TitanMining Universal genetics presents Me v THE PROGENY

Goot, ta have ya onz board doc, now vat iz it youz need? eyez fibers from vitimnz a over doses and eye balls strings? vhat youz need? stories? vhat kind of stoiez?

Oh oh, diz doez not zound goot, letz me zee here, wiat… kitchen zink, blender pot for chicken finger from last nightz guestz, and oh yaz here vee goez, da second vorld var and bible writer ya?

Ok,, vhat part da vant the ending of man or vhy he writen it fer people to follow? oh boy yaz vant both do ya,, ok

A king named monk key, hured his way through the rigour amount of dirty tricks played in the monseatay, napoen was not even born yet to know deez little places were herre fer a reason.

Sow as you see its easy to know braggers is so close to the haggus and fargus account in da twentith centies to come, its time tunneleing to newer up datse on da old junk I use, zee itza 386 pentium class cruiser IIx the slowest but da mightyset.

Any vays you like mayhem ya? why is dat you like mayhem? da teacher here do not like may hem, this school is for keeping you out, and thought influencing to construct damages caused by taking dollars from a police bank vault in western berlin vaz very dangerous.

I mean socially to da vones who vant to steal it of course.

Did ya like me so far? any vayz, I sent a boy who trained in da artz family heir to a empire of all of germany comnies and the people as his new custmers and workers, ooh, goot?

Vhat had happend to why a manz so easy used a rocket cone manufacture by skilled essential works? uh? quite drollin ya, itz normal the twit told me da funny news on vhy rocket cones can be made by less paying contry side neibors that vork in da militray ya? yaz, datz right.

ver r youz now? in st boniface, oopz, why der? well yaz needed thge rocket cone ya? bruan and why da worl vars had veally started?

or da you vant bible truth to landingz on on James town first?

Oh vell timez is up time fer prayer, I do hate the monets of obedience to serve a economic campain of cheapness fer my trades in da military, they dont pay me enough to thinlk, think and think, my tradesmans went to be a pope and a clegy writer to rewrite the bible as was first done by the dead sea scroll in da wrong hanz, vell sinora pedro friend white sands and brithish trades just imaged to reopen the West Indiesw trading company now thats a money maker, imperilists making the best out what i cant do for you rather what I already done fer ya, what elese da ya vant? see next blog on how a steel ball under water can avoid ausungers many trades of survivng the unskilled to be repicked by not exterminating the less to bad guys movie theames inc. oh tes ps, the goot ting about known rights to da ones owning da companies, and  a artist in jail, a humanitarian who is hated by rebuilding his heir empire, and how a debt to other countries, owed them, a man who vanted to see his workers paid less or more to repay the debt, is dat bragging right on bible logging disasterous event of the earth? or is it said to be created law only to stifle to profit so von can pay dept back? or does the vons lose and no debt can be repaid so it is written off by da greed of imperilims and prestige got there first to enjoy my customer were the back bone to my success? well come to think off itz like fairy tales, and you cant tell any more lies than truth to equal which universty or monsesaty I vaz trained at now do you? Actually all of them, genetics, bible, politics and world wars, to geology and engineering languages and the artz of what people like, hate and rewritting the tax system for each country, plus who can work under these programs, goot accountant on genes or economics? oops early to rise late to start waz a motto used by da princess of lonely iles, and me? well a rocket scientist unemployed and now no need for I, te czar says they do have every ting they could poosibly have.opps now vhat? ni ni ni, yaz fool, doos are mine, mine mine I say, now dats power!

see ya next time love of humanity written for all to see by any one, itz der write rightss, right?



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