Early reviews a must, I know this is going to be a kicker of a social building block of tetesterone androgen might for any soldier who likes real life tours, lots of action and color theater embedded turn ons to crafty militay tactics.

I know changes add up to peoples eventive lifes incentives of both action, thriller, and loss of both loved ones to actuary means of war, casulaties and reforming national secutiy to ensure home land is not attacked and that includes the uploading of anti-american jargon binladin used to upload while hiding in the mysts of the battle fields in his home land.

I did not take to much interest of the news cast that day when 9-11 was all over the networks, I was at work that day, but as age got to me so did the stories of how and why things lead up to such acts.

It was not till later on as age and changes become part of the why issues arise in many learning factors and also when industry is owned or needs to be in a differant families contract ties to supply oils or other commercial powerful comodey that make up a part of the geno factor to powers.

Any ways, as age takes early wisdoms on why social induction become part of the learning processs, the way I have learned why people try to fly planes into buildings, and the ones invol;ved being the trades center.

It seems to logical and the time it needed to engineer the implosion events that take place on professional demolosion services, you like the ones on tv, or discovery now?

The heat of each beam reqiures know;edge, and time ho pin point these factors, one woul;d think a cracked off peice would strew over four feet in one direction or the other?

As for catching that planner of a man who uploads hatred propaganda on amrica, his influence to arictecures in the middle of the eastern floor boards, who knows were he had the blue prints from or how he got them.

These are demolosiion protocalls if a new building must put up and an old one down.

The man in the golf couse or his house in were binladin was hiding, the ops team needs to use special equipmets to find a man who does know what america is used to by thugs who take part in a building smash in.

So as the manhatten project in the second world war was ending so did the start of new companies, oil and doo little reserch helped in shell in the old days to his great contributons to the oil industry in america.

mars needed atmic nuclear lithium cystalls and mining was an effort to, a suppy of atmoic lithium cyrstalls to power laser on mars, was a project to power ipads in the long distance future with a safe isatope, were the battery nevwer runs out.

Any ways the man who needs to do this is in my opion left to secrtes never to have the world have this only america.

but as xrays can account to see tranagled spectrum alaoue rays tv sends in and out, you need equip,met to see this wave activty as well, were it is were it comes from and how long it remains uploading.

its like hiring cone rocket scientists, 2nd world war, smhidt engines, and other who worked to become part of los almos for splitting the atoms german scientists had just about had in the graspse, so it sending in apche mohawk trackers, by goodness they succeeded.

any ways xrays and xbox techs, the infared imaging thermo scanning and yes mri scanning lunicons playing base ball back boards for wondering rays, and picture painted of who is on the inside.

Spetrum photoray intrusion sensory equpimtents, and other needs to see past the guys who try to put ameerica down, not good.

so as we project new tecnologies we need the social augumentations to allow a follow up here and there, whether its product or services or just training for keeping our personal staioned to peace keep.

As drones sweep infared air waves to see radio activty and uploaded digtial signals reaching sender and recierv waves were they come from, well you get the picute now, so how they got him is movie for all to see, it just one of those things that our youth need to ensure to match technology, socialogy and powerful leaders who help keep countries from terring each other up for the peoples very own reasosns, to be on top of things, depends who though, its a shame that they did not listen at fisrt, social chachert ethics were a warning as genes were to send in the next wave of news stories that seperate then its time to heat up the anti if they dont comply, now it on everybody breakfast table, the man who was good turned bad, and it was a tale to seperate the ethics of his culkture in a campained way, but he did not listen, so in come the big guys, warn a bit, a slap on the wrist no brain no gain, so harder tactics become a reality, so now watch the beuty of winning our war on terrosism, thank you america your solders are great, and i approve the star wars program too.


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