princeton’s universal mouse

The mouse gene affair, is this free, only if matter can account to knowing news and paper tabloids fit the radio and air exposures that are a public topic on sky trains and every part of the legal offices, including the jury’s vetting hour to hear importance and influences by character and relating to what they like.

ooh. devilish of an advocate in drama, I say ol chap, like pretense psychology with a scotch broth in one hand a dead end drunken penmanship out of ink, ya?

Say, good fellow, I do believe its time for a chit chat, don’t you think?
Come on, I’ll treat you to pub n froth script, its a place were Kings, queens and other related blood lines gather for a feast at a alchemy’s magic potion and bats, that stir up a orange peel, a twist of exklier in the top brands of chemical put together in a Kings story to live for ever.

Geeze, darn poopsie writer I had done it in fer my self, this time.

Any ways were was I? Ah yes, A written tale for all to grab and see, yup let alone be used for some ones eles money making endevors.

As I said my writing was possed with a multi-personality writers itch, my hand really did have a hand of its own.

Just who hand I would be writing in is a question for paranormal investigators to dig deep for fee that is yet free to all see.

what I am about to write is man, A dearest friend of mine, a King in loney world of all his chirldren, of course all went rampant to drive him insane, causing the paid clergy to press a red button to start all over once again.

Nasty little mind we made yes? Indeed so, sir a nasty mind at that.

As I my hand been etching to vision out the acts of a longing to rule way past in what can be described as an annoying beast to greed up power for to long, you know like a dictator on the bench too long.
Say, I no its not the luck of me irish who ya sent yer behalf my liverwost me lords mans, I mukst say it was wee tad unfortunate to tis see a generation bought to help straighten out the clans over on the other side.

Any ways, why worry you wanted to be taken to a very very powerful man in the arts of human chemicals other than a paid genetists on the other side of morels.

As taking steps to alchemy, you wanted cloned, you got it.
You wanted to pair twins in the next coming, you got it.
the man You will meet is a alchemy we all been hoping to see a return froma apast that one day a lomg time ago that when in the house of gords you would not want any presedensers take over and that you may out live them all.
You have that to.

This man I take you is a boy, a man and every old gent who, has had his nose in every pie, every crevice and has done so right since the beginning of time were it all began.

so, as a bas portayl of a garden other than hiding chemical inscriptions in a loined fashion statements he has sent you a coach, a coach to ride forever with internal fountains of unpresdents of youth for all to be in a rippled event of any time at any place of the four folds of the flat earth my earthly king.

so it is waiting, waiting for your taking, step up and see this boy from the north who gives you a chance to see others who bear alchemy in the smallestest of unseen geno types in all the lands known, and in your kindoms at that sir.

Would you like to hear the bat tales rodus rotnus, and a tale of an old dutch king this old mans assistant had put in a pot and boiled to see a bird fly out?

what was the main dish?


Come here, I know universal languages in every university, school play to empire rules in ghastly tale to tame and account to build a large personal who have the perks to prove what is it is of the written past that accounts today of the changes peoples never think of never to happen.

what is it that you need to see? 7 billion people separated and slowly being accounted for each, groups, one by one, gene for gene, and in hopes to detail a new kingdom after the round up, it is a Castries by a weather starlight instead of the suns ray particles once blasphemer about? Al hogwash to the unseen, the liar to phenom on of the untalented mysteries he writes about.

How can a poor boy, and from the north be as young, then aged to be ancient?
Yet I read, and I read his stories, and I admit, I can’t stop, there is he, a penned coach made for me all to bear down about and have that power he says I can have, but that does bring me to a dangerous point over my own now does it not?


Why on goodness green’s gravy train would a man like you ever think of having some one in your geno hood bump you up for place as a prize on as a show piece mantle?

Come, come the coach is getting cold, he has sent for you in good intentions, and not bas one sir, good ones.

Were on greens earth did you get this coach from?

My good god! its you, for love of all mercy let me out, now..

Wait.. wait and you will be dropped off, if you wanted out now you’ll surly drop under the Wheels of this coach as it moves sir, so Wait.. STOP!

Out, what? You wanted out did you not? I, I guess my old age has had me tired some to be so shamefully unwitted by your youth, how old you sir?

Its not about I sire, I had sent this coach for you, you had asked were it had come from, and before I could explain you screamed at me Its you, and you demanded to be let out while moving.

Did your mother come from the queen of Scotts, now that I am comfy, Well?
no she did not.

Who are you, you look like aurther pendragon so long ago, but it cant be, he died with a battle wound, in hopes he would have the exleir potion for my cosuins who regined long before the boy from the north ever had the rights to footsteps all the way here and tell me about my tree.

I will not take this as request in funny dudy young man, who says I was being a funny duddy sir?

Come on, thirty venteries of family gene oocytes and all you have to say it is impossible?

Listen, mynage is hand, I do not have much time left to say how good you are, let alone have yoyr head on spike of it was 200 years eailer, but no wasting my precious time left, what is it that you want?

You majesty, I learned of your age, and as I said I too had been in this cause all the while, and since my nose had been in it for some time as much as your too, you can say banking on both freedoms, will and life to ensure we endure are fullest, even if age has been seen to stop an old man like me, turn back the clock of time, to youth my services all in the glory of detail for all to see, let alone have and give notice to wanting the exkeir I had created.

You thats really foolish of you young man, on this side of the globe there are secrity persons watching every word for word and can see right down your living room pantry if I come to see you, and in this coach you sent me, its a discrace to charm, elegance and influencial beuaty, I’ll have my own when I land In Canada to see your real presence and not a hologram of a ghost you have still taken the darkest secrets man should never have.

No, you will not, you will take the coach I sent you in, or you can stay in the sheets you lay in until l they remove you by one of your own hands, now park the story book of past on conquring great peoples such as the ones who take you as a great friend in and into the past, and see what I have to give you as gift no man has ever had this hidden secrte, not even the dead sea scrolls sir.

so how inthe hell did you manage to popup somthing like that?
Lets see a concotion out of the back woods kitchen sink?

Listen this bores me, take the coach I sent you, after all its the first one built with the blue prints from james town on the maden voyage your fore fathers sent over the seas to discover new lands, but we know clergy, law men and wedding councilors could not attend to building a country on the first fleet over, come on now, we know the second boat had all the tool forging books of how to make crafting detail of industrial might if sucess was to be done on the first fleet.

Was I on that ship you ask? way whipser to me? no one can hear you, what? who am I? come come now, cambrian universties all over the globle princton reader ships just bought ten grand in stocks when you made contact with the unknown of me, and you can say every book has a new begining to an end, in paper backs from my view, I know you heard the sarcasims before from every tom wicks and harry, that was a good law firm by the way.

But, as bored as we now become, the caoch was one of your builders in blue prints sir.

So that expalins the old nasty salts of the sea it entangleged to en strange my woods for a ride.


So now what? feeling a bit better I see the penmanship come to life for a brief moment.

If I take this coach to Canada, and see you, what do expect out of it? Money? flashy one time moments of fame? what is it that you want?


As a friend, I must be carful how choose my speeled tenses, as a freind of the earth, I gain zip, for you, you gain extension to see rule by outliving every one who opposes you.

And any who oppsoses carry a maximum time spent, and yerning to want if he lets him.

Now, take the coach, and return to see this in a direction to the unknown but all to see, this I give you, I have nothing I want in return, all I see is that You want that chance too, and it is the exler I shall give free on how too do so.
for now my King, till it is said we meet again, friend, an organisms of the past, from another era of centrpenctographica.


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