Queen Elizebeth, & Prince Charles

I wanted to ask if I may be in the right to ask for some in writing a story related to princess diana, and me as an ill boy, I was from the north here.

I need help on reconstruncting my patrionge and what I learned over the inspiraing years to lead to changes always for the good, and as I tried to detail reasosn of good conduct, I am met with critical association to competive rights on some one profiting from ones misfortunes.

This is alawys palgued me, I see the press always having huge profit margins when detailing the misfortunate events of crime, tales of wrong imprisonmets and goverments here that gain a whole lot more than saying who can write about what when both are clearly the subject of writing to gain for litrature propaganda and gain profits by the the subjects they write about, it makes me madd to see the double standards they preach about then go and allow the press to the very same, and its ok to profit by misforunates of people, here, over and over again. my lord, it a shame to see this in todays rights and freedoms of expression as to the freedoms of the press as well, its sad my lord.

My point is i lost my will to encourgae changes supported by our governing body, they seem to me as all they want is an argressive economic tearong of others work detail for there own families who sit in on companies boards of directors and have families in the third generations run the plants and payroll.

Please help me reword my suspeicions of being biased on this, my intension is to tell of why intent to understand mans move forward was always at the cost of others, and semmlgy enough I had taken sick, and no one really cared, expect the ones in law, courts and hospitals who knew potentials of why they were there to see me succeed by there very own hands, to renter a world of tried and tribulations, only to meet failing events from time to time.

As part of seeing princess diana visit these places of sorrow, I felt a reasons not be labeled sick, I wanted once again to be part of the many who indeed take jhealth very serous.

So I had written to ask for your mother Charles to come and visit the hospitals, and other places, with all the politicans one from each riding as well.

but no response, so I continued the ventures of observating the laws as changes had taken place over this time peroid.
I had the time to see poloticans go wrong, I had the time to see good samitans leading a life of a spot light that seemed to be unatrual to commpassiante means of reality to see hurt and crime and peoples in position of trust to blame others as they ventrued to close deals on others mosts sacred trusts in mans, womans and child, could vote and trust.

I did some pyschology study on insticnt marriage councilling and why people in politics end up in trouble, even if they only do data research for a specific purpose.

As I found out its mans stages to grow into why it is he always falls to expalin the intent of others in the wake to fit shoe he picks would fall into pairs as both would become to benifit, law was one, and land would close another.

I did some more reserch on why people expalin to there crowd of innercircle popularity of a winners circle, the intent to expalin the theroy of others was influenced by there hands, as I speak my lord, and write, the means of trust was given the green light to tell the past of knowledge hidden in the brain left for all to enter and see.

So i did study chemical spectrum light waves on the pathways a man had walked into the dark exposed to be stained by a cold lighted day of spring, and washing the thoughts away had became to obession was a right to tell the wrong by showing what it is they do as a living. There were no enemies my lord, the securtiy was good, nor was there any break in intensions to this as I speak and write, there would be a total carnage left behind if break in was the intension my lord, the sound of intusions left to open ventrue of dead end trails in a cold begining to spring my lord, a system to wash out the feelings of what a law, a politic in the rise to access most who could fit a shoe if one can point and poiunt by influence of power, my lord what was promised to either for such a deed on ones greatly devine? this here it has happend, and I ask to write about dina to help me sovle what had taken place here, as this may be the link to promises and deals made so intrentions to do so was morelly ecluded and deeds done my lord, i am not sure if land or any thing free from being persecuted from bodies inside the law making chambers to help out for some time to come while in power, it tells me any one can be a pointed persons of interest now, and to the ones who fell, my heart goes out, to blame some one who may look to fit ones shoe by choice is crime to blame, and millions of tax payers dollars are paid out to innocent victims my lord becoause of shamless blame to guilt of public presentaion, so you see my lord I am tryning to also study why people make crass decisans in places of power too, but only when it becomes a written event to know why decided fate was in hand for god and country, and not for land of law free from persecitions, exuse me, yawn, as I write about people here who happen to do what they do, and why prioncess diana could not visit any of us over here at a time so long ago, it again tells me to help and ask, I need help in writing the footsteps of the missing peices to each of the ones involved in good prosperites and good intensions of quality markmanships to know law would fall on others heads if drafted right. so my lord can you help me finish to find my studies worthy enough to catch and help epople to know why they do what they do, here especially my lord, the pointing of fingers is on every one but the one its self.


SUPER STAR “The world’s 1st”

I watched a movie yesterday, it was called Jesus christ super star, what a fabulous movie.

I too write my own details of his making, how and who, the basic scientific intrussion that both religion, science and a Queen, and or a King, or just a plain house mouse from the past, what ever latter both do prevail in what I write.

