the tender love & care of court roomsmovie apps and a fund that three strikes to behavirs is here

Canada is an open book to opportunity in the court rooms now, apps, camera sales, make up, and jucy tales and affirs in county lines that border the pyschological differances of three strikes, the fbi, the rcmp, and ottawa law making to ok tv to have business a boomin for changes, see we cry to see people on tv, weather its our young to be someone, or a court room filled with new satilight diect paid live ads on cases to award the three strikes curse to the unskilled, the disabled and maybe some people who just fit a look to rewrite the movie directors motion in court action packed event on lives by inlfuence. Oopps, do we want to see losers become worse by the chance they learned by harmful inscription to be left out by having or not having? or do just plainly not know any better?

Canadian laws, court rooms and the live feeds to see economics become part of a revenue tax earning tv shows for web ads, wow! does the universites in manitoba know the impact of this? its a bad omen you know, the king of england in the past of relevations to see how a bad omen became when thrones to be were at choice in line and the casket droped in a service a long time ago, this energy will be answered in three days to why this happens.

why? does profit showing crime events cases, and real winnipeg cases on a dedicated tv show, ooh, why? does this come with fries? and a dinner?


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