Under great pressure, the families who just filed for a banckruptcy stay of execution, the lawyers tab on a divorce, and prenup signed two days ago.

Not more than 72 hours in the honey moon suit and the forensics and pathologists are keeping tabs on this one tight low budget family get together in public frenzy of popularity, to big to convict eh?

Well as the great gazzoo once said to the stone age hearts of the an old king who stomped out his country men for a place and title for all the peoples to cherish and of course pay taxes too, well ya know it was one of those blog thingys were know one was to write about any one ecept me of course.

You know my servant gave me a blacvk eye the other day? No no no, not that I did not have enough dole to dish out her cpp , ei cc and ppt and all the remaing deductions on top of her wage demands, it was due to a comment I made of her when she cleaned my toilet.

I told her for fun she missed a spot, and she turned around and said to me, you… of people come in here… watch me endulge the toilet scrub so yer can have the wage dispute say I am not a worth it? it dat a not a right mr. king?

Of course I said with big eyes, geeze clari avoidance, whats the social tray eatin at you now? she huffed and puffed, and grunted too, but she never said what I thought she was going to say.

any ways, does that deserve a black eye? couse she cannot be bothered while i watch?
And yet comment on her, she missed a spot, like golly, i make millions and millions of dollars on peoples misfortunes, and now here i am telling mine.

what next?
she did aplogize after, The police came threw her up against the wall, you know guns drawn, so what, she was an 53 year old woman and a weight of 3,000 grams or so, big deal, i have the whole police force in my a pocket, not to mention the amulance drivers, justy in case she chokes a story that does not fit with a mine, hey its a rough world ya know, any ways did i mention I won a ternament at the race of all champions to clergy derby?
Your going to love this, I started as young boy, rolling in money my parents tuck n hide thing, see they survived the sencond world war, then landed here in kanada, yup then again, they still say they shouild have stayed in poland.

any ways, it was not untill then i became a nogstegic for a sucker to listen to sobbing stories of peoples unfortunate events, circumstances and even real life traqgigedies, sorry cant spell, blame it on my teachers.

any who as my mother always told me about presenting the most presentable way to attract your visions of making unprofound wealth, she did say even if its at the others tall tales of deserted misfortunes by there own causes.

So I took it heart, and did just that.
Here I am babbling abnout how rich i am, actually feeling like i am gloating about it, but how true do lies carry the lives that read all our tall tales of making the card on some eleses accounts to human lives?
As I heard her voice say in a gentle way, meester, krinkles, you must have to forgive mee, i know I meesed a spot on da throne of yours, please sir, thats when my heart felt genuine, for once my own feeling of belonging to be a good part of the poors working class, I choked on my own words, yes, take those straps off her, shes not crazy at all, there just tight, shes not to be medicated shes just angry cuase she couldnt belt out what she really wanted to tell me, and thus she did, she really did miss a spot, and thats when my heart fell for the better of a turn in the right dorection.
yup, so i asked the ambulance guys to release her, stop the iv drip, and have the mental health form revoked, you know having this much power was not my wexpalination to blogging, nor did i yet mention my reasons why i have to do this as part of 390 day trial and error program a court order handed down to me for showing the public how free and care i am, honest and well not so hard working, but the psychologists give good reports, and I must leave my check book at home, i know i know, its a mans loyaty that can be bought for hard cold cash nowa days, but hey she didnt seem to mine my charming wrist watch action planner series either, one of a kind, so i gave that to her too.

