A personal run down of peoples life’s, it typicality quite easily directed to present the other shoe of another, who would most be a stigmatic profile of issues on the security desk to fit a logged profile to pick and choose from.


Anyways, the reasons I am writing, is I am young, well not so young over forty, closer to the 50 mark.

I have studied more recently, since involving my interests in other peoples causes of issues and concerns, medical professionals highly do not recommend to directly take personal involvement of others who contain personal issues of there own, it was a safe guard for peoples who decide to force a shoe to fit when in no doubt was’t the shoe of the families going to fit a personal relation ship of the both who never really had the time to know the unknown.


As the other shoe left as a give away in hopes to fit as a alibi, it is then that a course to see a cause by planning, and a waiting game became a midnight cleaning event no one would ever know about, will last from evening, to dawn, as well the time calculated that a act was done while at home and or as the others whom may have been on a evening outing prior, but as story tells the tale of man and wife in a house, in the evening as intrusion could be heard, as for leaving to go out, the tele was playing a tune of the past, greed fingers, a very popular tune in the day.

As know sound could ring cry’s of help, innocent to just lay dormant was the best defense to adjust story by time.

It is the fall time, rendering the yard work seems to be a bit much, and answering the excuses already at will, the midnight clean up, was all ready on the make, as reading and case cause to no other explanations, cleaning, firing up the wood pits, late in the night vs the day, and the prior to offense as all ways, it has to take place, and time was a crucial factor in the intrusion assumption to who may fit the act and scene deal, the next batch to my fiction tales of life, for a early winter clean up as a fresh move in, to the new digs.

A cold dark evening, the mark was 10:00 or so, the security of another family mans work is having reductive reasoning behind the the time to encounter as either the intrusive, as patience it does take to know surprise visits from the family in bump of the night, or early enough to subject the act, and as time can clock both, was a job to see concerns, details, were not missed, as well, a job well done or completed.

One man acts the offense, the other lays to alibi truth he did not commit the offense, as insurance scams become more globally investigated, this circumstantial story may lead to a new way of seeing the beyond of DNA and family who may look for TV shows on a court room drama event made for cable, THE law.


As real time is today, the time traveled at once said route, and the time it takes for both clocks to act accordingly, was both that had done the job, and both needed to alibi the each other to compete the act, alibi and story timing to each of the events transpired too.

As real live psychics reveal the plot, and clear patients who linger in communicating profiles upon the officials blame shame lists for the public to hear and swallow, the officers for the security board, and on the desk to paint and crayon to the easy believing. “Yawn”

So, as a winter and or a crayon painter, by newspaper designs, it is about to retain and unleash the cold snows upon the closer howls of a holloween, & delight for night fright.


It is of the October month, and holloween approaches, so does the snow may bring cold winds as early as said, it is no surprise, cable, and video-tronology is pre-programmed to watch sports by a physical life style never to have taken place in one life, as for the on programming, a show was planned, and its long intermission time was about to be used for a physical first time.


This is out, to reach a inning in the first batter up, as communications take a unifying effect in suspended harmonics to synchronicity with micronucleicmagnetic waves for phones and tv streams vs 10,000 MHz 5 years ago and 20,999 Hertz today, a little intrusive to sound wave interruption by date and era, things that go bumps in the night, and as a part of the serving tray, serving the customer for a day is not seen either to gather planned scoped routes in the area of man and his other in the making.

Area customers nestle in for the long game, a old order to a read of the Charles dickens novels, a Royal dinner with the elite, let’s say from Buckingham palace, and a lie to say none of the above ever occurred.

We take the story of the mormons tribulations to life, believing in god was mighty a sin not to, and to surprisingly undertake the enduring truth to get together were as common for families to develop the great knowledge of the Lord himself, maybe they will see a darker side to a man who may be spoken on the behalf and in the flesh?