Nor am I angered, but pretense in words and a worded deciet to ones aguishes of sending messages out for the darn whole world to hear.

Again jargon was one of may favorates over the periods to assume litrature had been in favor over the world by a plundering, pilgrimage to one secertes, weather country, nor throne was to weaken the evention of the system we use and abide by today.

As I share the inner most secrtes on a public web site for any to take, and to re-write interesting oppositional inspiration in all events detailed.

My lesson of honor begins with her majesty the Queen, out of greatest times, where poeples did have the loss of dispair lingering on influencial movements that can lead our countries prosperity or just reading and following somtning elese that take interests eles were on the global map.

My respects to royals have never been any higher than any one I may add or choose to crayon about in only the most positive nouns learned to instruct good reasons of written intent, she is my inspration george.

so as I do write, I do keep in mind the families as well, the very well meaning of conservating to preserve what we have in hertited as this model we use today had been the precurser and the father who taken the four corner stones and did give to man kind him self as part of lessons to where we all are today, and in no doubt sir, the family had traveled along way to reach the goals the world has aways tried to duplicate and remake promises other than hisotry to which my roayals have indeed done so by exmple and true inspriations to influencial freedoms.

So the first time I went to ask for some idea logics on the environemts, the prize money always went to some one eles, weather the servers next door desk top, or just some eleses means of intruding good ideas for ones own wealth.

I did manage to blue print the carbon dioxides that the royals were giving prize money for any one who can take carbon out and turn the global events to come around, but no one replied to what I had created.

So I had taken this as a lesson of internet surfing for the right or wrong reasons, and no one has told me who won the 25 million dollar prize money.
So I went on to genetics my lord, the alchemy of finding genetics and markers of genuine inhertiances just in case disasters had struck and there would be no way to indentify a single souls, only by the bones left to see who and how they became.

No prize money for either, so I go on still writting the events of time, no prize money for any of the blue prints to any claims of carbon dioxies to take out of the sky, and to this advertising on a shaw internet around the 2001 to 2004 era of carbon removals and the prize money would be given to the lucky cnadidate who made it.

As to find any meaning now, my blue prints still sit unworthy to any, as to say how alchemy is as it was so long ago to serve and have money to continue, I lost, so my imagination went into fixing the bodies that became ill my lord, it was my darkest secrete ever to know death had inspired my senses to repair the damaged bodies encountering matter alone, and by the accidents I research of by chance and the forced evolutions I see as a natrual selection in biochemistry to life and the chains who follow into and unto there orbits of quantum regins.
Till again we meet, charles, diana, elizabeth and the rest of the family.
Friend from the north, Lauren






Christemaase’ “Birth” “2”

SUMMARY OF “THE WORLD’S 1st” chapter one 2 the beginning, please.

Hello, I am who I say I am, and if it is to any nor will I compete, only to shame my self as I watch who decides to be a part of winning.

Ok, so I was locked away for a long time, a convent to learn what others always miss.

I leanred late in life as a result, this had to cause a ridculus insult to why I had learned anything at all, let alone why I do what I do.

As one can read profit, my little nose minor who has just asked me to take him, take to a rink.

As he did ask me in the process, he quoted do you know why I carry a hockey stick around? and as I ventrued to not hesitate in any case cause of why he asked me a simple question to why does he carry that hockey stick every were he goes. the partial question left out by my written events.

So as I asked hime to fetch me some milk for my coffee, he did so, and as he appeared to take loss of his own question to be answered by my own doubt of why he carries a hocky stick every were he goes.

My reply was, I will take you to the rink, and will take you, as to my added pretense I said as advnaced jargon would, I’ll take you, not make you, I did not mean I made you, but take you.

As the sense began to unravel, I also added you carry a stick every were you go, so I mean to make you, I mean I made you, kind of figured out why would one carry a stick every where one would go, so as finished getting my milk, he was explained why did he really ask me do you know why I carry this hockey stick every were I go?

So I simply made him, made him out to be aware of why he asked me such, when he did in fact know that my answer would be of what he would want to hear by expalaination to hurry up and get tp the rink.

So what , I i mumbled in thought, a way to doll up hockey prized candidates to a porcilein account to fame and fortune, really made me wonder if he wanted hockey as sport or a art and advertising carreer with all the trimmings of a photo lens with him as the art sale on ice.

It really made me wonder, you know like hockey mothers who pose for any resons of intended catologs and other posts noney making advertising.

I really did have to expalin this people intent on advertising early in life, especially to arising star who may be crushed by face value poses every one can pick and choose the way body languages represent them selfs as main attratcion to money in this world of competiton.

Funny though it takes me back to a school trying out to do differant advertising events using lap tops, and dancing, as of course teachers wondering around not knowing who can take there very own dollar making events and ‘make it” to one there own.

