OUT from being INSIDE

Despite the fact, the fact that our golden age had begun to prosper too fast in regional association to family business and huge corporation were all my relations from the 1st generation all the way down to the third rank of things, any ways get to smart and like always human beings put an end to there own trades.

Ok that my cheap way to address gustappo like social reform in business politics for licencing boards, now just because we set up a complaints ward district, does not mean the intellecual board of directors can be boaught or sold, they are family, and governed by a huge family pool relationship we commonly bank on as a legal biased monument to money, and of cource while banking was made easy, we all have some relations to count the tax take in.

Ok ok, easy, my hair is still wet from skin diving in carrbeans, please it was hard earned money, you know I work for a living, what?
What do I do?

Well for starters do you who I am? What do you mean it really does not matter, it should, tell you and the rest of the men in black and or blue it should matter, I own 98% of the worlds human family chain who run the board of directors, el diretors thats is, ans run all the banking systems and yes you should worry your funding is still allocted to do what you are told and trained to do, not to catch higher representatives making and signing your departments cheques!

What do mean a loser?
Young man, I say, my marquee is up in lights for making this godamn country in what it is today, and bad mouth foul spertin commonets like that who is now a law on making me feel so dirty and unclean by thought alone, you and your department will be working in africa by next week.

Geeze, for peats sake, i do not need to see a pyschjologist, for what on greens earth for?
All that degree is going to tell me is of what I leaned is what I practice, like hello, simple.

What!? a psychatrist now? why a shrink? the complex mannerism that does not fit your demographics in constructing simple sociaologic to behaviral patterns in time?
get real.

whats that black for? and that water jug?
no,no, way, hey i guess you thought the wrong way Of me, my scientists I employed just in case I was captured, I have now been in the hands of the countries most tightest secuity known to man, and still, my eluding the past of how I my self stayed alive for 239 years, and trasfering all and each blood groups on to our rulers, even the ones in your departments, ill be free by morning, gaunteed.

So what my family has cyyro tchnologyfreezing bodies, parts and blood from times of the past, whats wrong with employing ones needs to rule Uh?
little hot now?
make a deal?
now is that a reversal typing error on law or bribe making considerations both should follow laws in giving somthing for somthing?
and now that you have a ghost in the flesh and a 238 year old at that, and now you would like to buy my scientists and the scientific steps on hands how too?
Well if the offer is right, maybe we can work somtning out, you know having frozen plasma transfers was no fun so why give it thought as well, especially when people like I would benitif in the long end of life anyways?

Stay tuned there more on cryo genetics live, and at home alone too, in mb selkirk. oops put a face to him, he looks sour, fact sir he is, and quite frankly you would want not to see his cotton swiss underware either sir, hes been in a home made chamber for quite some time, and under the radar of technolgy service personal the his family sends out as survers to set up cheap purchasing outlets and other many markets, you means this guys got his fungers in every ones pie?


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