perfection causing by complaining poperuatsies being preped to take the photos of a princess who was indeed making moves on the global chess board in monmument all on her own.

As a king of the poor, in conjunction to write early by shakespheres loney hearts on fire, i too written a class act to be a concern of knowing who we are as human beings must do.

I gave my heart freely, every visit had made me see more to what we knew to be a leading vote and popular promise to any who do believe in taking sides of what the meaning of controversay it may bring who did not.

As a princess I was, or a knight on a kings horse to call my own, in my calling, I weeped, to just as so plain, but to offer the needy just as I could have with what I have had, I lay just meters from were you now rest, I have watched matter flow, and ghoslty gases depart and return in many forms to say how are you in real time, only to be called again to other issies of peoples lost origns.

it is I, to lay and call from the dark, a world no one has ever dared to enter but I, it is me princess, to be again a call from the conduity of the past, electrons, protons, and nulcear plasma that is natural to our existance, as we leave life only to be known as matter in mind, I stayed to tell the world I too was not from here.

I do have no papers to truth gene pools as a king of the poor, yet not from here to be registered as a citizen by order. this is, as a special order from the cross, I came down to inform all once again, to the sick, to the lame and to the disadvantged.

Why did they want those pictures at high informed price? did they preset them knowing they would fetch muck more as the heart of the ocean diamond did, a claim to be in secrte as bigger than the hulk diamond its self.

Was my driver no doublty to have the same chance at life as sure thing to perfection and means other than freely constructing mistakes on unbiased observations of were he trained?

Tunnel visions was mistake to hire a man who drives in stimulators that score badly in real tunnels on redirected turns in secirty issues at a gala.

Say, I do mean somthing special to the world, and why is it that I have to be a ghost wanting to contact you?

Indeed i play, I am a real peace of matter that relates to energy of why unleft answers were given to me a work order by the most highest only my vine eyes have seen.

The phone rings, there is a breach, the imposters want to assinate the princess at a gala, and the the guy on tv just said thanks, like geeze, no privacy, any ways, I think it was shaw tv to see, any ways I have been informed as a wondering princess to be, unleashed to venture importance, I had been ushered to a car, why? Why I asked, the head man of canarymj12 says there is a security breach, and the imposters are posing as poperauties, photo takers, and they want to rid of me, so again I return by the highest, the price had been negoiated for some time as riducle became a money pit for the reluts on a chess board of political formation other than human life, me as as i was, can tell the motor cycles racing behind me, glancing at them with cameras only, they still have the pics, some were, where is to be a wonder why, any ways as I porttay my owned matter from the highest and not from here left alone to expalin pyscics and other revaltions of the past, I found the driver was informed of assins from africa? oops i had to tell them, they were pressured, but any ways, as my venture in racing limo, as securty precautions detours was in place, my driver knows tunnel vision in high speed chase by wanna be assasins with pentax 900 lens cameras was far from my mind of dnagers to know only few would not know to lift a finger by policy and political departments follow protocall with out predujuce to there employment.

So why detour to a tunnel? and with screaming racing motor bikes known as assins on the other end of town by head of the teams to ward them off in the first place?

As I seen my life go through why poor peoples go through when they reach there point in achieving the world and is then again stoped to gain it as well, but reasons to be stoped at all costs was not my intesion I asure most.

So my begining to the end, I said I would return I did, through the most unconventional ways that mystfy the mass public and many in sciences of the unknown, ghost was a favorate for me to learn how to contact the needed peoples to talk in the lords name as well as why contact was made, to tell you why.

My name is lauren and I do have a princess inside my heart, I dream of her loss as I lay meters away from were she rests, night after night the sorry cries to be listened and heard, the fear of eating anything, and a offer to be taken home by total stranger that resemble jack the ripper of the day, I heard you through the highest to ok contact though this medium and thus has commenced to be part of the new family, fear it is not, nor poor should we worry about, nor the sick, lame nor disadvantaged, the most to heal the unheard has been done by the one who lays meters away to hear the healing cries of the unleft matter to decided causes of fate, in which princess to be the importance as as share with the one who heard me and as strange as matter comes in starnge shapes and forms from the unknown, I will rest, as he takes new orbit to undertake a new home on mars as his was venus as said hidden from the masses of the humans who ever lived. there is more before matter on earth but the pictures of who he was will be heard in 99 years on a dominion conceses form. friend lauren   


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