SOCIOLOGY’S “The new Lethal Weapon”


This story is fictitious but true, true but fictitious  so believe in your own magic of piecing some in another light other than your own on the way to the top.

Sociology, what is the address to understand both following to influence, and or causes of faithful insights will lead one nowhere in the real televised events of Sociology’s greatest master minds of tomorrow.

Does this digital baby sitter bring me happy joy joy feelings other than known events of pretending to fit in as world leader only that my imaginary friends, colleagues  and family were a creative distance stopping contribution to mans fear?

ADD-HA dysfunctions, quite the natural selection to cause enterprise in media blitz purchases over biologic timed events, and how so, the pools of genetic history has again fallen to follow my son’s footsteps.

You know I am ones worst enemy, but again I am the best friend man could ever have if thought about correctly.

So, what, my name is a group made for vanity, my persona is made to flair ones nostrils, again my digital baby sitter lays still in the package wrapping it was purchased in, oh yes it too was made in china, its cheaper there to build what we need as a want, its just better that way, cause , I can only tell you its a secret  only for you.. and me to know… OK?

Good, now that we have the right foot off to a new start for my glorious reign to out breed my noncompetitive dictating steward ships and toss them straight into the trash I had been learning about.

So, what was that secret weapon this poor boy from the north all about? Why him? like man alive, all this twit does is formulate cause of intent to writers following tallcot parsons theory in a new breed on mars, what the heck is he doing?

He, my lord is writing something so profound, vanity stricken so law can’t touch him, wait.. wait.. a minute.. you’re telling me this poor little dirt bag from the north is untouchable?

Well my lord.. he likes to think so.


Ok so now we know what were up against now, fetch me that Rh monkey, I need to mark my gene pools to send over on the boats, so just in case they can’t be recognized as mine.

Pretty important eh? I just got off the tele phone with lord longer shanks, and he tells me the scouts to fame and fortune have imposers hiding behind the good voters who like you my lord, so we counter measured his story board for good reasons so we don’t look like we are following the masses for profit and glorious reign.

ha ha ha, good my little poopsy child, we begin tomorrow with a new lead to why he had been chosen to be part of a one world govi other than mine.. mine mine.. ha ha ha.

My lord.. yees… we just got the full detail were he lives too, what? why would he publicly put him self at risk for my reign?

That poor gold digger is up to something, and darn to beet besty I’ll find out, fetch me the public media officers in command, this poor boy from the north must be stopped, yeh right the new lethal weapon’s of the peoples choice, my foot, he is surly not going to take my meaning of why a little snot nosed boy like him will throw my power out the door!

Profiting now sire? What? oh yes, did you find out were he was educated? You sarcastic piece of predictable text ware, no! it’s plotting you speak n spell scrape softy ware, get it right, plot.. plot.. now if i wanted to profit from a story telling nation to fit a one idea govi race, I would personally let you know.

Damn, were is he, damn, where is he, damn damn damn, enter, oh yes my commanding chief of media relations the public enemy number one, the monument to my reign, so, what did you find out about closing the special deals for such poor dirt bags of this little no body?

Well speak up.. I don’t have all day.. come .. come .. now I promise you.. wealth.. a piece free from persecutions  you know I have family sitting in the back benches as we speak, and with a snap of fingers… either you can be imprisoned for life, sent to the gallows and or my family can help you any which way you lose to choose, of course if you close that deal for me, This public boy, what does he do for a living? give all the historical accounts of him, so what,  if his sealed records are private, I am in charge, I can fire you, or I can hire you, now you leave the royal politics to my reign to me, ifs its a race to my throne, I am sure my other departments are well paid to throw more than elbow grease as a cause of his understudy, and the poor environmental he chose was the cause of his dastly crimes.

So? what do you have on him? can he fit any profile longer shank had from the past? or does my sister in the social welfare department who is a seamstress by synapse of mental trades, by professional trades,  relation programs I made and approved, and now shes a nurse, and of course with a certificate as social politic media consultant crossing Jordan rivers as a book written event,  now fetch me that file on him or any others in your grasp and make them an enemy, go.. go.. go..