As for skills and understanding that they have the authority to help people, even the gone, dead, and forgotten, the speaking on the behalf of dead peoples, members of society, which may have passed naturally, or victims of accidents or crimes, they can be blessed or baptized on the authority, it is said so they would have that chance too.

As a dedicated psychic to the body, flesh and sole, I was taken to the presentation of being appointed to answer in the hidden languages of the unknown, and taken before all of the groups best.

The manner to a detailed gaming program with the up dates at the evening bed posts laying in clever reach as a way to talk to the dead, and by a phone in the helm, Halloween was around the corner yes?

As I taken interests, the prints clearly detail the male orifice of concluding the goons who need sprawl the neighbor hood as a way to publically shift evidence to there taken oath of involvements, what a corruptible innovations to construct a long building of tall tale eh?

It is that of, that they too were in a inner circle of deceivers who close deals, to the public.

It is to have the second cell to match, but to plant it there is another story of mans tale, it is not a good sign for families involved for gaining reasons, either of the personal, or the actual intent.

Was this, or was it just to gain other than freedoms of persecutions or land with prosperity to ventured capitalism in the mind of the other?

The deals at a bargain basement price every body will whine about in the future, like cottage, and saying cheese was a camera event in the making.

You see, as dead as I was, I bring people to there justices even by one voice alone, so be it if its the Queen, and or the King himself, my job stands alone and at home, if I may say, not that the Queen did a direct murder or robbery, nor the King, but, as a spirituality, my appointed by the highest order, as a job and adviser to the highest.

I had been appointed as the communicator, of the unseen, the universal forces one could be called as a imaginary friends deal, the communications for I speak on of the lost, a job ranking most higher than running nation or country, a job that no one wants.

So as fling hits the flue, splatter in the hours of an increasing cold seasons, epinephrine was still a number one choice to ease restless nights of aching, agony and wait times yes?

A bargain for the prestigious, but yet not so privileged.

My foxy fat man of a nuclear bomb that was named in 1944, to surprise, for it is he who my brother had maiden-ed you for something other than a date in the woods, both gaming programs, a drive to see a fling as privately and discreet one could imagine to be planning of by both, the dearest in the public’s eye, my loins were not in and on any public pocket purse, nor were there prints to male the loins of.
So to say, as I, wake my way in form of physic messaging, my intrusive wondering to know you have been to the both, as a brother who works the Goebbels of a past lands of milk n honey, again why bother?

The Biloxy mayor campaign bought peoples heads to turn the same direction as a nut would be seen in the same lime light.

So as close as I can get to matter with out harming my deepest wondering, mentally as I write, the out of body experiences one takes to answer others diluted sense of blaming some else for masterly acts.

This sci-fi is as close to a real strange fiction bio, a phenomena that can act on each other as a force of natural selection occurs every few millennial, a way to tell you, you should never mess around with another mans wife, even if he is your brother or long lost brethren of a past.

But tales of dishonest wedlock, the war locks of fine determination to finely attribute rest, another was it not, but surprise, and it has a end by the known intrusion, but not known why.

Could you make the time to say hey we as the two bros planned the insurance money, and boo, the time both one cleans and one drives, the act of how to, is a tale crime stories can write about on live tv.

As the hours crept in so did the gathering of special services branch, the information highway to the most highest, a direct link to the above, you won’t understand so don’t try.

As I talk to my imaginary friends of the unknown, its connection that scare most, is how true to each step can be taken in another mans foot steps, and as Mormons had told me once in church, you do not even have to be there to know what had happened, that was for computer connections or something, but the relations to to the unseen is still a benefit.

The hour for hour, and argument for argument, the early tell tales of planning something to be unexpected, and to unfold as cause planned in thieving, a brother to ask the wife to go out for a few questionnaires to excuse the entry of logged events in words to action pretense, a late fire out side? need help with his yard over at home, and needs to find unspecific for both, as she looked, but on the other hand, the the tale of argument eludes to running, and is fell to tripping up out the door, not the screen car door, in a action planned event the financial windfalls will tell a closer look to ones loss.

