Hello, I know most like to take specific interest of their very own destiny, and as I explain to each of how the specifics to each end of there own by there very own, will my job.

The very 1st, of any man and of his kind. As we regret to observe the reseason why representations to allow who can import the importance of who we are, what we can become, and yet most of all, by what measurement of what profiled genology group pools in the globe today is selected to actualy tell you who really can.

As is, it is said to be there own fall if only one can profit from mistakes made to be to clever, how so was this in my only 1st?

As the worl braces once again for a fall, and by the hands of pockets made to be lined, it is again the loins of how and who will be desired to describe to each pool alone of what we had become by sacrificing the world’s 1st, and in the modern market of a salad agenda and coined books ment for logs and records that stand in the way of the man they put death by doing so.

In this on line free sneak a peak look at who can it be to sum up such causes in how important any one could be other than a few selcted kinds, like a hat trick, we see only what we need to see, and thus the rabbit out ones hat appears to be magical, mystic and a case to cause laws of the unsure, the sceptics who scare them selfs to silly reasons of tricks were only made for reasons alone, the gesture shalome is a hidden welcome to see what I do behind the walls of disbeif made by centuries of evolution and political changes, and arrest come last to end these pages of mystery woth the world’s 1st, and the laws made to hold accountability made to be a reality so deep, that this wound will scar the globe of all its learning, and thus will again convict there own deficit of gaining power to one groups owned genology of creating reasosn by simple belifes.

Enjoy my story of the past, and free for all to write and rewrite, thats what this story is partially about, the rest of humanity, well the story in your own wording by learning of who, how and what we become will be your own grace to make it or break it, and this will be the peoples who follow you.

Lauren the Auther on wordpress blogging stories and posting them for free.


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