You know my lord, your comm ding officer did not have that chance to speak you know,, you just promised in huff and puff of imaginary smoke to give him something more to good than it was real,, how dweeb of me to tell you my lord.


What? did some one drop you? you heard me,.. did some one drop you?

I don’t care about what I told him, don’t interrupt its rude,

but my lord.. loner shank has more on that poor by than your media officers, what? tell longer shanks to move his royal hiny in my council chambers at once.

Yes sir.

Its my lord you twit, lord!

Yes my lord, I’ll bring you longer shank.

The people I hire..any ways, here I sit, ponder, talk to useless screen plays, television sets who ca’t answer back and me.. feeling like that little boy from the north is going to ruin my glorious reign to the top..

It .. makes me so angry… I never believed in a god so higher in power than I, but as do pray to protect commerce, i do.. and .. sniff.. with all my chastity . I’ll send that poor boy from the north all the way were he had come from..


excuse me my lord, who are you mumbling too?

no one, the TV actually, it gave an idea. what is it?

you found the information I can use to pin something so diabolic on this innocent little adventurist of deprecating my commercial reign?

give it to me,, all the files now,,

Thank you longer shank,, a raise in pensions too for you and your families, so what is that in that brief case?

Its his contacts my lord, he is absolute clean,

What!? clean!? how?

Damn forget the pension, your wit has earned you and your two cents in raise lock in, damn you longer shank,,

You see, my lord on page three he has been forgiven for any wrong doing he had done by his past, and under your administration to educate the masses my lord, and?

He was a young boy, no legs wooden at that my lord,

good god does it get any worst?

why no legs?..

Well you see my lord the cabinet we had in power were getting poopsy words smeared onto there work details of how professional your administrative insights were,,


Well they cried to tell them they are professionals in reasoning to why your lordships had hired them to do your works for the poor peoples.

Come on,, get to the juicy parts man…for god sake this boys story has me up in arms.. hey that gives me another idea to motive around the little snot nosed offender to my reign,,

my lord i am not finished yet with his past..

all right make it quick..

I want to know all our fire arms, cross bows and metal blades in a mans intent to harm by his will alone,,

What? you mean from arms to bows, then to blades alone? what slanderous idea’s made in law my lord, you made law fit intent at all who held the piece for one’s personal purpose’s of mental intent, no arms, the dimwit takes a bow, no bow, he takes a blade, now the longer shank administration I hired down yonder will enforce the first degree of mentally wanting full fill a twisted, diabolical violent act on one, fit the picture of intent, and may be, of our own, and may one his his own kind,, but you see the picture of the poor peoples intention, once they taste they’ll keep trying until there wit had said its done, now they are executed, ooh boy..

my lord you are nasty,, I know,, it makes me feel utterly powerful, but hey the looks come with it,, oh yes after can you find out if  my sisters friends Antoinette had set up that high end picture movie clothing store on that decrepit side of town, the building blocks to hired hands, we hired hands to tear it down? and tell me if the poor peoples gotten there line of crap in order to not beg in front of my new tax baring outlet to the stars, sports and just living to my fullest.

sure thing my lord..

OK here is the juicy part you wanted,, well i mean you can apply what you want to this boy if you let media officers and the other departments to go along with the scam belief ticket.

Oh yes that was flop last year, it didn’t work why apply it now?

who in the right mind will believe a boy that runs for mayor and investigate me, a man in power for all to see, and yet I have to go out my way and hire new media officers and command posts, send in and fire you, you name it, it was a shame my supporters turned to this boys adviser to out run me.. me.. would you belief that, me..

I am the only one to rule our little city, and its me who says what I hire, fire distract by hire and or to distract by firing and best of all my entire family sits on the eight incoporations the poor peoples who continue to buy and buy and buy, like hello, don;t they know power when they smell it?

You my lord that poor devilish little boy did say at one time, he could smell you coming a mile away.

Ok, ok, what was the juicy part?

The boy has no education at all,, so has a unprofessional mannerisms, no product team in your photo department will hire him, by my trades of professionalism he has not,, is he.. good more clout in my era of expertise, he eh make him feel cheap,, any ways

tell me more,..

He has brain the size of the super computers made to predict world economics and who can contribute to a fallen nation if one takes over..

