Alzheimer’s disease research @ home alone

ImageAlzheimer’s disease, psychologically we know today that scientific research, cost effect health and insurance coverage, and genetic histroical genotyping is a essential partial to the economic driving force for gene profiles that do not have this on a geberation autosomal chromosome account in the genetic tree in todays markets of valued traits and charecters to motor function the productivity essembly line of industrialized proof to who may effect owners of the future.

Ok maybe the harshness to this state emnt is not true at all, but again is true to find military genes in histrical account that have no recessive markers that allow specifc identification markers to know there will less premiums han outs in progeneys to come?

Oh well, the reason I write this misfit of my discovery to educate only me, cause to date, no one really care about how it works, or who has the gene, but economically why it does matter in media and industries alike, not thats contact.

so the mission control is to fix the gene  marker right? the amy loid protein building up as ionic exchanges become a entagled we of compensated myelein sheathing secretions to compensate the newer branch lines to signal and fire axon growth channels to learn with existance branch lines that store the memory of the learning spectrums of a an organisms life span.

so why does the human being jump off bridges? set aside from the rest of the populations and community in demand to please?

The case may very well be, a new comer on the block. But as I said the the study is at home,, and take into consideration the amount of rights over who can say justified amounts of action potentials in an organisms life span as member who has contributed to a tax registrant system by generation markers in gene pools.

Its simple acttually, I sudied from the rights of the poor, the rich and the most vulnerble in our social web networks alike, to gain and profit by each others work is a class room instruction held to both libability if markers on spcific encoding to gene profiles that cause specific disruption in the generation frequencies pool chains, well the stroies become more of who to blame and by what.

To blame high insurance rates on a amy-loid protein? may be, but as rising health care costs continue, and the young generation are just busting there insides to itch there way into a new chain of being heard and demostrating there productive insights to there new futures of an employement employer, well the partial parts to theriatric mode is easy.

Inoic exchanges in hydrogen atoms being replaced, why my voice in the head called to me, from the above like so long ago, Can I fix the very one infected with gene pole markers?

Hmm I said yup, but others shrugged at my strength to actually do so before there reading eyes, Me fix a adult with plaqued up amyloid proteins? Come on lets be realistic, and time here is crucial boys, not some super man movie or from a tale the crypt came a zombie worker to send essential workers to become a differant in assembly line cell openings for man kind.

Yup the world awaits as was told, and of course learning too to this was even better, well for me, cuz I studied at home, and alone too.

Hey this reminds me of the second world war, who really did own the essentials to global working ecomonic fund?

Seems funny now, but then it was not, but yes the right to tell Kings and queens the same atom started in a very small dopamine partial to inductive reasoning when clouds did become essential to opening up and see what shapes remind many of leanring the animal kindoms and rules of the jungle, common sense right?

I will fix all gene markers by the nights end, and inturn the business compensation act will have no more issues with insurance companies bumping each other off for a live brand new customer, lean and fresh as a young one would contribute to the owned industry of adding commerse to the economics, that is done in three minute not five.

Do we see what we belife in gene repair? yup counclilling can be next if issues become religion bargained not to go near learning instructions from past scholars, but genes and were to pin point them is exactly were I am going tell the world were to go with the right set of tools behind them.

Now thats power! no emperor in rulle can justify loss of there rich n roll arounds if no one contributes effectivly, and the costs to the pontius piloits rule to east as dead beat father in the pits to see his foundation gone due to the truth of tax registrant industrilized bargain for insurance to be jsutified as such a contributer beneitf to be in this landss of such, but oh well were was micheal?

any ways you want the gene string the disorder sits on right? nope don not need 3-d nucleiotide isatopes to see the common occurance in punnets sqauring, and polygemete to this mathimatcle causes behind it, the accountability and responsiblity of who caused the gene mutation to co -exists in a world of essential occyte promise?

Well seeing a born attribute to causes of natrual selections other than creating contributions to genotyping and promote phenotype medical logs is clear to say rights over the right info is set to naturally know, and the best thing is, I do not even have to be there, let alone lean what I had missed so long ago, like space time and space travel.

Why facuous accounts of the early twenties? well army types can tell more by stories they lived by, a code of honour between each other not to go to work for aother by the amount of time they made there heavans on earth as parlor to lifes deepest mysteries unfolded as u read.

Amyloid proteins are a inoixc atom of hydrogen exchanges that involve salts, potassium and atom diffusions.

The atom of the hydrogen is action potencial relation to the salts of a specific mineral sourse, we know this because the salts have a hdrogen exange in the atom as potassium and the sodium id sensory produced to fuse chains of memory that is related to learning spectrum associated matter to learning inscription causing action potencial to be partial to the storages account in cognitive, and motor response functions.

The plaque? retinitersdial cells, soory some spelling error, but the red cells acting up on ther own proteins, can become partial to aging as part of this decay process.

Storage sites are specifc to amyloid proteins, and the conduit substance is a acid base secretions from myelein shealthing on lesion markers from salts, potassium and the specific type of quantinary state of crystallgraphy the salt type is, the action potential may be less in quantium stations of the salt as ionic exchanges move to a new mark site to allow the specifc ation potencial as normal way to address the transmitters to signal as normal way of functioning in mobility and task managments to learning storages of an organisms life span, this results in the compensation formation of new dendrite branches and the conduit lines to shape a pass pathways to signal, and the plaque as I said? is the mylein sheathing secertions and the mass dead brain s cells accounting to the entiore filteration of the blood as organs storage as well, to the acid anti bodies made to repair the brach lines and thus hole or leision allow the pass through of potassium, salt and ionic exchanges to give rise to hydrogen atoms there replacement signals o and layers of this acis base protein amyloid is partial to be a conduit electricle diegrease that plains over the signals current to decay and promote degenrative tissues of plaque build up.

Now thats a story and half, where did i get my BS from? Me v of course. why? cause I like human life at any gene level to whom may need to under stand my stories as riddles of unbelief or purging powers of a man who can nevver be in a tax registrant country.

So now to pull that nasty gene that allows plaque to fire a salt, or salts, plural, and to repair the holes, the markers of open lesions to exscape communicating cellualr transmitting tasks from the long learning past, and yup, to ensure the brain will not fire at differant action location to become what is amyloid protein seeks to like this zone mainly, a specific build up at a specific target site.

My next post will be about polygamtes and progeny on in born errors and the law held in accordance to the growing concern of crime, rape and child molesters, please note that crime committed is not genetic in my notes, only by purging autosomal chemical inscription one can wonder not, that birth is not carried out in the innocence to suggest corrective steps taken to address a new member of sociaty as genetically perfect string to account to a tax contributing promise of delivery to the dole floor, to tax a new born by stages invetro, watch me have this right to tell you the very keys to human success is with in the environemnt, but next post, in finding more ways than one to say space contact is made, by a rock,  from far away, lost the radio active bacillus to achieve smarter regeins of seeing with out being there. Lauren J. Hendry


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  1. TheProviWorld say’s Sphingolipids, tays-Sachs sectrion is amyloid protein plaque resembling in poly peptide nucleus acid based. Lauren my poor boy any more?

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