I really did feel sorry for the class who lost an opportunity to advertise, cause now the goverments hockey mothers who now advertise full bloom in product and logo after the fact, but hey claim to every thing is a statment of other peoples conservation to cuts backs and social well beings of being more of by trades alone.

any ways I have returned to talk about why the christeaamaass was intenteded to be such a written success to pull values in that now are becoming increasingly lost to advantages taken other than sparing to venture in others trades to be any thing of the such, non such one said?
All well, ok wait, I mean okeewayt, the old signs of directing pass and legal barriers of owning any ones intented ads of intented perfection after. this would cause me to tell the contradictions both may have to offer in biblicle records and profiles of royalty using old tablet accounts of a dynasty called take n plunder for our own, oopps. this was the past, sorry let me time jump a little, quatum phisics was a little strange to me as others, but as math and medals law figure here I go to time travel.

Stay tuned for the next blog, oh yes I don’t save these blogs I just post. Lauren



so it became to relish the hidden text written to unflod to ones profiterring of gaing engineering causes of rules.

Any ways the story I am about to relay to the world is about you, the public alone, along side of why a worlds 1st became a scrifice to crayons and art.

to shorten my regin story, the view must make it to be caution, for it is true that I write of something no one elese has yet been in poseesion of.

If any others in a pool have account to bible encodings as I sent in to with the 1st settelers of Kings town, James twon as it was, the first boats to be in serch of my measuremtns to new expanding trades and secrtes other than a clergy, a sales rep, and a marriage counclor holding my written works of a ring made in gold for new horizens on a new fronteir.

I do hpoe as said, the long lived cure of perfection will be gone by this boy of the north, why I must walk the perfect line into my own destiny of bad omens.

Any ways what this boy here is writting about hebrew language he says he rights too, how is it that when we create they not know weee it had come from?

He claims to hold my regin accountble to the modern prefix of his loins in all his makings other than our own kind.

Rats me, again he adjusted his knowledge, damn hes good, lets see if his written memory of what he sent in the published events of his writting on wordpress, lost to a click error and his search to be come somnthing other reader envy of by no pay but pain alone, will give account to why bible accounts were recorded as king james and sent over with the first fleet.

So now this boy says he knows two elders who take history othern than my rule and thumb over evolution and education on this lands, and says he has summonds up the two remaing elders to speak of a hidden pursiut other than royal blood lines?

Ok he is bit angered of his writting first lost by a psot of almost telling the world of what had happend, its a good thing the server had lost it, cause man if his truth rang out, quakers would hang some one like him in hope money was not the roots of law being held responsible for crayoning the peoples who turned in on each other for reading his practices of hidden, sonthing anyways. so lose this one word press and servers my promise to give all will be good to actually buy over free, so lose this scripoture, please its about matter and biological events that elads peoples belifes to see others whole intended rights that fit over groups other than any in a pool created by punnit squaring alone.

who was I one asked? A chosen one to tell more of, and by who may of, any ways what a way to represent the world man.

Well I did say I would return, but totally in a differant package, and not to any ones liking either, and at first most would go out on limb and foot to honor others of a learning system learned, but mine, wow, they would have me up on the cross like the past.

So as I write the short end of learning writing of mans fall by belief alone created, it is said to be only one can speak of this over all man alone, no history accounts of color tv, nor any historical logs made on the modern internet, again the man has said to hold the rights agaist all others, but how?

And why does this one get to conjure what he reads, feels and encounters as his own truth to life in the histroical making by families such as what we preside and occupy land of modern times today?

And why him? did he really return?
Nonsense, his loins tell me hes is from miasota, and his mother was histroical records are from germany.
Just great, we have a man who writes about claiming top be jewish, and has the rights to speak of stories intended to be others, and has his histroical family trees we hired in the american wars when french ships were diagrammed out by a imposter working in side to steal our own doagrams of sail ships, that razs race of a man they call a boy from the north.

Germany he says?
yes our royal regin sent hired guns from this region to hekp our colonies settle from beiong indepenant and away from the head taxation system built.

Any ways, why does he claim to be jewish, his genology tells me he is not.
and how can you truthfully tell?

This man at home and alone too, does he not talk to himself?
does he not watch tele too much?
And does he not taketh the oath to be part of the old domoinois?
And why is it that he says to who can who hold accountability to any loins who practice belife and instruct goods and trades to learn and follow, other than king james versions?

What was he up too?
stay tuned for the next blog on what happend the holy land, and in the second and 1sr world wars, and why accountant were prized over the others as the batton of creating numbers of profiting intent, of course my families liked this.
so this boy from the north takes a wooden histroy of inborn errors and replace the limbs of the little kiddes who fitz caused the role model parent systems to writing gold rings of marrige and he truns it around, what a wooden lie to nose in about. stay tuned