Jesus Christs geneo political

We know in history its easy to seee others work as owning human money making little geniuous, or having the families littles ones express change with great influence like no other politician ever have learned media entertainment for getting the cause out and heard.

Its like talk, n tell me more, it’s about causes in the events of time, the man has been around in many gen profiles learning chemical instructive shaping the way we learn to say mommy or daddy.

The little ones who never grow old as well, cause they never eat to cell divide, what a reality kicker for the writers trying to make a more out than the others, how do we all sepewrate the prestine and the priviledge?

They have it in for them selfs, as back wards as the study is, the brain has a way to cell store, say i am watching HDTV on cable, the idea in reality mode now, the human body is a organism to die sooner or later.
I have a nephew is close to pushing towards his thiries, he looks 12. The direction? cosmetics want his gene profile, really? well? how about this, the movie industry wants the imapact on screen to reflect what he had done in the same audence seeing his 12 year old face, and finding out hes close to thirty.

So how long has the advetising been on going to the minds who undertake this kind of interests in aging and cosmetics for media imapact influence? well gene sequences was not a war planning event to gene seperating the masses registered for a world order to see which company can poweder there way to pocket line the assembly line induictive reasosning to make money on looks or medicine, may be both.
So gene can be repaired, how? cells repair on stimulating specifics, the amount to dead cells after death is swiss sectres in cyro chambers of frozen life, or once life now forzen, so how does a cell repair its self, does this make money? or does it create an entire generation of hard work commiting suisides cause of advanced cultures over each other. pretty plagerisms on life now and or after, say i am not bif or powerful, nor will i be priminister, nor prezy, but I can tell you i have the smarts to build a tax free country or community, how? impossible? what would trading places min rich and poor ever be like? not experienced when i make it a reality to show our kings, queens a tax free country, a gene group of hidden workable profiles, not mormon, not hutteeite, not villages, but a group of special famlies who know how to build countries of this type. no wages, no money nor any systems. how? stay tuned


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