DEATH RAY cosmic reflective protons

cosmic rays, mans non violent contact to cell depleting intrusions, can this be possible engineering feats for the tv shows to see it as a busted myth of intellectual creativity?

Hey I am watching a real time commercial on animal abuse in the world, while I am studying sociological reasoning of mans violent life as he was made to do, either knock each other out, or just watch as a back seat observer biologic evolution plays this to be partial causes of the brains developing moment to fame and fortune for accumulating food for there fill of inductive senses.

It begins a new chapter for pion tissue scarring on reflective protons refractional to a beam accelarator that directs the amplified light particles and gives seperations to flow a particle wave of lights that stimulate drought, and intrude on iron in the cells colloison course alluminum salts and ionic exchanges of the cells constant cell dividing to lesion conduit lines, my personal book expalin mouse trap designs in peoles trying to ventrue a gain, its a mouse trap, hey ever see CNS synapses on hydrozy aptite on bone matrix with out scaffolding? what does the skin do when no glands are surrounding to be replaced in a metal bone, exaclty,antibodies to autosomal chromosome markers, the inhertiance of bone that wont be present in the second generations offspring, oohh.


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