Alien morphology

what do you want?
photo receptors? stone building empires from a plain rock? do you want water with that rock?
Do you need to adapt new DNA to help expand and shape the brains extra space needed to make its own vitimin c all over again?

Want an abduction with light retraction grids?
trust ones travel time, study time of atomic hydrogen, the light polarity and magentic pulls a light can become to mimic a black hole only this one pulls you up. follow me now?
I was an older older of the templar, I washed in the bas, time to time I seen all cultures in time, I dont die, why iron, my cells are ripped apart by bullets, my body can at one time fixed one cell at a time, now my body fixes all organs shredded, head wounds and cuts, at the same time.

Now this is alien maniputaltion on cell divcidinmg. good lick solders.


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