CLOAKED POLYbeams of color cones cloaking devices

Ever wonder how any one can make sure the ideas of man is yet to be lawfully intent full to be bargained to own matter of instructive insight that seems to be shared world-wide?
does this mean a race to the patent office again or does it mean James bond agents and real-time professional agencies wanting to know such engineering will be made illegal, of course if you are not in a directory of a family name.

Ok here it is, hydrocarbons, and photo receptors polymerised hydrogenated pigments of displaced infrared beams of light pulsating materials to be not seen by cones of the human eye, but again the solids is still there.

The cloaking device is a star trek idea as well as science labs stuff too, not only is shared by movie goers staring school while parent models watch star treks prime times, it again tells the kids world of fantasies will one day become a lab device made real.

can cloaking be attained through plastics and light spectrums? yup solids can be done as easy as biding hydrocarbons with molecules that redirect polarities of mass solids going transparent, like bugs and tunica fish cartridge, transparent.


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