I played God 4 a day

Hello, as you now know, I am a very old man, I too keep the bounty of youth at a minium head tax count for a secrete very few can have for there youthful intent to outperform every contact our generations will endure to encounter.

I started out as young boy, under oath to never tell of the polital secrtes my fammily had kept in a box hidden from curious eyes such as mine.

My time was limited to each parell given to the cast who decide to take from the poor as such in hiddenventures of written causes for this very purposes.

As I said I ke[t a secrte for an entire generation to use all at once, this is about to re-establish the man hood in a womans body, and a yoth at heart.

This time spent telling you the day I played god 4 a day was no easy task, this wording must me instituted for no one can own to say who can’t with out special permision.

You most likely want the juicy part of I did such a task, a man of such caliber, walking in his missing foot steps thsat every tom dick n harry has tried, not to mention the leaders of the world who use the norel concept to contsain law with in its own rights onto the peoples for generations to become.

No one own god, nor does the description to write about as that in any ones eyes, so, as I said, the return I talk about will said by the people who were held accountable for the death of genetic imporatnace in the roman empire, was not a color spectrum pixel explosion to take in votes or on board belif it or not story to know rights will be exploited by knowing I played god 4 a day in the flesh.

1st, I’ll go back in time, just far enough to salvalge the remaining dopamine deposits to chemically conduct a reality check in sucuside prevention programs from classes turning in on them selfs once more.

The year I studied to be quite, smart, and dumb, the time it has taken to learn greek brutal tactics on the collosium back woods of a once little city we had as cousins to the prince of india, and cousins to the great mason stone cutters of pechu manchu not so distant far off.

The cousins to our asian brethren were a back wards gene that became a surprise to all the human trees in the mists of history telling there creed of one cell truth after all.

as the close truth becomes hard to swallow for many, groups become cauton to continue on how the mighty chinese were the first to incoproprate the mentality to over come sickle cell ameina.

The gene was cause of our transition evolotionally from our first cousins the african blood line chains that made there way to what is obvoiusly known now as india, if education on history says differant than take the mark on there truth to group stats that make up a influence vote by this process.

I have become the undead, no , not zomie like stories of how a radio nucleio tide can issue a x-ray image on the virtual brain & x-ray scanners on each side of my little cities today, they do paint a good picture of glowing nodes.

So, why did i play god 4 a day? well, if one asks, its by rights, and there is nothing no one can fight about ant more insane to power than losing there gebohoods to a empire cause to send me out at that there own greedy expence as a sacrifice in human politics to explain secretes rights of how human exploitation had begun.
And now as trees were planted i’ll finish mine to know why, i have this cause so you most will not be paid to be held accountable for executing me, sending me out i the wolfs head dress, and say it was a act of animals we taken on, dont forget we were ejyptions nd still in transition.

The stories on miricals will be logged and loaded, but before i say the 1st to the last, htvl-1 vurus will be just as any organism to decode the bloods accoubt to sence a way to fix its self by human organisms alone, and at home too.

ill will return on the second coming in my geno look, a manly look over all the rest, but who says the second coming was a man thus round? or why would the cgrist be caucasion? this round he will be a female, and male, black, with asian pools, and the xanthin of lead, cpooer, and acids in sodsium salts, olive oils, to iridium caves, is a back ward gene to how we as once was a one cell organisms, got into somthing we should have not, yup, and look what happened, we lost our ability to absorbe and fight vitimin d, the arabian powder made our skin pale ale, the banned babies we become, sent out in fears of ghost likje babies of early times.

ill tell you about cd4 t cells and reverse transcrition ob taxonomy phytogenegic.next


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