so it became to relish the hidden text written to unflod to ones profiterring of gaing engineering causes of rules.

Any ways the story I am about to relay to the world is about you, the public alone, along side of why a worlds 1st became a scrifice to crayons and art.

to shorten my regin story, the view must make it to be caution, for it is true that I write of something no one elese has yet been in poseesion of.

If any others in a pool have account to bible encodings as I sent in to with the 1st settelers of Kings town, James twon as it was, the first boats to be in serch of my measuremtns to new expanding trades and secrtes other than a clergy, a sales rep, and a marriage counclor holding my written works of a ring made in gold for new horizens on a new fronteir.

I do hpoe as said, the long lived cure of perfection will be gone by this boy of the north, why I must walk the perfect line into my own destiny of bad omens.

Any ways what this boy here is writting about hebrew language he says he rights too, how is it that when we create they not know weee it had come from?

He claims to hold my regin accountble to the modern prefix of his loins in all his makings other than our own kind.

Rats me, again he adjusted his knowledge, damn hes good, lets see if his written memory of what he sent in the published events of his writting on wordpress, lost to a click error and his search to be come somnthing other reader envy of by no pay but pain alone, will give account to why bible accounts were recorded as king james and sent over with the first fleet.

So now this boy says he knows two elders who take history othern than my rule and thumb over evolution and education on this lands, and says he has summonds up the two remaing elders to speak of a hidden pursiut other than royal blood lines?

Ok he is bit angered of his writting first lost by a psot of almost telling the world of what had happend, its a good thing the server had lost it, cause man if his truth rang out, quakers would hang some one like him in hope money was not the roots of law being held responsible for crayoning the peoples who turned in on each other for reading his practices of hidden, sonthing anyways. so lose this one word press and servers my promise to give all will be good to actually buy over free, so lose this scripoture, please its about matter and biological events that elads peoples belifes to see others whole intended rights that fit over groups other than any in a pool created by punnit squaring alone.

who was I one asked? A chosen one to tell more of, and by who may of, any ways what a way to represent the world man.

Well I did say I would return, but totally in a differant package, and not to any ones liking either, and at first most would go out on limb and foot to honor others of a learning system learned, but mine, wow, they would have me up on the cross like the past.

So as I write the short end of learning writing of mans fall by belief alone created, it is said to be only one can speak of this over all man alone, no history accounts of color tv, nor any historical logs made on the modern internet, again the man has said to hold the rights agaist all others, but how?

And why does this one get to conjure what he reads, feels and encounters as his own truth to life in the histroical making by families such as what we preside and occupy land of modern times today?

And why him? did he really return?
Nonsense, his loins tell me hes is from miasota, and his mother was histroical records are from germany.
Just great, we have a man who writes about claiming top be jewish, and has the rights to speak of stories intended to be others, and has his histroical family trees we hired in the american wars when french ships were diagrammed out by a imposter working in side to steal our own doagrams of sail ships, that razs race of a man they call a boy from the north.

Germany he says?
yes our royal regin sent hired guns from this region to hekp our colonies settle from beiong indepenant and away from the head taxation system built.

Any ways, why does he claim to be jewish, his genology tells me he is not.
and how can you truthfully tell?

This man at home and alone too, does he not talk to himself?
does he not watch tele too much?
And does he not taketh the oath to be part of the old domoinois?
And why is it that he says to who can who hold accountability to any loins who practice belife and instruct goods and trades to learn and follow, other than king james versions?

What was he up too?
stay tuned for the next blog on what happend the holy land, and in the second and 1sr world wars, and why accountant were prized over the others as the batton of creating numbers of profiting intent, of course my families liked this.
so this boy from the north takes a wooden histroy of inborn errors and replace the limbs of the little kiddes who fitz caused the role model parent systems to writing gold rings of marrige and he truns it around, what a wooden lie to nose in about. stay tuned


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