The Provi vs The Sherrif’s Chef

It’s that day again, yes a time when profeesions become a hard reality of who can accomplish the work orders undr a dangerous description, or work detail other than the offices we occupy and stir our trades in profession we negociating for equality in why a delegated body tp perform the tasks of keeping loins in there cage.

The zoo keeper, a most loved job, a sanitarian born with great values to know placement to the top most five job orentated causes to be liked, by either folk of the genedered class, rich or poor as well.

As we take in a contender today, the application is approved as timed event to qualify, there is rigourous depatmentmental stage each of the departments must give approval to the contender, it takes for wotking weeks one week for two departements recieving the application and the wait for a board meeting who may be at a sabbatical in rome, matbe, but mailing is crucial as well as intenet chat to confirm work placements of this baord meeting to approve by all memebrs present, or no go.

The next two must be quily approved case timing to qualify for a contender is most at the clocks hand, rememeber, there is only 72 hours on accepting and approving the application on repeit of it, so get a move on it.

Ok next week, the Sphingolipids and Alzheimer’s gangliosidosis nerve proteins dead mass cell accumilations by lauren and Me v Selkirk MB


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