What? thats his degree?

What a crock,, tell me more its getting good.

I pay university’s to send me plot reports on areas of the educated and he thinks he can become above me?

He also spent time in nut house my lord, a mental institution for the insane.

Good god this is getting damn juicy  pretty soon I will have every pretty crayon picture to paint of him as a dirty little nit getting in the way as he is a dirty little snot nosed gold digger right? right? good I like to see agreeing in whole numbers, it makes the law for the public to execute him more easy to swallow, not a sparrow right , now tell me more, i have a dead line for land purchases  tax breaks for the council and and increase for the poor, now hurry,,

He has one more my lord, well?

its a file we could not access, hawg wash, why not?

its sealed secrete file from a group of countersunk you banned from a candidate race ten years ago my lord, what!?

I had starkly the spark man’s shredder. remove all my good deeds to clean up this stinky towns works on how any body can move into power, and yet my throne,, ooh ok tell me the seal number.

The province next to us my lord is home to the Russian czar, so,, i dont care I gave them land because they voted for me big deal,, any ways why the province next door,,

He is a family from the old dominions my lord, my lord are you ok?

my lord..! are you ok? it looks like you really seen a ghost my lord..

never mind my pills,, get me my pills, and send two media relations officers to counter measures this, and go incognito, tell them they must not be seen or known I sent them to find this boys seal number.

I want to trow up but I can’t my lord,, get.. its me that’s sick you twit, send the nurse, now,,

she only has two hours into her new post my lord, is she ok to look at your sickness?

Damn you send longer shaft in then, my legs won’t falloff by his profession, excuse me?

just a joke, send her in.

why is it every time someone feels guilty they publicly campaign there way to peoples hearts?

Is there a reasons for human behavioral other than greed and land deals for me and you,

As I lay in wondered event that had I been posses by a monster of the unknown, a creature from not here, as knew my power to influential reign would be a cast of doubt on why my professionalism standards would fall like the omens made to be perfected  you know like the time the royals had the omens when geroge casket fell, that was a bad omen, and the people knew it too.

The nights I lay, home alone in dark castle the prison walls from a long time ago, the guilt a innocent boy as was began to realise how a leap forward to power was limited and only for the selected few, and as I hated to know this it was my time to show the world of what I had become, I hire staff , and lose staff, i make mayors leave, and i make mayors believe I am more than what they have to offer than any one else  and here I lay sick having a nurse look after my state when I go too far, and now a boy from the north must be stopped by me who can only do the departments shuffles so I can open his seal number and see the ones of who accountability was written to be convicting me, convicting me of something I did not do, it is that boy from the north, it is he, who wants my throne, and the princess before me, now she too is past of the bad omens who dare try, so now the boy from the north will have him placed at two places at once, and with my influence and departments of professional trades he can be at the places I choose him to be, after all the payroll departments have not complains in long time, geez come to think of it, we hire a immigration pro from turkey, or was it Duffy point? any ways money was in this professional belief the cause of an innocent who fell at the hands of power by deals and lands stationed for the poor to be shuffled eles ware, but as longer shaft said he had no eneys nor did I, until now or a few years after the fact, but again his seal to information was my fall to catch him were I want him right in the middle of the act..

but longer shaft must not know this devilish plan for my professional trades in place will hold sucides in one who breaks the oath of commands by my regin, it again says the twenty four hour period of why the loss of missing in action became so swift, and by longer shafts gentle ways to make a better life with new mony on the block, tisk tisk, may be his brother should have been head of psychology in the sociology department as my new secrete lethal weapon.

My next order of legal reign begins with reality and fictions who both call digital baby sitters there missing social contributions as a real touch to human compassionate awareness, the stimulate to anger out each others intent, the weapon as it called, if used effectively  and it has been done, we continue to buy and down our personal calculations to agenda creativity made to enhance the biological capacity of chemical intrusions the brains will compensate to look for compassion in world of instant flash messages of who did it.

The other piece I am working on, is the second coming of Christ, the piece that is missing, is that he is already here, so stay tuned, my may-en friends, I won’t lead you to a circle, you lead your self’s there, don’t blame me for what you learn and read.





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