PATERNAL TIME TRAVEL’S Progeney’s traits to Success or….

Ever wonder if a generation decreases in a pool, either to predict failure to succeed the progressive advanced cultures that conduct performances with in there reasons of conducting theory to off springs future and reflective past behavioral tactics of an individual’s, or a generation’s gene pools organisms life span.

How we seperate the causes of interuption in destructive & destinction by natrual selection by nature or forced evolution by man and or woman and child, such as short predertimination on sterotypical analistic values, which conduct the learning of how hidden internal bio-proccessing occurs due to parenting pools, environmetal exposure times and by habit, which conducts a re-distibute to the chemicals of environmental processes.



The two semi main wave particles that inscript learning processes and cognitive instructions, recall and formation that use the origins of equations made by proccessing and storage capabilitites as growth, maturity and decay along with environmental external stimulus which conducts to shape as aging progresses, to plane the conduit branch line transmitters response times by the weight, the size & information organism encounter mass molecular structure as we exisist to penatrate the environment surroundings.

As behavorial practices become more of an equal balance to function mentally and use the mental cognitive recall and response to the chemical storages learned and dendrite conduit shaped and is the formulation and equation to long term formula in both physical, emotional, socially responsive to performance by interaction relations using the amount of time exposures to elemental decay and uses of our aging to utilize by images in photoreceptor processing & storages, audio wave penatrations,allowed and recognized process and recall use to recognize mass molecular chemical processing.


“THE GROUP” “The faternity to Savor for”

As we age, so does technology, economics, and so does the needs of 7 Billion peoples cinducting destinction as they see age, and preticulars they hold in skills, and even gene pool progeney specialties older patental parent groupd choice n pick as ther favs over the fads of relics that out perform each group to every generations.

How true is this today? Well today we pay just for every thing we need to keep coming back, yes sir rhey, for more, and more again, its true with out having what we had as partial conditioning to spend as part of normacly in human behavioral science in animal logistics to mapp human habits vs the environments and herditary traits to commpassionate corrospondance with contact of the locked up, like lets say the insane, the decrepit and the alice in a nut wapper case for bible docrine evolution in latin, well then made greek.

why so many who needs to hear who? oh well to impoertance right? Say the each time discovery is contained to end each others reign, eiarther the classes fight to cling to constincy in lifes easy inductions of rambling on for a scienctific view of seeing genes pay for a way of life they were conditioned too, and yes for the logs, the time it takes calm over calamity in new orders over the old ones, it well, geeze takes a hightened view of how to pay for every walk of fame to favor for as either a sole occupant to compete with the loss of a group and a loner in pyschiatry works sigmund froid will have to do his re-books in making. but really?

Setting up a faternity is a adult game to play, and for kindness groups made to realise they count as important to there stay, is equally to power groups in making new laws decide on how to function in occordance to lifes changes.

oh well the next blog will not say how to profit, but most will use power progressive orders to lesson the adults in a mode of having the cognitive process of patterning the issues of thinking having advantages taken for granted by blind sighted, sugar daddied the funded groups to gain tactical views of lifes uncaring, wild and troubled some to what?

 yuper woop it up a notch to land deals up here sir, napolean was right. he did the right thing.

But oh well we venture our youth to captilize the gains at others expenses, so be it if they lame it out on the tax payers dole, and be it if the sick and insane out weigh the gene puritans cause once marked as royal oocyte priaorty to rule by name and gene, but again the jail time in a democratic country is seen over seas on how pure the classes are, it depend on how we leak our way to aging the hospitality out as professors gear up to battle there own fall of there own teachings from a credit of the past. wo, wo wo, said it three times, and then four and then again five, what did it mean? nothing at all son, just words, just words my son. 

Is it ok to know Harvy Milk?

Sure it is.

2013 March

The strain on developing world wide influences, I just finished a essasy on my own, and at home alone too, the deepest part of interest was a human population bloom, and contraceptives.

The controversey issues of unplanned pregnecies, the divorse rates, and most a health care issue in insurance costs, health care media care system, social liability to influence and indipendance and other values that conduct morel building leadership that assists in changing the way a culture conducts its freedoms in approximity to each social group, including there ow.

