The Courtrooms most vivid, the most colorful artist’s expression of reading what naturally people do believe to see, even if they are not part of a prestigious court room drama, and made for our inspirational electronic youth today.

So,As I understand being the devils advocate in which the intent to have the human finger point indirection as having to claim thus, he indeed was a she and to Proteus, the cause of every ones moment of truth, that thus dare it down upon our peoples to say, has the fingers’ in every ones pie.

Why? must the team access the way one, and only one to convince truth over pictures of unwanted credits? due in truth speak for its given unplanned risks, only to let l know all function in this fine margin of the DSM 5 cat tax system today.

Why me my lord? Well being dressed up and all for the movies, it is you that creative in the mind you managed to express a great concern to painting reality in the minds that strike the sorrow in the hearts of the hard hearten, yet to vetting the illusion of poetry you have gained nothing but blame, shame and pointed fingers all together, knowing painting were as the most who have actually been there, unless you taken the mark and understand the unknown either to both, the latter, one must have an eye wide open, even to think they have normality ranking to a position as links to only the next of kin the Christ its self, how is this so true in the court of law?

You see, my client is not from any were near as you may paint him, or kcrayon his own works of misguided intentions which he and is a she in side who blames the empire for turning there own classes in on each other.

So your client is implying he and or she is a blast from the past? cough, echhmm, excuse me, one moment please…
For go.. sake man! the court is on public funds man…

It is in my written duty to send this man who sent before me, as a modern judge, and smack dab in the middle of the prairies young man, not isreal or Iraq, it is me who will sentence you to long term prison, for the crimes you have committed, and as public screamed and cried foul on all my colleges before me and as you who set examples for your kind, it is my duty to impose the sentence of a man who has been found guilty on all charges dealt with before me.

Crime number one:
You, as a both sexual individual whose name is Mr. Krinkles, who stands before the highest of all courts,

Crime found guilty of: mental intrusions: under privacy act 101, sub clause 9, conducted a question to express rights of being denied to be a blood right gene holder of decent genotype oocyte 7, 12, 13, and 46. Guilty
Crime found guilty of: bad breath exposures in a public place, spitting even when phlegm is considered a dangerous substance with disease, you coughed in an open public place and was guilty of violating public rule 13, under by law election campaings to help adjust immigrations lending laws, guilty.

Crime found guilty of: impersonating a claim as Jesus, found guilty, crime found guilty of expression of property rights contained in the bible as yours alone, and was found to be guilty by families who carry the one blood line: guilty.

Crime of found guilty: impersonating a multi cultural personality disorder of teleporting a morphing ban on ideologic personality charecters in a owned tele set with leagal chareters in deep portrayl of betryaed by your own senses campaing. guilty as charged.

The lady who broke a nail and claimed suit in a civil action claim, for te amount of twnety thousand dollars and shows host cancelation renewal date lost wages, and the units mamaging costs and the sets units costs as well in awarding the crime show tv air phenomon in a large ever settlement of ten million dollars, the insurance company has forefeited to bargain securtys on any furtues shows the company will try to repair its insurance record image and was aired to vetting as public affair, in the amount 10 million as well.

The hair doo was signal event to liability, the cause of you being there had the set crew leading the impression you were prt of the set crew and filming team, it happens that you just walked right past security and said hello, and continued to see the set productions as this takes place the bad breath you happend to breth upon was the host of the newly acclaimed criminal courts in 3-D and live, in HTDV, enriched for ipads, ipods, and mobile devices around the world to capture the real drama in court room on the criminal offenders, and the claim is awarded, the counter claim you presented was a farce to this court room, a claim you are jesus, and the crime offences of real criminals on tv for the family is a said market to profit in the network millions per each contributuing network and board of directors, this will also be in the awardance of 10 million in damages.

The acts of you performing live mime action figurines before the public, and as using the public as a target host for simple believe plays is also found guilty of, and is guilty for presenting charecter that mimic the intension of playing creative gods in this court room, do have any thnign to say?

Yes i do your honour, when is april wheat going to invest on the cold market.

What.. april wheat, are you mad.. there you are, on trial in front of four million HTDV users, ipad, ipods and mobile units, just itching to see you fall a inch of an insecure little twit you have become, and all you ask is when does april wheat have the best times to invest! how dare you..

I here by sentance you to 40 years maxiium of the sentance you fit just, the public want to see you lsoning face kiddo, so now that you stood behind my court rooms and the photograpgic exchanges of personaliy influences i again tell the public eat em up and spitem out, in fact my 4 year old is watching right now, sharing apps and enjoying you as a seen weekeness to sociaties causes, and yes i agree it not like a frezer picture of that iraq stories invovling the military, but just as well, the crime you have done will be just as seen as any one elese who breask the law, and is subjected to the public tv crime courts alliance companies, which means this court room profits in costs by your actions, it makes the money to be paid back to the victims in ten fold and yes you have the extra sentance to bare as example, the book writers camoflouge the real intent so people as you before the courts could not profit any, by any means of the actions once convicted, and the only ones to profit are joiurnalisms, the tv hosting cable lines the radio shows and scores of movie writers with a differant twist other than the ones commiting the crimes, is that understood.

Good, you may be seated or stand while I approve this sentance.

As the man was convicted of the crimes he still claims he did not do, he had no attortny to help him, he was sentanced to death rowin winniepeg, mb. they brought back the death pentaly in 2014, for crimes reaching a state or province that includes froud, murder manslaughter and impersonations to insurance frauds.

This was brought about by the immigrations councilers in Kanada, the peoples of kanada who migrated here suport this, they feel they left simular relations of mans outposts in there own country and they fell being brought back into the same hostile environemts causethe govi to act swiftly, and they did, they suported the death pently.


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