Christemaase’ “Birth” “2”

SUMMARY OF “THE WORLD’S 1st” chapter one 2 the beginning, please.

Hello, I am who I say I am, and if it is to any nor will I compete, only to shame my self as I watch who decides to be a part of winning.

Ok, so I was locked away for a long time, a convent to learn what others always miss.

I leanred late in life as a result, this had to cause a ridculus insult to why I had learned anything at all, let alone why I do what I do.

As one can read profit, my little nose minor who has just asked me to take him, take to a rink.

As he did ask me in the process, he quoted do you know why I carry a hockey stick around? and as I ventrued to not hesitate in any case cause of why he asked me a simple question to why does he carry that hockey stick every were he goes. the partial question left out by my written events.

So as I asked hime to fetch me some milk for my coffee, he did so, and as he appeared to take loss of his own question to be answered by my own doubt of why he carries a hocky stick every were he goes.

My reply was, I will take you to the rink, and will take you, as to my added pretense I said as advnaced jargon would, I’ll take you, not make you, I did not mean I made you, but take you.

As the sense began to unravel, I also added you carry a stick every were you go, so I mean to make you, I mean I made you, kind of figured out why would one carry a stick every where one would go, so as finished getting my milk, he was explained why did he really ask me do you know why I carry this hockey stick every were I go?

So I simply made him, made him out to be aware of why he asked me such, when he did in fact know that my answer would be of what he would want to hear by expalaination to hurry up and get tp the rink.

So what , I i mumbled in thought, a way to doll up hockey prized candidates to a porcilein account to fame and fortune, really made me wonder if he wanted hockey as sport or a art and advertising carreer with all the trimmings of a photo lens with him as the art sale on ice.

It really made me wonder, you know like hockey mothers who pose for any resons of intended catologs and other posts noney making advertising.

I really did have to expalin this people intent on advertising early in life, especially to arising star who may be crushed by face value poses every one can pick and choose the way body languages represent them selfs as main attratcion to money in this world of competiton.

Funny though it takes me back to a school trying out to do differant advertising events using lap tops, and dancing, as of course teachers wondering around not knowing who can take there very own dollar making events and ‘make it” to one there own.

I really did feel sorry for the class who lost an opportunity to advertise, cause now the goverments hockey mothers who now advertise full bloom in product and logo after the fact, but hey claim to every thing is a statment of other peoples conservation to cuts backs and social well beings of being more of by trades alone.

any ways I have returned to talk about why the christeaamaass was intenteded to be such a written success to pull values in that now are becoming increasingly lost to advantages taken other than sparing to venture in others trades to be any thing of the such, non such one said?
All well, ok wait, I mean okeewayt, the old signs of directing pass and legal barriers of owning any ones intented ads of intented perfection after. this would cause me to tell the contradictions both may have to offer in biblicle records and profiles of royalty using old tablet accounts of a dynasty called take n plunder for our own, oopps. this was the past, sorry let me time jump a little, quatum phisics was a little strange to me as others, but as math and medals law figure here I go to time travel.

Stay tuned for the next blog, oh yes I don’t save these blogs I just post. Lauren


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