Does this relate to Harvy Milk, not in any way destructive, the reasosn of discussing referance to political processes in the democratic exchanges of power in the era.

So why a hard hand in a world of axis powers giving the demeanor of values that reveal the process of progressive reasoning of inductive challanges that conduct a lean towards the progressive and a slight incentive to imperilisms corporate laws to added theologics in todays social laws salads of patronizing persons who challange differance.

Who qualifes to be differant? what offers to values we as a group we endure to establish a trait in my studies that will conduct the steroids controversy and why, the contraceptive era, the democratic era, and the homosexual invasion that coropsponds to human behaviors subjected to there learning habituals, conditioning morels and scientific  insight to there group.

Why does a controversial study suggest to promote a issue of learning mass, matter, genetic control and the progeney of each family in genes by generated chromosomes and inheritance.

I will go back in time, the process to go back in time is on a stem line in change, how? the time lapse in change regards to a social logic of adaptive stategic socialogies and given demographics of ecomoincs that includes employement and posts to importance.

Does the topic Homosexual being discussed in the era of 1979 and going back further a topic discussion in 1964?

If the sterotypical radical insight to social function reanimating the trends once lived by, this means the classes and the gene pools that based on the learning provided and approved by the systems to govern the education on the growth pools of the era stated.

Today the topic homosexual is related to a medical or a social qurk in genes, some will offer the explaination of other idealogic’s that project the environment of there origins that claim to have altered the sexual preferance on the RD3 chain as some groups do claim as well the hand of God, as part of the sin concept.

To me all three are some what right, but not quite, the blame is on there own genetic chromosome, this is natural Darwinian selection process, called natural selection, and when natural selection processes the warning signal to clean the chain pools up its a indicater that all first born on large families shall be a carrier of this RD2 hydroxy chain on the chromosome.

For social instruction to ponder on homosexuality and how to adapt to changes of people coming out, the purpose is to warn by behavioras in pattern, and the chains in groups DNA, weather 50 years ago, or 5 million years ago, God still gave a birth to give cause to its others in the pools of large families.

So does this RD2 have the right as any on the globe as once riduculed by human communications to each others education infrastructures that seemed to not be quite understood, only parts of how socially academic the process to what it is learned in genes given to specific social faults, that pertain to the environemts as well.

So today, we conduct a closer look at youth wanting to become gender recognized, this is more to be an open book of the environment, the influence and the gene pools exact approximate closeness to each gametes in rest and hereditary chromosomes gene pools in large and short family genes.

Genes at the pool must meet specific organ maturty to mount any specific association to sexual pleasure that normaly an adult experience ina reproductive stage and at a specific age, usally after puburty.

There was a radio show, on a winnipeg station, discussing the challenges of youth far beynd the mature ages of organ maturity and reproductive ages, the topic was about sexual identidy.

the radio hosting the air time of what modern phsychology and the mental stage of youth wantinmg to under go theropy to identfy the sexual preferances of the youth and or just the  sugesstions of youth conducting measurements of there own predeterminations of what they have aquired through languages environemtal issues and extreame commercialism in challanges that take a toll, either to a make it or break it group.


So how does the group conduct social indenty with adult public mannerisms and conducting family values? intodays progressive order of learning life styles that usally take to the adult formualtion of social stimuli?

Does this conduct conclude to say the youth today can be held accountable to make choices in legal issues at the ages of a once considred age to decide there parents are resposnable for there chromosome RD2 gene? or ADHDA?

or is this the resposable account of the goverment by learning destimction of values over time to natural selections in genes that cause early warning signs?

Can youth decide to ask theropists to sexualy identify there problems by what they have to express or explain?

Expalining the expression of a RD2 gene is what we call earlier on the chain in the approxiomate pools on each gamete.

to allow the decisians to identify is a legal one, doctors in the profession should be held to know how accountability will conduct there ealry preventative measures that seem to be located as medical concern, and down the road it seems the majorty of the pools who have RD2 genes, and others who have incomplete gene profiles.

Say, the group is, hypothetically constructing a palmer suggestion, heres a doosy, Kiddies, of all the RD2 genes, go get em. conclusion is the class room environemt learning process.