The watch was worth a 9 million dollar price tag. she always lets me get away anger I present, even when a smash the glass coffe tables in front of her, and how she quickly scrambles to tell her receptionists that its the the heavy metal book holders i use to demostrate the peoles causes a pawn, she does a great job at it too.
but any ways the doc says i will fly to the carribean to see a blood pathologist there, they have the old oder of a secrte blood cleaning hosptial, and its expensive too,
but I always qualify with my check book in one hand and clean blood out the other, what a team i tell ya.
For my maid? she took a vacation to the same place, i did ask her how she could afford such blood treatments on maids salry, after all my mother and father did hire her when I was young lad of 5.
You know, come to think of it she hast changed one bit either, she still has that mole on the left side of her cheek, and she still has the same old maids dress in the picture haning up on the front foirer fire place, you know how is it that she never changes? any ways I had more important things to worry about than how her cells stoped dividing 70 years ago, and its up to my probation officer the psyhcologist i call her, to unleash my chains so i can run a country again.
Shje said if my boss hears that in my report hell fire me, now sit down and heres what ya tell them, she was tough old bird, almost like rubber, bouncing me back n forth like i was part of the circus or somthin, and then i can go gracefully with my work, but never tell them i was going back to work running a country, never.
I just took her word for it.
So as my maid was back before i was, my doc asked me there was a urine sample that had ketone in it, is there something we should take time for cleaning the test waters out for?
What? keytone? what the heck is keytones? he said well they are blood by products in the genes metabolisms hormones that give of the end gene sequence to decay order in the body that which is specific to a processs of an on coming disorder in the body.
I said geeze, i had the maid remove all the spots on the biffy, she dusted the mites out mee hairs on the linen and now a keytone in my urine is a onslought of an upcoming internal disaster?
Yersery i am afrad so, we need to take samples to see if we can reverse this.
What next i said to my self, here i am running a country, giving a good darns worth of my graces to a maid who showed me the way, god rest her sole, well, while she still scrubs my spots, anyweays, I have to go for tests again? like dont they get enough? there like vampires, sticking thoses littles needle ends in to suck blood.
Well as your doc, it could not be any worst than the caribean clinic no?
hey at least there doc I stay in room with silk sheets, a personal dialis machine, a nurse of my choice, porno trivia on C H o , its the only allowed channel for modelling under ware commercials in the country, and I get to see my old blood go from old to new, not to mention there is a whole lot of other whaqcky process the body has to be subjected too, but it worth it, look at my mom and dads maid, shes still here, has’t changed a bit, at least as I see it.
What about me?
What do you think doc? has my youth full looks have not changed in my 60 ish years? Well you do look a bit chilish, a bit imature for an aged king, well as your doc, and under your payroll I am paid to call you a king, but personally I’d spank you.
What? spank me? for what? being young at heart? look, not a wrinkle, I am 60 years old, have the flesh of a ten year old boy, not to mention the bottom too, but doc, you really cant say i am childish, cause, if i cant run a country, who can?
You are a selfish spoiled little brat.
So, I did not want to fire my doc either, so i asked my maid, never was close to her that much, but i had to ask her, maymaya, did mom say one day to you that I will grow to be a monsterous brute they whisper about in church in front spews? cee, cenior with the little snout of a ten year old boy, you deed become just that, what? i paid you to say the things i want to hear, not an open book to my reign.
You see master, as your maid, i was told by your father, not your mother, your mother kept personal tabs on youy when you were born.
You were the product of a war infilteration protocall.
Cee, master, your father had been working for the german army and had ties to that moster guy they put in jail, hilter i think his name was, your father and mother were senond genes to his family and was to be on list to run a plant of ammunition cartel factories, not run a country sir.
What? yes the timing was to tell you when you asked of it, and I waited this long to tell you, after this, master I must take leave and begone to a place you will not see for another twentry four years, cenoir.
Why? it is not important now, let me finish this free story for you carry on in life as your mother and father expected you to do so, with the billions in a steams cart, or no money and no steama cart.
Whats the differance? none, let me finish, your father held ranks in the jewish community who studied and hiedle berg finest, a schoold for the gene and punets squaring to genology, it was not untill 13 years beforte the world war 1 world war two and the work your father done made on the furoes desk, the wardens actually, and thats when all hell broke lose.
What happend? A special force was to gather up all gene profiles your father had made a list and a model to indentify in blood samples and was to mark only the classes with a rheas lesion anti gene to make a ever lasting antibody with human genes.
Your fathers great work was not the envy of all the geniuos who tryied to please for a buck or two, its the ones who step on each other just to make the card was a perfected work of art.
So were you came was a gene in punnits squaring, the method they use today is piper needles. not families and blood accounts as they did back then.
So what was the big deal? you see your father had the gene uncapped in illiminating inborn errors of the same gene ohood or same clan.
You mean he discovered how to stop inborn erros on one gene stop tech niwue known as the s s markers?
I am afraid so cenoir, It has taken this long to tell you, but part of this was a time mission for you to really run a country, and cenoir not behind the plate glass window, were I was alomost thrown by your hand, or a nut house were I could of lands by your pocket politian nurses too, see it was up to time to tell you when you would ask, it was up to our friends in the caribean to keep us alive long enough to hopefully tell you, and cenoir you did, I must rest and retire now, you now must find another maid, and cleaning the spots off your throne will be easier this time cenoir. good luck with that psychologist you call a probation officer.
mayamya dont go, please, stay i will give anything, just stay.
So as my story was read to the psyhchatrists and the head nurse and doc in charge, yup he added a few words to my salad arrangments, this is what happens when you sell kanada, and to the wrong byers, the ring to tell this was your own concious speaking to you, the maid, the man in black, was a tax guy, the father was mayen blood line algogqion stock, and the mother was rubal gypsie, they were not billionaires either, how did this man get all this money? as he was lead to his new room with a view, the secrte was still safe on all the little secrtes we all can hold untill we need to arrange our own way out. there more so stay tuned


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