So how does one surprise not when asked to fetch something? or look for something?
How does one ask to ride with the brother of a mass molecular pend it broker?

Who can believe that a homeless crazies were the culprits as hired hands leaving marks of there honest work before the new folks who moved in, and that homeless crazies was the perfect alibi?

Or as questions rise to the occasion once more, does having access to special files for prosecutions lead to enemies? Or one who the work of the oath for the majesty will conclude to believe so.

Developing enemies, who fit the profile on the desk, may say internal affairs now will have a different alibi all together.

Does this leave room for a insurance plot both with the known of the family affair?

Does it leave room for a story for break and enter?

Does it leave room for a couple of homeless crazies to berry a hatchet the same as a prisoner would to conjure up guilt by cellular DNA innocence of no known enemies?

Either the same, does it still leave room for augmentative motives hidden by the intruder as a unexpected guest, or a family guest with a different motive to drive home a deal made while one waits to clean up the mess?

How logical is this?
Does insurance scammers take the time to conjure the events that will lead to an intruder who is violent, a criminal or a violent crazie?

So both who create the insurance scam and act the intruder theory, a stumble has caused one to dig more, a late in the seasons clean up event, a surprise visit may have occurred, and to map the time of day, evening, or later in the evening, the insurance scammers now must have a way to collect.

So who was broke? What deal was for who, and for what?

An out of the loan questions, a outrageous large amount?
There are many insurance frauds all over the globe, today there is more involving murder.

If two people can be involved it is explanation free to say there is no other explanations to not say there had been two indeed.

How an act of murder and how it would transpire to unfold by timing is another story to plan.

Hock-ems razor to conclude the reasoning events to guilt and innocents in a modernized world of fraudulent acts.

So why an evening to clean while as asleep to a driver on his way to wait at home for the call of great concern, hmm. any body see the insurance papers?

And the route of normal travel? to all go on to a ride for life’s nessesitys?

As I see insurance scammers profiles, weather they are people in trusted jobs alike people do what they do best, avoid there own fears of getting caught, and the best trait to follow this science of political engineering to help law and policy later, is there is looking important, and providing professional trades over the time spent over the other.

So it takes time to wash, dry, and bath and shave n powder up for the presetation or interview,

it takes time to wash an area of concern so eqipment is needed to push the dirt away.

time is needed to wash the steps of both of the each in chase or in struggle, as said, to go sime place other than the back yard or door in ear shots echo, but why fighting has taken place before or after as a fight or flight event in a process.

the time it takes to let the intruder in leading to be persuaded to leave the house,
The time needed to act as a act was now a surprise but planned

the time it has taken to deliver the blows of insurance fraud, and the the time to realise the what they left behind,

A crucial piece to lead and tie both to a ghostly murder insurance fraud, a crucial piece now in the hands of the investigators and timing now is not just matter, but placing conduct to the act as price was made to be at the innocence of a mans insured benifitercy. A four year old had solved this one giving relations to the same experiences as her parents were in the fraud game.

As this time does add up, the driver is now at home, how he got there is another story

To see why money is needed is another story,
The no loan to family, was a company that will go to others if act is not soon, it will buy a time frame to gather information on it, so watch the transfer of dollars next.

So why does reductive reasoning work for telling others of misfortune ate events,to ones detailed concerns, with a hint of personal reasons for a small gain of what?

Step by step, day to dark, then to digital to digital.

Electronics, “easy” now, I am on the laws side of life, now.

Why now? what did you have with the past? A jail bird desk top profile? As said?

You do have issues, and it is easily made to have the public in belief a crazed nut with shoes of a brother can fit any one who lurks the house of crazed peoples wanting to gain more than an excusable pause to endure a action tense the car was to be a stolen innovation intent now?

