SOCIAL REFORMATION OF PEOPLES

DATE: 2012


  re: sociologic manisfestations

  We live day to day, bargain with each other to know the next resoning of satifying the neuronic of our senes become a legal issue to become incorporated blame to others professional carreers as fault to delivering there needs as direct assault to socialchange in evry culture.

  As scientific assestments approve or disapprove the infrastructure to add or delete changes in providing the added comminication bargains of each indiviudal who has a need, a want and a life that has a story to tell later on by delivery of such supports over time.

 We know most of our elders come from rich culteral back grounds and the processing to ensure the culture is traditionally kept in a preservation circle to understand why as culture became to lose our inheritance by early economic developers of the eurpeans era.

  This is not new to historians as well for I myself, but as we see our cultures deciding weahter to support the changes that we either see others enjoy, and results to become a back seat to actualy attain the very same goals and materials goods as any one eles has in a economic infrastructure such as the common wealth nation we are placed on territoy mapped placements zones called reserved lands.

 Other immigration and other relations to cultures are adapted to engage a new way of life from a war torn country.

  Our culture depened on the safety and the transition and the safe transfer over the early years of settlers who had the education manisfestations to limited the communications between cultures and other bodies of the old west dealings.

  They had there own independance from King george as there break away from a taxation system that had established commerce and trades in an empire known today as the common wealth here as once called the Domonions now Canada.

  As rights were a way of winning the favors of commpasinate and establishing a vote far beyond the means of money this was a first to come by obesrvation and preservation to know what people need.

 As why we were sent to be placed on reserved lands, give reasosn to why we fought to so hard to try to hang on to evolution and skilled objectives to be a differant kind in a time gap of peoples and the evoltion to advanced engineering other than our relaxed time mode, its simple, to be recognised in communicating on deaf ears, ones who do not speak the languages, only that educations were taught either by word of mouth or in milirtay feats of bravery and passed on from generations to generation.

  A  little harsh to some of the educations given to the old practices of trades and commerce back then, let alone how easly a group of a;gonquians and mohawks have been given the names by discoery of the scientific community.

  To how we became a culture as a wild and willing beast over these years is still a mystry in time gaps, only two or three elders are left to explain this special transition once  again.

 As we know progression is a coslty mistake to know in the early years of settlers, who again once tell the stories of our track record of establihments from asia and through the tundra in an ice age, down to the south american foot hills to reunite with with important figures before the floods and other evolutions in band cultures that broke away to things that still commonly happen today.

  So cousins to pech manchu and the Eyjyption era was a time gap only a few left will be able to close the story book on this track of a gap not learned by the settlers in jouranlism reports to a King in ueporean colonies establishing commercial powers of nation larger to life by comerce influence in that era.

  Over the time peroid to floods, ice age, we still were able to hang on to a peice of knowedge kept secrte from the generations who can exploit the meaning of educating to each of there own.

  what I write here is true, for information brought to the peoles as timed event looms once again it is said and hidden again on cultures who have devloped a parimid emipe in our era to again lose it by time gaps.

 This depends on historians and there knowdge to commence a profit sharing bargain to each other who inddeed know how to make commerce on unfortunate tales, and even of there own destinay.

 Sad as it is, we do know as I tell better secrtes of mans time frame, with out little investments or time, as to cable and internet, and of course the movie industry wanting to capture the most out of lifes little mystrys.

  Oh well, as I said we lose some we gain some. As I will lead the elders to why common wealth negotiations were made on both establishments on the boders, our commpasinate understanding of the peoples who just do not fly over in a boat and start becoming violent creatures that spell evolution in there geneotypes to become of, its about why the preservation became a negotiated fact used later on and will be discussed by many as you read blame and bargains to each others existnace for so many differant reasons.

  Some secrtes are held for a peroid of time, and then given to give a clear resoltion to comercilizations, even as our brethren had done in asia and then on to an empire leading to how plitics work on leadship chiefs of staff, and of leaders of a pack in simpler terms of stories as they are constructed.

  I did managage to watch the new movie on man’s origin, the history of man hm self, but again it simplfies on who can make reasosning to influence and gain support by what can be offered other than felling like a pouncing product of order and alegence, by the way i did see the carttons as comic book hero, a little afraid of a roamn empire? in the news papers here in winnipeg, but we go on associating to an education profile, and to know as such, universites would be astonded to know a peice of histroy was left only to a few trusted elders just in case this may hem decides to promote such violent actions agaist each other, its like a mirroe image of becoming backward over resolution and bargaining proper terms of comminucations, oh well we all have some back ward way to function and adapt it part of life in matter.

  You can reach me at this word press atricle, if you wish to know why more things are given out now as time looms for many who will make the card in survivng, ones will be written about as they were who did not and time gaps to engineering will give the answer to why a ice age kept the secrtes from many as the only two or three left to tell why most did not make it on the independant chain of one system, a survival code folks, if again as I said, weather, silver iodide on dry ice, and weather plotting to know were cooling down the planets intrusion to the suns solar belting out atomic hydrogen, explosions, once again, just don’t fall from heritage on survivng, especially when skills wile be prized on saving the few left, so as we know earth needs to repair her self to make room for water, hydrogen atmospheric condesation build ups, this one was recorded thank god, we know this as the flood in biblce times, it shows the secrtes we as a first nations was asked to preserve as well.

  What happend who knows, dependance on enjoying what others have had to enjoy. ya ya, I know were not the million dollar look of comminuty but we know how, so as two more elders are summond to be addrerss all the stock provided by evolutions to help the peoles who will fall to dependant technolgy given to satify, its up to us to give life what we were engineered for, this includes the back ward stock said, I do have no tales to hurt but only to help you re-establish commerce once again.

  If the origins of man is so right on what had happend let them save the next wave of generation under the expression of evolution and global infrastructures again, remenber there is a time gap that was not mentioned, the only ones who know, can account for transfer of asia to here all the way down south.

  Again with great respect to commerce brethren who have missed some litrature in inca india days, the spanish had burned engineering math on stone building equation, they did think of it a s temple of somthing learned of in there darkest fears of uncertainty, its a shame to see how our minds can portray belife while having the power to enforce the groups emperiallism of commercilization to a welth building knowledge.

  So read about what is next to come here at word press, your imagination will not lead you to circle of uncertainy but resoltion, this is a circle of mayans. stay tuned. freind from not here, trusted celestial.



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