CHEMICAL STUDIES (polysaccharides) sheathed yeast & glue


Geeze, what a surprise to watch my self yap to a computer, a core brain processor made to fit fast, reliable and expedient tasking processes much more effective than the human brain could keep up with naturally, that is.

But who cares, my ability is about the same when diagnosing the bodies degree of dysfunctional typing by age alone and of course by bio-evolution progressions of order, weather it the term FORCED EVOLUTION or a phrase used DENIED EVOLUTION or ACCEPTED EVOLUTION and last, DESTROYED EVOLUTION.

The last one was bit harsh, and given law today saying this out of morel concepts of digital dignity to peoples fears of inciuating a constructed phrase out of an old law applied to right full assumption to who has what by means over the other, it simply gets better and better.

The Countries Continent of Journaled Sciences, I missed the America name, cause I wondered about social law with typing, so I left journal to be replaced Continent of sciences instead, I think it shall be safe to add this name in good faith but maybe not so disregard any new technological discoveries made here and keep it to your self.

Basically I wanted to find out what makes peole snap, and why, now this is my project! no,no, no, how could any one steal my greatest works behind a server screen watching what i do, sob,, but it is me, my darkest hour to see light hit the disadvantaged once again, you know like a teacher from the past, and of course law keeps being pushed for a group other than a whaole, but hey, I am about to add to the changes to support them as well, so get ready and relax and do not, I repaeat do not let a digital baby sitter take on the responble role of a1 parent modeling systems, cause man it leads to social intrusion for the real touch of human effection later on, and man,, think about how issues arise of biologically manifesting into a chemical place value that may link autisms in photorecptors recall studies under and over the stimulus of seeing to much, ooh law? oh oh, your right, my claim to see why people do what they do.

In the next few weeks on this blog site I will give the actual findijg to my own study here, at home, and alone too, I get to reveal some interesting projects made to see why the brain has a twist of snappy fate when exposed to pressures such as many who go to war, feel they watch to much tele, or have a growth fear factor of never wanting to grow old, and then of course applied science to say its ok to grow old independlty, and gracefully, providing your mental stae has had the capaicty to indulge entegrity to become what it may you would have become, or would of for the social matter factor. so take a few monment s to read, but careful, there is too much to soak up all at once, and the main key is to not keep up and just accept to expect the fall of the other who decideds to keep or race towrds the finish line of making a entire country, yet alone the continets a family can make up by progeny events in power over time, so stay tuned there is a peacfull side to this discovery of old tactics as well, and enough for every one too, unless there is law to say not, but untill then read and learn at apace so many that will fall by not grace, but seeing the faces of others who want to be part of, so take it slow and I will try to help re-negotiate the lessons of what we do as a human being, weather poor, rich or related to queen or king, no differance to any social postions, oh by the way my ancestors were alien, not from here, they still put me on the arstotles four fold feench rivera cross in the old days, boy what a way to spell a return, but thats later first to read last.


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