SUPER STAR “The world’s 1st”

I watched a movie yesterday, it was called Jesus christ super star, what a fabulous movie.

I too write my own details of his making, how and who, the basic scientific intrussion that both religion, science and a Queen, and or a King, or just a plain house mouse from the past, what ever latter both do prevail in what I write.

Nor am I angered, but pretense in words and a worded deciet to ones aguishes of sending messages out for the darn whole world to hear.

Again jargon was one of may favorates over the periods to assume litrature had been in favor over the world by a plundering, pilgrimage to one secertes, weather country, nor throne was to weaken the evention of the system we use and abide by today.

As I share the inner most secrtes on a public web site for any to take, and to re-write interesting oppositional inspiration in all events detailed.

My lesson of honor begins with her majesty the Queen, out of greatest times, where poeples did have the loss of dispair lingering on influencial movements that can lead our countries prosperity or just reading and following somtning elese that take interests eles were on the global map.

My respects to royals have never been any higher than any one I may add or choose to crayon about in only the most positive nouns learned to instruct good reasons of written intent, she is my inspration george.

so as I do write, I do keep in mind the families as well, the very well meaning of conservating to preserve what we have in hertited as this model we use today had been the precurser and the father who taken the four corner stones and did give to man kind him self as part of lessons to where we all are today, and in no doubt sir, the family had traveled along way to reach the goals the world has aways tried to duplicate and remake promises other than hisotry to which my roayals have indeed done so by exmple and true inspriations to influencial freedoms.

So the first time I went to ask for some idea logics on the environemts, the prize money always went to some one eles, weather the servers next door desk top, or just some eleses means of intruding good ideas for ones own wealth.

I did manage to blue print the carbon dioxides that the royals were giving prize money for any one who can take carbon out and turn the global events to come around, but no one replied to what I had created.

So I had taken this as a lesson of internet surfing for the right or wrong reasons, and no one has told me who won the 25 million dollar prize money.
So I went on to genetics my lord, the alchemy of finding genetics and markers of genuine inhertiances just in case disasters had struck and there would be no way to indentify a single souls, only by the bones left to see who and how they became.

No prize money for either, so I go on still writting the events of time, no prize money for any of the blue prints to any claims of carbon dioxies to take out of the sky, and to this advertising on a shaw internet around the 2001 to 2004 era of carbon removals and the prize money would be given to the lucky cnadidate who made it.

As to find any meaning now, my blue prints still sit unworthy to any, as to say how alchemy is as it was so long ago to serve and have money to continue, I lost, so my imagination went into fixing the bodies that became ill my lord, it was my darkest secrete ever to know death had inspired my senses to repair the damaged bodies encountering matter alone, and by the accidents I research of by chance and the forced evolutions I see as a natrual selection in biochemistry to life and the chains who follow into and unto there orbits of quantum regins.
Till again we meet, charles, diana, elizabeth and the rest of the family.
Friend from the north, Lauren


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