The Sheriff’s Chef vs Dr. Provi

This content is up for a whirl of a word text mixer wit.

Please, viewer and reader content is virtul instinct, basic influence to hasen mortality charts is striclty untastly to add a lesson of spice and all things nice.

Because reality is recent to law and members to ensure the training is mentioned to be science finction theater of a better world, I state again, I did eat from a wrong tree but as I taste, no differant than erasing memory of repairing phobias to ones ad adventure for a peice of the bunkers pie, 25,000 grand buys you a ticket untill turm oil settles you know, again why would I want to see tragics of hurtz that inscript to the mind? again why is a memeber so upbeat and normal to social function as any one eles seeing carnage unfold from there own mind and details of what perks given at the layer, or shall we say slayer?

See, as I know it suisides were caused by many inscriptions of what they cannot live or function with by what they have done. Does this mean other norms of transition to favor social function at its hightest?

Taste is were acidty is encoded to fatty tissues sir, the acids are of stress, they run down the conduit branch line formed already by markers in the dark and day time as cells devide to to picture what exactly what one had eaten thirty five years ago, what movie or ball game was watched, the coagh and cold seasons to eponephine bans, the messy, and the ordained, a stadium called in to serve, a poor seperated by judge and jury, well of course the law was for all to see norms and social behaviours be unleased to the readers alone as the one to pin point tastless instruction to rules set out other than the creaters of a bowl made in popcorn and butter the night the family had socialized together, closing deals 4! what a crowd man, the circumstancial events leading to a dead beat ordained destinction of lawless order, no wonder a act of dropping off them selfs off the books become a suspect of one there own, is there law to taste now?

Or does dr. provi need to spice his world wide crusts of distasters in cooking with a crowend crow as I and of course the tale of the undead submits to life its self, fansitasy, so regarding psycholigcal profiles on selecting the best for dinner tlaes that had somtnong eles on both there minds, the x cDNA left to match on purchasers baggage, a officer who may be in an affair to a advising pony mail express writer, and cough surup tp hush the crys of screaming birds knowing the mark was arruate to both who instructed to close the 4 deal stories of who can be relocted at the readers expense and morels gone astutuly destinct to lawless and unworthy as now, well?

See me, I am the exodus of a pateint who does have a purpose other than trying to fit in, nor that  need to, but any ways, the signals are psyci, but cratfing to paint any picture of beliefe is circumstantial to any one who one can paint to fit a glass slipper other than there own by the same standards of revenues sugested to buy, and yard work will pay for baby sitting learning, and cooking, and fun times, did not like my line of work? as hubby I am a cellular genetic cook from the anceint czar, boo i say, boo, not ohh or woo, but boo, to my reign, as i leave you to mars as i did Venus to here, you will know why we move like ants to cross to the other side, evently/ lauren selkirk mb.


One comment on “The Sheriff’s Chef vs Dr. Provi

  1. Yup, bipolar, the bulbs of info, stored for so long, why did they not transfer all that colorful chemical inscripted in the cognitive storage cells to a DVR signal? Ask lauren hes some kinda space rock from who knows were, DVR signals probing the mind.. what next? give the writer meds man, he says too much to be so true, like it is known, if hes that good, charge him, only a dollar and a half to to see him not sue him, see him, not charge, buy him, get your head write lauren, other side of your brain writing to you. LH FSH FSB what hprmones back wards eh?

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