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As generations brace the way learning has led to greener spans of Lucas caramel was at one point in socializing, with people’s giving dynamics of word additives to age and degree of hearing specifics today, function of professional attitude towards each others presence stipulate the reasons of approach to presence in facisist apparel ware we put on as face of recognizable feats of feeling different.

Learning the differences taunt of mannerisms, calculating the way addressing each others insight to will, frontiers of great order by our past genetic inheritances, each giving rise to its acceptable social likely ness to its causes and cause effects of instinct vs distinction of values, needs, wants and simply generating the weakness the less, or the not so with it, to the disadvantaged at any point of addressing interests, if we become partial to agree or to disagree over come by miraculous feats, strokes of ingenuousness replacing hand-held bibliographic stories of the past of which discussed the faith no one has ever seen or hear more of unless weakness is considered to be instinct values to mark surviving in a world of devilish monsters out side our comfort zones.

Written competition for calculating anger is logging how groups, an individual can become lost by being left out, it gives rise to conform the social barrier of understanding the ugly, the good and the bad of many who develop a way other than the others in a group or just a social gathering to conform an agreed account of sociable compatibles from the rest of the groups community house holds strength of how agreements to each others level of energy, its like lifting a table with a group of people wanting to with their mind, the saying goes to voting as well, excluding the digital portrayal of course, we all age to ones youth specify in a world of advertising today.

to reality checks once in a while


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