dear pathologist

Does it take time to bruise after a loss of blood as occurred to a cut and if large amounts of blood loss, death is about to be encountered by a series of events to the subject?

Is it possible for a body to experiences bruising while tossed around receiving medical, or help into a small compartment after the or as the subject is immediately being tossed around in hopes to hurry for cleanup by a second in advanced to timing insurance of completing the tasks both can load n go deal as quickly as possible and bruising is a direct rag n doll tossed in invention to exclude arguments as predetermined as a possible results? After, during or as a toss in result?

Dear pathologist, can this be a possible?

Dear nobody: for one thing. you talk to much, another is the questions you ask, as a both direct answer to results, it is possible to squeeze the doubt after the fact, as a possible link to bruising while trasportation of the subject, host or other in the fact finding of why bruising may occur after or before and yes a possibility as transporting A to B as part of the equations to add to existing the infliction’s.
Is there any thing else on your mind?

Dear pathologist: I was asking a friend as well, the court room drama, had my doubts to truth our good beef has said to be true, no where near the finality of the processing of acts & completion to ones planning of airing a episode to ring and message truth to every thing but the kitchen sink, that have taken place?

So, as you asked again, you know I am not the great oz here, nor do I consider my ventures an advertised event to tell truth over fiction as a part time free job to mysteries on the unsolved, but again I do not have the professional certificate to do so.

I must log out now, as for the on line pathologists who see a biz opertunity in on line patho questions, the opportunity is there to make a on line patho question hour, and as for me? no I dont have the time, so I stick to story tellin, its way to venture into a more productive peice in ones life, thank you, PS if I could work for the Queen, or the King I surely would not hesitate, they are good people to employ good wonders who come from out of the ashes


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