her ye here ye, the Lord has entered,

what a way to greet your new king, as I wrote for every one to steal plunder and toil about who gets to talk about who and what by what genes and so on, it tells me one thing to scientific views of history when importance to the peoples ventured off in the mists of the night at the twinkling of the eye.

Micheal was my favorite, he was read about character in the older chapters of written ideological practices, so now we can see the dead sea scrolls for a $1.50, in a museum, how it got there for a group to learn about is not new to me, let alone why its such a significant to be placed in museum.

For writting the second coming is not easy, its about timing and precious observation settlers knew about wheninborn erros weer so common in closed quarters, the methods used are punnits squares and a methiod named to this is an older version of progeny typing.

As jewish writers get together to comprimise peice with each others reasosn of inductive practices other than violence and unpracticle inhumane ways that histroy had been written about, workable means of translating the backwards litrature was encoded as well, to no surpise this finding will be researched to aslo study mans events in the same story telling events that simularly duke it out page for page, account for account and then finale, the born.

so its know surprise to man himself, and the leaders who did send him out in hopes a new king would make histroy, of course he did, and which to reasons this I did not see on history either its natural to sciences of mans behavioras peroid.

so when jewish scholars want to tell the world of a new born that will arrive, its again taken to account they do really know what they write about, its mathimatcle engineering to place truth of mans belongings as written to venture and change the way belif was, thus as hisory and war does to historical events in written accounts lost, missing peices here and there dear, but it again tells a feat of evolutio ove the sick and the lame may be given the blood typing to fix future genrations that may be observed for some time come.

Oh yes, as people read its a multi million dollar story grab, not garb mind you, but think of it no morels, thats why I write it in an open book for all eyes to make soem kind of money on each other, its kinda like what grows into the genes, as biblography accounts to say we taken the tree of life and thus poisoned ours self to much and it caused bitter disputes over who can have more of by a simple pie equation man has set limits on, so prospering was then limited to specific groups and thus law was made, and the short long story of amn who hepled was executed as part of the process to be heard, a human kind of sacrifice. but let some of the most educated tell that when they or many people can disclose they were part of this miracous plot to let execution begin of one of there own, and it was ok, well not many will believe so, but that it was ok for the son of an only one left to importance in the community as the only son born onto, but histroy will give color accounts to how interesting it will get to compare what lays again between clashes and ways to importance, think about the rasmys king and his nephew to power, well dorensics can tell more on pyscology when life is abot to be revisited by a culture wanting to be recognoized over each other once again, trust me it never stops, science says in history, one cell membranes account to why were are today, fighting to out smart our own as way to live past the way others have been destined too.

so read on and hand out the world accounts, I always sdaid each county has there set of secrtes.
For this, it does not interest me.


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