web comments, psychological teens cut from face to face screening

screening the social craving of messaging, the modern weapon of the minds exploitations to handle the long term deriation of gathering only the key board on stimulating the video stimulators as a learning tool for politics and the internationsal grading systems today, what a feat.

What does this mean? as hatred is luming to be repaired its hard nosed attitude with no compasiionate cause just yet to see ones inching closer to drop ther genes off the chain by ending there life by reality. the percentage who take refuge in the pc screen to see organization as a part of the complusion factor, the tv screen is alot about acting and the paly rights to see high risk gene factors in forensics in metal institute to only socialize with staff at a church or resteraunt. neat.
loop holes in provicial body runned facitites? does the federal bodies need a snitch to profile the way in? like the fbi shows on crime scenes, they send in peoples to see what they can gather, does any body know what time it is?
Is there a russian toy truck with micro dots in it? wait wait,, i am experiencing the alzheir early i am realsing the learning channels of the brain.

hey who spends billions of dollars on movie messages on bio weapons, alien technology? genetics create the atomic simplicty of matter, human genes are the last sequence in the sector, the ones human should worry about is jumping past plutos ring, if they do this, project scoop was a voagyer to bring a microbe of gas, dust and molecules of an area were a nova star had burst, and the causes on the way back to earth? yup methane, radio isatopes with differant gravity weights, and bacilis bacteria spurting out towards the sun once light hits the pods. these our iodide bacteria, new? nope.


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