Particle beams, scientist to see a salt 1st

Ectroscopy, nuclear particle waves, the chalk river tpe, the usa has new ways to give expert advise on tracer evidance now, as we see the particle resposble in may sapphire beams in bone marrows and other salts left behind by a x-ray beam bombarded to see a how forensics of a newspaper post to say a canadian scientists can only indentify one particle of a canser causinf cell in forensics chemical compositions under the particle beam collider.

are you ready now? the relationship between army personal vivitng the shortages of isatopes, the russian isatope reader who uses histroy as mono lisa was was, the scientist uncovered the uraium salt isatope marker in the bodyes cell as atoms cam be resized now and that changes the enite tgeoy on the new tv shows on KRIME in Kanada, invovling forensic tracers on there there own celarance prints on immugration illegals and the voters who supports the govis who let them in. is the law informents to have the manitboba amassadoe to arrange housing and set up new ways to monitor the here now gonme tommow project?

Why a isatope from a uranium u 210 ? does this particle being smahed and split to nano size conducting gold neeles and blood works to devlop cancer or am i funny duudy scientist?

why the hype on works from isatope u210 salts? does this means they can be identifed in the body? and in ion pathways of batteries used on mars? foolow me its amouse trap, and I have dimplomatic immunity to see I too devleoped a real iimuty to a isatope, usally it take genrations t become resistant to this isatope and other metals but as now my body has been suject to 18 rads,and nuclear atcks on the cells, my nano cells cannot have them pass though they miss it and bounce off it, and I have no isatopes left to linger.
to pull it out out of the body in bones? thats a mouse trap too.

Want it? come and get it, this is how to pull out isatope cells containing lysis forming nuclear related celluar clusters on a reverse chain in two hours to cure the entie body.
want to pay me now to see a real pyscic at worl? or does the negbors kid need land in the order over rest of the peoples who fall under this huse of doom tale.


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