I will add more on the taxonomy with a specific cell target site, in the 1980’s and the earlier years on cancer studies in primates, and the genes in sexual reproductive approximate closeness to our human DNA.

This conducts the plecenta in stress in a primate, the HTVL-1, is exposed to to the fetus and the anti bodies are being distributed through out the primates blood circulations to act as a miroanti body to its own chain.

The anti body made is extracted from the primate and is placemta and is a reproductive cancer anti body to anti body on to the next form, reaching the size of a anti body to fit the human chains, the reproductive target size.

The antodote? the CD4 T-cell is membrane associated to the cervical cancer HTVL-1 IN PRIMATES the anti bodies needed to resize a macrophage by its own on its own with a clean HTVL-1 gene missing. the one ecoded string to make anti bodies against the matching size of each antibodies made by each placeta typing. 

How does this study relate to taxonomy and discovery in decoding contraceptives? and natrually as selection occurs in groups? yup.



The Homo zygotes of a oocyte chain. The large gene families in a large generated gene pools, this occurs in every one in four to both paternal gametes.

The hydroxy 17 beta sterase RD2 chromosome is a complimentary to a progeny pool, if known it warns the pool to slow down.

These are what you call the first born With a RD2 hydroxy 17 sterase hormone incompletion cross in chromosomes becoming a long effort to long on the chain with out consiquence, and a consiquence to fix by genetic reorganization and completing the gene control to fiz 17 betahydroxysterase gene, an incomplete cross in meiosis and meteisis.

This give the homosexual RD2 incomplete gene as a warning string to slow the chain down as said in fruit flies over breeding.

How does the hydroxy sterase  chain identify its recognized porportions of hormones need to reach the chemical that reacts the reproduction electrolytes to enter none electrolyte chemical polarity situated as growth develops into the organ production state as maturaty reaches a chemical hormone that makes the marker to start its communication signal to relate and associate to sexual preferance in the incomplete sexual charecteristics, this chromosome is stored on the both gamtes in there strings in the approximate distance to mark the probability to sex determination of chemical DNA that decide the choices when age reaches such a production state.

The Canadian health of younger gene pools learning more about sexual identity become a learning environment brought into the brain’s inheritance as well.

After all we are what we learn, but to conclude total learning progress is not all responsiable to what we may be determined as a gene progeney, and either by one in four as well.

the learning mechanisms become a morel logistics outside the paramteres of each individuals reciving and sending responses, this is social instructions by habitual conditioning for strength in supportive insights of practices learned, this is social relating, the building blocks of decoding the human endurance to measuerments of something differant in the enviroenemtal encounters.

The RD2 hydroxy sterase gene is a warning signal for large pool families. The conclusion to forced evolution is as follows: If you can’t join them, Out breed them, it was a theme in a famous movie, and the wording involved a scene with a King, and had his Son in line of the throne to succeed him, I interpreted this instantly as the sodem and gamora terminology by his weak son, his sons military advisor, and the King’s abundance in materials, food and advanced logics of the day, seemed to be why the King’s son and the King’s son advisor to be more than a social prodigy behind closed doors, i mean behind castle doors, such as towers, like auther, the supossed king as to auther killed his 12 year old son in line for the throne,

This might be a case of zealous rulership, but who knows, the controversy still bargains quilt to a death of a family member, and gives rise to innocnet as well to know why King Auther a 12 year old king died in mysterious way.

The sodem and gamora was of course written for the way to function in the old days prior to organized groups that advance there species as human source on the DNA chain.

How did sodem and gamora get into the church clergy of the hebrew text in litrature? Was this a common scroll to follow? most likely, the cause to announce the genes that were always in a harem at some point to punnit square the groups in a ritual some groups pratice still today.

A man to several wives. The progeney to one in four occuur to map the traits 1 in 4, the mapping and logging is essential to stock the typing in blood groups to become a key interest by there completetion in gene chains with no incomplete chromosomes.

Oocytes in a Royal blood line? what is the chance a gene may be stationed to apply economics and or large incorporations? does this run in the genes?

