Studies, the paid version of producing professional addressing of association to all the hard work man has done over the evolution period.

The time we spend studing, enduring our work, and seeing the open book as either to the public becoming the events to create, endulge the psychology of dompamine storage by every human host we post our knowedge on to others who need to see the sucesss, or it is seen as must by others to achieve what many may never could ever have in real life, part of the DSM 5 and reality shows and open books for creating new ideas, I just seen the info on plargerisms.

what does the world need? more room for original geneis freshly picked by there own kinds, this is new insight to what I see, as trend to tragic events that unflold in a psychology world of assesemts and calling for talk times in this specific goal of resolving ones professional works on line, and the time the public needs to see how the templar of works became the same on studies, only a paid version of creating new pathways of directing it more soundly and from a stamped copllection of a delegated body of certificates.

What does this mean? this means if a doctor posts his findings, a scientists posts his or her studies of how the world will end, and the laywers who decide the psychological mansifestation to cutting the ties of commenting is like makinmg a stocker out of the poor little peoples who cannot see a way to professional a stand up way out of real socialising events in schools, universites and the behind a screen is mosly made from DSM 5 texted editing softeware to predict the way we would account to our very own triggers and emotional geneuous that come alive as we see every bodies work, so to me no one is ammune to stuides, what is original today?

A movie & film cdredit in a small town who never seen a way of popularity on demand, but again its the dsm 5 to look at, and plagerisms in the court room drama, the peoples in, lets see, an example town nunivut, in 1987, the desolute small town open to minerals and mining, well give them what they like, jobs, and popularity as part of building strong ties to the dsm 5 assesemnt on labour, and expanding territories on minerals, this is just a exapmple though plagerisms is not a paid version, but planned 1970s’ one. why 1970? the events that take place when exploration is pinging infared, sonar and sound waves that see mineral deposists from sat imaging, and yup how do we clone them? who is the alchemi of cloning the books of how to learn how? is it tough to clone minerals? not in my books, is this an open book to see my own work on to see how? or to show how? is it illeagal? yup, If i told you I could clone gold, silver and any mineral in an isatope carbon, you would see the earth as a peace of mattter in the same way we see human beings cloning ideas from others good works of differant cause.

So can I see a cloned human being being cured? sure it would be any ones idea to ensure the entire globe can be filtered, and thus the only ones left to talk or post is the ones selected by paid accounts of studies by credit alone and not at the home version.

So, if painting becomes plargerisms intent dont post finding unless a high price laywer tells you your insurance carrier runs a timed billing and investigating teams to see how much the finding is worth, for a fad, or for a permanate profit sharing wing to domionate a new way to share buisness, stoirs and adventures, so filtering is normal, as to see the most out of a domain and the time a finding is about who does what for a living and how they attain there info for a living, or to make a living, can be a time generated for just selecting the few to appoint stiduies in research conclusion.

So if i had a paid domain, my open studies would include a little knowledge of law, a little knowledge of atomic nuclear matter, a little of every thing, there is room for any one who reserches to be a differant, or just what to be part of the biz, for me, its about seeing the on line content, it does not regulate to say words are owned, once this construction of idilisms is given to the selected few its pretty well all over for the web thingy, its back to anolog and cable tv, yup, why have HDTV in a face staring like a reality laywer with a robo voice made by three yr old, whos dad was a psychatrist on coaching new ways to kick the cat as the monsters that lurk even in the most promised peoples, and yup, they too have the loop holes to cause there own fall, but so whats new? I am still writing the second coming of the christ, and the geneohood involved is a wild bunch who sent him out to send the groups messaging campaings for traditional values of old schools and the new twitting in secrtes, becomes the 4 year old who has autisms and reads the planets in math equations. is that somthing of the past or relations to learning? You be the judge. Not from here, freind


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