Study is still being conducted with various types of equipment pending refractive, reflective and image conducting equipment yielding the presence of a chemical that reflects exchanging properties of wave and light on specific areas that have concluded to hold water icecaps.

This is true, water as we know it is a hydrogen base, it is a halo group as well as a binding assistant to accept four folding processes in the density of given particulars in an polar solar area of exciting the venture of contaminating the degree of formulating bacteria decay in calculations to evolution biologically.

Bringing in on testing equipment, of course was a real math to formulate and to be executed as a direct link to the next confirmation steps to have in mans hands reaching the goals of materializing the proof.

As wonders still give imagination that room to consider all expectations to see other revelations that have also been a followed event to ask the possibilities of questions as to concrete evidence left for generations to revisit some pieces that may be a justifiable way to say some other determinations other than a hand full of mathematical engineering can account to one answer that leads to the end of the quest for other possibilities known as theory related answers.

To any we look back at all subjects containing mathematical equations leading to any findings, and even a navigation direction that has precise accuracy in pinpointing the way to other places other than our own orbiting systems we create to travel further out as we evolve.

I said once before to some, and I say it many more times, as the Mayan calendar as one example, the reality of most would to understand how the fall of a civilization had occurred, of course there is no history channel or school book to explain the reasons other than finding a more detailed account to peoples, explorations and fear in early Spanish Inquisition that yes hell bent on regional factors, thus became the missing key as foot prints can now say theory is crucial to some pieces of the way timing in Christs crucifiction and the floods and the exact timing to power hungry servants to little cities that have been up to date.

As for the Spanish Inquisition and Rome, the relations to the Mayan cultures and the $20 dollar green back prints depicting craft and art in Peru and the South equator exploration to commercialize the riches they needed as a country strong empire.

The relation to studies is not just left for one culture, cultures that have studied the meaning of mans direction, this includes the cultures of the Chinese and the in do Hindu Asian era.

Concluding the recognition of mathematical abilities, reconciles the fact of having the psychological manifestations of being less by every thing other cultures have been under the study of there influences in each time evolution has had time to occur.

Relating to the stars and to the planetary systems we now bank on as a universal learning system, mainly thanks to the conquered Mayans who were in no doubt looked upon as a culture of an advanced system that actually did make some cultures other than exploring lands and adventures for commercial wealth, did in fact feel the the less of study in the Spanish culture, thus resulting in natural fears man ways go through when uncertainty in learning the already been there and done that concept of ingenuity reaching masses an impact to the way of functioning.

so this is today as well, nothing much has really changed in learning math as well as feeling more or less to equations other peoples studies can begin to unravel how it began.

As this relation does come with a price, it is simple, the problems with the Mayan prediction table again tells me there was a problem from the start of humanity in the first place, its called evolution.

The same applies to the universe in behavioral aspects of functions, we fall under the influence Bohr over particular fall graduates too as well.

so it again spells the Mayan truth of star study given to them by the Hindu Asian era, or we can go back on conquering nations to use each others math to get were we need to go and say we did it by our own, and is said again by our own, and the answer is evolution we conquered each others destination to the same place, time and the same accounts to mans final spectacles ritual, competing with the elements of time.

do I need history channel to tell me this or do I just have the naturals ancestry of biologic that hold key secretes to something np one yet knows, would they conquer there way here to ask me how, or would the venture to apprehend to gain be in the predicted cards of knowing.



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