I will mark the genetic place on how function works with environemtal exposres and learning behind public social everyday ordinary life styles.


  the each one in four, and the first born

Oocyte claims: DHEA Reversal transcriptase “aromatase”

The United States offer more detail in some studies and practicum in the gene, vitimin minerals to hormone growth to biological access to insurable, treatable and a universal stategic health care providing network, which is a commercial unilateral commerce partner sharing system out of each new discovery or long term events that arise from studies conducted with or with out break throughs.

The telomere strings that hit the tabloids arcross the globe ina new verse to undertake the dying task of an old proacative method in rituals, controversial idealogic’s in politics and religions that put scientology in a wake of how a Goverment still continues to create and not ignore, but assist in belief, so that social structure allowed, will not fall apart.

To relate to science must one not know science? It sure is truth to say yes, The New York Journal early in the days, a freedom of the press was made to tell truth, not lies, with conciquience to ruin ones great ruler ship by name, birth rite, and in line for the throne.

Does this mean in truth to why the colonies were justified to be independant? There is genetic relationship to know puritans can be a note from a fable fairy tale when only one can change the entire historical logics of man in power for gain of some sort.

Here is the juoy part, over the peroid of evolution, the wonder of fruit flies began to wonder how the out breeding one culture out over the other, and what does the harvy milk sociaty recieve?

The DNA chain that commnicate to alert the chain there is going to be a fall, Before i will tell you what the fall is, I want to take you to the next blog with the DNA chain pin pointed on the progeny DNA string and were it begins, this includes the sodem and gamora era in bibliography.


The deboucherie of man, woman and child, were does this come from? Ancestry of genetic progeny.

Does guilt become a Darwinian account to natural selections by either a speicies advanced in being troubled by a backward intrusive practice on punnit squares. How crippiling can this prove to know genetic confidence in markers?

My next blog will see further the simple genetic fixes in simple strip to match even the Royal occytes in all boys in long lines of men by there partners.

TITLED: “Behavioral Sanctions” The CNS synapase accord

CNS inscription, behavioral instruction to map inheritance, logic’s of hereditary part 1 of 9, in series of mammalian neurological concepts to habits.

Does work contain answers to a life long effort to learn social functions? Yes it can produce the same alliance in the instruction to survive at the handlers chemical creation to lose or add basic engineered CNS turbulence with in regions a mouse, a dog and a human can inductive relate to microbiology and protein gratitude a natural selection to know the cellular levels of providing proteins to establish the values needed to pass on the natural selection in feeding to stay alive is a subject we all carry.

The proteins on the mouse multiplied in cDNA is not new, and is no big secrete either, its the money part that people CNS there insight to stay by the money paper back with in its self all together i a group thinks carefully comparable needs and wants.

A dog has the behavioral patterns as well one specific protein are resembled in protein structures when relating to ATP, c ATP and the same as human related sources of energy that goes to specific target sites in cellular distributing these mouse genes in the food chain, like i said its no big deal.

My dog has eaten fabricated protein structures in the pet food, the source is not relevant, but as study provide basic instincts on life with out asking a doggy to crack some ice with a ice pick, surly the limitations on behaving habits can mimic some edge of instantly quirks we see once in awhile by either habit forming, or some sort of conditioning that may of happened in the doggies body langues that sparked my interests when instinct become a turned on television set to frequencies in radio graphing yawns and danger alerts, yah so what the dog counter habits its emotion to stop like a mouse, look like a mouse and then if not interpreted  yes, the dog goes on to condition at rest time as fear by frequencies projected by CNS mouse specifics not really scene just yet. it gets better, trust me.

Say, my studies in engineering cDNA is an open book, I make no dollars to lead a pack of sick or dying breeds of a lost DNA chain to its rightful line for a throne deal, it should be considered free as far as i am concerned, why pay for a long ribbious stretch highway to see how we will end up if money is never in the blood?

Kinda stirs the moment of being to perfect on one chain for too long don’t it? Well my grandmother did say i was the greedy one, and yes it was meant to be a compliment too.

why all the fuss on mouse genes in the food market? ask the companies who make proteins safe for a diet stretch on the this type of chain to see what the point is all about.

Weather its female hormones that mice have the same instruction to establish a survival of its species and the break one may be looking for.