Since your closing deals for early release programs, I watched the famous earnest goes to jail, it was my fav to see how casual he was at a formal dinner gathering to twin off his shoe look a like painting campaign.

For Buckingham palace, well you could say this boy did bring in a royal pay check for investigating some the most toughest, and in high end places, other than printing the coffee coasters at costcos, costirico i mean, ooh.


Say, as the evening cold begins to wind in, not down of course, how is it a 24 hour missing clause dimple enter a time frame for a brother to drive out instead? hmmm?

As known, the time spent cleaning, as well as memory can cause to retain and “attest” to the “communicator”, a higher in trust than you, as I am appointed to do so, by authority of my imaginary friends in dark places, by whom to socially network the of early planning, a foul to the plans, of a brotherly pair to gain something else than a night on the “towns credit” “the tax rate payers public dole” “the credit card express gravy train.
So as it is circumstantial and politically correct that my fiction is to close to be a reality of personal concern, but dangerously close to reveal you and the dollars gained, step by step.

Brothers who profile to do any thing for there own, there is no doubt, reasons to know how kin relations can compromise each others practices over time.

As I was about to enter the body, as a posses being from the past, and this one will not be forgiven, only you will allow the matter to free it self by unknown intrusive plans, that is rendered on the behalf, as both who know, what they want, and the unfortunate for the one who does not, leave to tell a tale even when gone, as I said, planning can jargon the timing of man, cable programming as a public exhibit, and giving the number of excusable no doubt alibi on to him self, as the one who now sleeps with himself.

As the cold sets in, the yard work had been planned but known to be done in the cold October rain. This story is fictitious remember.

As snow began to call upon a sacred heart of the order who deals with hidden phenomena and the unspoken left only to tell there alien craft was keen on assisting, as the communicators of what had happened, this tale of life after death is some what fictions but meteorology to space bacteria infecting to tap into ones speaking, it is not.

As for cough medicine and today’s kids, and the personal concern of loading youth up with a cough syrup, parenting & lobbying the govi for restrictive calls on banning cough syrup early enough to “surprise forget” in a time event of “restlessness” in the due cold seasons of the past, now a days, it is a prescription order, cause it makes you sleepy.

As a promise to reveal the steps taken by both involved to a one who deals to sleep the waiting game times of both synchronicity event’s to clean in the the cold dark yards to the early hours, in hopes to find a successful mission was in no doubt in on the other end of the communicating lines of the paranormal, while the other one had driven to deliver a ghostly tale, left for an old sacred order to help and adjust to see the frames of timed timing, by both, to know contact first was actually to ease the gut, and the complete task for gain had been done, the nut is not a partial to one’s imagination, its a crayoned event by insisting to display the such as, you know reality show, a fiction court drama, and one who should not miss the paired events made by both.

So as time is crucial, so is wait times in man’s indigenous physical, on to himself, as planning to see how far one has had gone, the phone call to the highest has, indeed revealed the hidden, and the in between, of social gestures to planning a want, for gain, unexpected intrusion by the host as the unsuspected to the subject.

As this story tales the truth about insurance scams to ghost writers deepest tales, the rings of morel surprise to give a shockingly, to know a brother will be considered as a closer than an enemy opposite of the James version, so as a monster in law show I see, says to detail for a open ticket seasons.

Any body now, and on the cable high fi, as importance in credible, accountability as stakes are very high, a services of tenders to help the rings be heard on the other end.

And in on free accounts to pleasures, from gain, as far off to the area as said, from public may hem, public nuts and yes the dangerous logged as a perfect alibi to blame shift by public belief.

This story was inspired by insurance fraud, the reality’s of insurance placing story to tell a different tale to the investigatory, and no machine nor media empire could tell the tale end of story belief.

The characters in this script are fictitious, The events and real life drama in worded text is circumstances that are circumstantial. and reading is portrayed as the readers chronological to reading arrangement’s of the readers past, future and or real time events.

As brothers in arms can say this is fiction, so take a back seat and read,


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