Duchess CD 4 T-cells oocytes ALL BOYS


Bio-engineering was not a dead sea scroll event to cause a story telling issues in reality. Hard nose, hard ball and sarget carthy to tell you apples, bannasa and more from were they come from.

As genes become a biopsie work to see why cancer happens in species, taxonomy was place to start. Being in the world of our leaders, wanting to create the perfect look of a perfect no minking, no over run organsism in singing yoko peace’s for a tread on a lifes birth rate by no industrial rubbers for an over populated world of the day.

so as isolation became a gene link, the guys who can grow mousy ears know how easy it is to fix, and seperate the classes as 1, 2, and 3 from oringinal gene markers who identify complete cnetrio poles on chromosome completetion.

The phtyo genenic account of (-) Rh antigene in the mothers plenceta, the Rh (+) in the plentcenta gives both rise to act up on each others proteins in this generation markers.

The phyto cd 4 t cells in the plenceta of the genetic sequences closest to our own, have the htvl-1 virus in contact with the rheas fetus, the antigenes produce antibodies to have a biologic time to slow direct its self on each others tcell as the chain is introduced on the way up to fit ours in moleculkar weight. 2.0, 3.2, 4.2, and our anti body chain weight to size our acceptance sequences.

The cd t 4 tell has the antigenes made by rh antigene of the reproductive plenctea target cell sites, and is rh – to a anti body to be made to target to attack its own encoded protein as a big cd 4 tcell oour normal size, the anti gene virus turns into a antibody, then it transcriotase into a antibody of becoming an imminuo anti body distructive inscriotive cell destroyer one by one, and the rh and rh attack its self as antigenes in the rh factor to rh – factor on reproductive typing only, thats why salavia and tears may not carry the antigene in ducts as it turns to anti bodies, the ducts cant have this size pass through, its not blood stream and anti body producing. the serum to cure, is the serum its self, the answer is nopen to any body who is a human in a peroid of power.


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